Revisiting the Top Blog Posts

I wrote 58 new posts in 2011 that made up roughly 17 percent of the 347 total posts in this blog. Of the new posts, only one got to the top five most viewed post while the rest of the favorites dated back as old as 2008.

I’m reviewing the top posts and considering a follow-up write up about each post to exploit the interest of the viewers of my blog. Here again are my top posts for 2011:

“USB Background Image–How To Do it?”– the post has been consistent number 2 favorite in my blog for 3 years until it grabbed the top post in the past few months. The views can be attributed to the seekers looking for the codes of installing USB backgrounds in Windows 7. “USB background image” topped the most searched words in search engine referring to the blog. Unfortunately, there’s no USB background image codes available for Windows 7 yet. 

“Hidden Cam” and “Hayden Cam”– used to be number one post in my blog for three consecutive years until overtaken this year. Man’s sensual nature leads them to this post thinking it’s purely about sex and hidden cam. The post talks more on the use of a hidden cam in news gathering though it tackles also the controversial  sex video of two Philippine showbiz personalities– Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili.

“Remote Access Repair Tool (for Error 720/3G Modem Connection Problem)”– The failure of some 3G subscribers in the Philippines to connect using their laptops brings them to this post. The article provides the solution on the prevalent problem connecting to the internet using 3G modems in many laptops. The post offers a downloadable software which solves the 3G modem connection error 720.

“PLDT’s WatchPad “Big Ticket Service” Sucks!”– Watch out how it sucks you when it’s most watchable. The height of this post’s views was when Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao fought for the third time against Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez on November 15. Online people were looking for a free site of the fight and some of them were led to this site to get a glimpse how PLDT’s WatchPad offer gives a good view of the fight. Unfortunately, just like me they were frustrated of the service.

“Why We Need an Advertising Code of the Philippines?”– I am a little bit surprise when this post landed at the top five. This is more of an educational than entertaining. In the first place, this post was used in my advertising class and media laws and ethics class at the Mass Communication department of the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City, Philippines.

People up there in had prepared a show how this post performed in 2011 in their “2011 in Review“.

Troubleshooting Blue Screen Caused by ialmdev5.dll (Intel Chipset Driver) Error

My aging ASUS F3H laptop had crashed several times yesterday displaying the annoying Blue Screen Of Death (B.S.O.D.). The BSOD message reads:

A problem has occurred and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer. 
Problem has occurred with ialmdev5.dll. This could be caused by new software you have 

This could be an incompatibility issue among the DLLs. An error like this could be resolved by updating the chip set driver. The ialmdev5.dll file is packaged with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator. I proceeded to the Intel Corporation  website to download the latest driver using the Intel Driver Update Utility.

Once the Update Utility is finished checking your system for outdated drivers, a download page shall open with recommendation on what updates to download and install on your system. I downloaded the chip set driver update and installed it on my system. That’s it. My ASUS F3H has now an updated Intel Chip set and no more blue screen so far.

Genuine Replacement Parts @ Gadget Repair Shop

Just found this kiosk at SM City Cebu where genuine and “Class A” replacement parts for iPhone and other gadgets are available at an affordable and reasonable cost.

Various genuine and "Class A" replacement parts for iPhone & others


iPhone 3G original touch screen replacement


Blackberry back cover

iPhone 3Gs original LCD replacement

iPhone4 White "Class A" back cover

QuestScan Hijacked My Google Search

For two weeks, my Google search have been led to the site but not until today. QuestScan is a search engine but is considered by many security site as a browser hijacker. It will redirect your Google search and other browser searches to its site if you use the navigation bar-based searches.

I’d tried scanning my system using McAfee Anti-Virus Enterprise but it was not detected. However, after receiving an update from McAfee last night a trojan– generic.dx!banb was detected by the on-access scan of McAfee. QuestScan is known to have associated with some trojans and malwares. McAfee cleaned the infected file and deleted the trojan. But the trojan is kept on coming back as i’ve observed on the on-access scanner of McAfee. So, it prompted me to launch a demand scan hoping it will be totally removed.

QuestScan comes with a program installed in your system. I’d tried deleting the folder on my system drive but it failed. However, it comes with the standard uninstallation procedure which you can perform from the Control Panel>Add/Remove Program.

Even if you succeeded in removing the QuestScan program, it still leave some infected items in your system. Not contented with McAfee, i launched for the first time after several months of not using it my copy of the reliable virus removal tool–COMBOFix and cleaned my system.

I’d recheck C:<Program Files and looked again for the QuestScan folder. A folder still remain but with few remaining components of the hijacker. So, i completely deleted the folder using another reliable tool–Unlocker.

While trying to finish this post, i have launched a newly-downloaded Kaspersky Anti-Virus Removal Tool to complete the cleansing ritual of my system.

A Scratch Protection Skin for your iPhone, etc.

I don’t want to call it Skinning to refer to the application of additional skin layers to a device or gadget such as iPhone. Rather, it would be appropriate to name it as Cladding.

I have seen this for several months at the Cyberzone in SM City but it’s only for improving the look of your device. But the one i just saw at the Cyberzone offers protection from scratch. It carries the brand–Invisible Shield by ZAGG. It just arrived here in Cebu while a similar ZAGG booth was reported by a blog last year.

The ZAGG Skin is just .3millimeter thick film but it has 4 layers that combine a skin design and a scratch and scuffs protector. The manufacturer claims the skin is using the nano-memory technology. Here are ZAGG’s videos about Invisible Shield:

The price varies according to the size of the gadget and where the Invisible Shield shall be applied. Putting the shield on the LCD screen of a laptop is worth P800 while cladding the whole laptop unit is worth P3,000. For phones, it ranges up to P1,500.The process of applying the skin is very delicate.

I couldn’t see any negative reviews online about the product but its manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty as long as your device is working.