CD-R KING: No spare part for your gadget???

Below is my email sent to CD-R KING through their website’s email service. I am posting it here without waiting for them to reply to it. Share also your experiences about CD-R KING products and services by posting your comments.

I bought an MP4 player from your branch in SM Cebu sometime June 2007 in the amount of P2,500 more or less.

I’d love the gadget since it has an excellent video. However, after one year the unit was inoperational. It won’t power up. I’m sure i wasn’t abusing it. It just that came to a point where it stop responding.

I had it brought to your branch and the unit was sent to your head office in Manila. After a while, i went back to your branch and was informed that a DAMAGED SPARE PART is not available for replacement. I was made to believe YOU DON’T HAVE A SPARE PART for it. I was told to recheck it after months whether the part is already available.

In my belief, it would be easy to play around with customers by just saying NO SPARE PART AVAILABLE. It’s a monkey business. Are you saying your gadgets are DISPOSABLE? Why can’t you keep a spare part for your products?

I’m not asking for any replacement of my gadget since it’s beyond the warranty period. However, a repeat-customer like me should love hearing from your company that my damaged unit is back to operation after your people fixed it.

I hope you could attend to this observation from me and prevent it from happening again to others . My gadget details:
         Brand: CD-R KING
         Device: MP4 player


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c/o DYAB1512/ABS-CBN Cebu


8 thoughts on “CD-R KING: No spare part for your gadget???

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  2. hi! i just would like to share my sentiments with CD-R King. i recently bought 5 dvd’s from cd-r king Q.C. – Trinoma branch. i didn’t bought the dvd’s because i needed them right away, i bought them because i wanted to back up my files in the computer when i have a free time. so when i tried to burn some files in the dvd’s it turned out that all 5 of them were actually cd’s! the brand of the dvd is BenQ with 4.7 GB capacity. i bought the dvd’s on jan. 16, 2010. i came to the branch today jan. 28, 2010 to have the fake dvd’s replaced with real ones. the sales lady tested the dvd’s i bought with their dvd writer. it turned out that i was correct, that they are in fact cds. so she tried another dvd from their shop with the same brand. it turned out that it has the same issue. it’s still NOT A DVD. as she was trying to escalate the issue further with someone on the phone, she realized that i was already passed the due date for returning items. i told her that the item that was sold to me was not the item i bought. Yes, it clearly says that the item was a DVD, but it was not. and the same goes with the other dvds they have in the store with the same brand.

    the sales lady insisted that they won’t exchange my product with the real ones since i was already a week late from their within 7-day exchange policy. but that’s not it! when i told them that i will make a complaint about this matter the sales lady was rude enough to say these words to me “sige maam, magreklamo kayo!” challenging me as if she owned the entire CD-R king. Are these the kind of personnel you have? So disrespectful. And to think i didn’t even raise my voice in front of everyone yet she gave me that attitude! so rude!

    i googled to check with DTI if there is a specific time period for exchanging product and this is what i got: (this is from

    Q: Is there a time limit within which a buyer may return defective products?

    A: There is no hard-and-fast rule on the period within which a customer may return the products he purchased. A rule of reason should, however, be observed, taking into consideration the nature of the item purchased and the express/implied warranties mandated by law, i.e. the Consumer Act and the New Civil Code of the Philippines.

    given that there is no specific time period for returning a product, i believe i have the right to exchange the fake dvds that i bought for real ones and i think i have a valid reason for doing so. and i have a follow-up question: WHY ARE THEY SELLING FAKE DVDs?? dont they have quality assurance officer which ensures that they are selling the correct product? if their source is not reliable enough then they should not get their supplies from them. they are deceiving their consumers into buying a false product. by the way, when i tried to exchange the DVD’s there are no scratches, no burns, no label, nothing. this is because i only tested them twice to make sure if they are in fact cds and stored them afterwards. the receipt that i have does not contain any contact number of the store.

    i read the following in the Consumer Act of the Philippines Republic Act 7394:



    Art. 48. Declaration of Policy. – The State shall promote and encourage fair, honest and equitable relations among parties in consumer transactions and protect the consumer against deceptive, unfair and unconscionable sales acts or practices.

    Art. 49. Implementing Agency. – The Department of Trade and Industry, hereby referred to as the Department, shall enforce the provisions of this Chapter.


