The Top Ten Non-Tech Posts in myBlog

Here are the all-time top non-tech posts in my blog:

#1 – “Hidden Cam” and “Hayden Cam” (35,176 views)

#2 – “aryty free load”–Alrighty??? or a Deceptive Marketing Gimmick? (2,773 views)

#3 – Why We Need an Advertising Code of the Philippines? (2,566 views)

#4 – CEBUANO 101: My CEBUANO JOURNALISM experience (1,095 views)

#5 – “One Hundredth of a Second”: Ethics in Photo-Journalism (1,022 views)

#6 – True Love is Unfair and Cruel… (957 views)

#7 – CEBUANO 101: The Cebuano Language Sentence Structure (913 views)

#8 – Baby Girl or Baby Boy? (797 views)

#9 – Avoiding Libel on Facebook (569 views)

#10 – “Ampatuan” Massacre!!! (533 views)

Thank you for reading my articles.

Facebook Timeline Business Cards by Moo

My 50-pcs. Facebook Timeline business cards by have just been delivered right at my door step Friday morning (January 28). I wasn’t expecting it will come true and moreover it was a surprise that it came earlier than what had been an estimate of that it will be delivered by 2nd week of February. By the way it’s FREE!

(Left: The 50-pcs. business cards are sealed in a box with a Facebook sticker. Right: The 12 designs based on my previous Timeline covers.)

(Left: The front under the cover is my name, title, and my media organization. Right: My favorite quote from Pres. Pnoy and under it are my facebook account address, contact numbers and email addresses.)

The cards are printed in London, England with materials taken from sustainable forest. Normally, the 50-card pack cost $15 inclusive of delivery to your door step. But i was able to grab the promotional launching of on Facebook and received my first box free.

Moo is an online stationery company that prints custom business cards, postcards, etc. Moo’s “Printfinity” prints the cards in a box of different designs. In the case of Facebook cards, the first 50 cover designs of your Timeline shall be printed separately.

What If There Was Internet When Christ Was Born?

I enjoyed watching several video on YouTube depicting the “nativity” in the most modern way available today. One depiction shows how Joseph and Mary would have had exchanging comments in their status messages over Facebook. Another depiction began its storytelling on Google search and locate Bethlehem by Google Earth. Enjoy! Happy Christmas!

“The Digital Story of the Nativity” by Excentric

“The Nativity Story- The Facebook Way” by Jynite Media

“Digital Christmas 2010- Nativity 2.0 – Social Media” by Troy & Tara Livesay

“The LEGO Nativity” by Phalene Studios and CJA Productions

Facebook Increases 12X Status Messages to 60,000 Characters

First, it was like an SMS when Facebook status messages are limited only to 160 characters. After five years, it was more than doubled to 420 in 2009. Two years later, 80 characters were added just when Google+ was launched in June 2011. Seeing threat from Google+, in less than 2 months it was increased 10 times to an astonishing 5,000 characters.

We thought 5,000 characters were enough to put messages and comments in one post. But we’re wrong! Facebook has just announced they increased the status messages 12X or a whopping 60,000 characters.

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ChatSend–Sending 2G of File on Facebook Chat

Jun is about to send you a file using ChatSend<— This message is appearing in the write box of the chat window as soon as you’re about to send/reply a chat message after installing ChatSend. It’s somewhat annoying since before you could type a word in a newly opened chat window, the message will first appear. Nevertheless, this app is cool and best alternative to email when sending a file.

ChatSend is an external add-on for Facebook chat that is used to send files up to 2GB within the chat window. The leftmost icon at the top of the Chat window will appear once ChatSend is installed.

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