    Art. 50. Prohibition Against Deceptive Sales Acts or Practices. – A deceptive act or practice by a seller or supplier in connection with a consumer transaction violates this Act whether it occurs before, during or after the transaction. An act or practice shall be deemed deceptive whenever the producer, manufacturer, supplier or seller, through concealment, false representation of fraudulent manipulation, induces a consumer to enter into a sales or lease transaction of any consumer product or service.

    Without limiting the scope of the above paragraph, the act or practice of a seller or supplier is deceptive when it represents that:

    (a) a consumer product or service has the sponsorship, approval, performance, characteristics, ingredients, accessories, uses, or benefits it does not have;

    (b) a consumer product or service is of a particular standard, quality, grade, style, or model when in fact it is not;

    (c) a consumer product is new, original or unused, when in fact, it is in a deteriorated, altered, reconditioned, reclaimed or second-hand state;

    (d) a consumer product or service is available to the consumer for a reason that is different from the fact;

    (e) a consumer product or service has been supplied in accordance with the previous representation when in fact it is not;

    (f) a consumer product or service can be supplied in a quantity greater than the supplier intends;

    (g) a service, or repair of a consumer product is needed when in fact it is not;

    (h) a specific price advantage of a consumer product exists when in fact it does not;

    (i) the sales act or practice involves or does not involve a warranty, a disclaimer of warranties, particular warranty terms or other rights, remedies or obligations if the indication is false; and

    (j) the seller or supplier has a sponsorship, approval, or affiliation he does not have.

    *** i will verify all these information with a lawyer so i can file a proper complaint.

    if anyone can give me the head office of CD-R King please do email me.
    my email is


    • Yes! Under the Consumer Code of the Philippines, we have only 7 days from date of purchase to return any defective items. However, in your case i think it’s different since you’re being deceit by the store. You can file a complaint at the DTI then later… to the court.


      • thanks for your reply. i wasn’t sure awhile ago that there is a specific time frame but since there is, i will not make that an issue anymore instead will push with selling of false product! i just read other blogs about cd-r king and seems that they are known to have the meanest customer service ever. i just hope that someone from DTI can help me with this issue. i simply wanted to have a real blank dvd to burn my files into without anyone giving me an attidtude.


    • Ya, most of the time their contact form is not working. I can’t even find a listing for their corporate office or the manager, Mr. Ngo. This business will surely become second rate when they get some good competitor in that knows how to treat customers well. Product and value is only half of keeping a business afloat, customer service is the other and they main part.

      Cheers, and thanks for your reply!


  3. Do you have contact info for their head office, they are quite elusive! I am trying to send this to them as well.

    Every time I try to visit one of your branches, I am always told the item I need is out of stock. Many times it is, but sometimes it isn’t and your staff doesn’t know what they are selling. Sometimes we ask for a product and the staff gives the standard answer of “Wala po.” and sometime I look on the wall behind them and see the very product I was inquiring about.

    I tried to email a complaint through your website, but it is not working correctly either. This is quite frustrating and myself and a lot of my friends have been so angry by the lack of knowledge presented by your staff that we have opted to purchase a similar item at a higher price from someone else. I know a lot of people that are starting to chose this option and are giving their money to your competitors because they are tired of dealing with “Out of Stock” and a staff with little knowledge of the product they are selling.

    Is this ever going to be fixed? Or should I just quit wasting my time visiting your branches?

    One day I went in to the small branch at Gateway mall, and was quickly told that they were closed for inventory, yet all the female staff were laying around on the boxes, doing their make-up, texting, and just talking to each other, but not doing anything work related. Wouldn’t you be frustrated too, or is that just how you choose to run your business? 11 years is not long for a business, and if service level continues to fall, mark my word, so will your revenue.

    2 years ago, your customer service was much better, and the staff were more knowledgeable. What has happened in 2 years time? Has management changed, because if so, you need to look at making another change soon or your stores are going to suffer major revenue loss. I am sure you are making plenty of money right now, but think about all the thousands of pesos you are also losing due the aforementioned complaints.


  4. Additional (to: CDR-King): An electronic priority number system should have been installed at your branches, especially in SM City Cebu, so that your customers can wait outside sitting at the benches rather than standing inside and crowding your stores.


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