Gimingaw Kanimo

Buot nako kang kalimtan
Apan, kanunay ikawng anaa sa akong panumdoman

Layo na man unta ako
Apan, makita nako kanunay panagway nimo

Talagsaon ang atong istorya
Apan, hamubo lang ang panahon ta

Dili nako makalimtan ang panagkuyog ta
Apan, gabii lang kato ug overnight pa

Dili matukib ang akong kalipay niadtong higayona
Apan, sa wa’ damha kato ra sab diayng higayona

Milabay ang ting-init
Apan, wa’ na gani ka manamilit

Wa’ nako nimo tagda, text man o call
Apan, ako misabot kay uyab nimo magbagolbol

Sa Facebook kita kaniadto alegre
Apan, blocked na intawn ako karon pirme

Mibalik ang tingklase kita nagkita
Apan, igo na lang sa pasiplat daw wa’ magkita

Miabot ang adlaw ako nanamilit
Apan, sa imoha ako wa’ hingpit makasangpit

Nanghilak ang uban, naghuot ang dughan
Apan, sa hilom diay ikaw sab nagbangotan

Milangyaw ako sa kapitolyo, nanimpalad pag-ayo
Apan, sa gihapon ikaw anaa sa akong panumdoman

Sus Dear, gimingaw maazo ko nimo!

Loving Someone Else

I’m happy for her instead.
The one who truly cares
Is the one who provides happiness.

I’m happy for her instead.
True love forgets
Willing to give up even her.

I’m happy for her instead.
That she found happiness
In the arms of somebody else.

I’m happy for her instead.
Call it love heroism.
If not insane.

I’m happy for her instead.
Love knows no fairness
Love waits. Love persevere. Love hurts

I’m happy for her instead.
Love is Often Vulnerable but endures the pain.
Those who is failed and endured pain is in love.

I’m happy for her instead
Those who think of vengeance is evil.
Keep mum and you’ll have a silent revenge.

Love is a surprise in itself. Just wonder afterwards.

Revisiting the Top Blog Posts

I wrote 58 new posts in 2011 that made up roughly 17 percent of the 347 total posts in this blog. Of the new posts, only one got to the top five most viewed post while the rest of the favorites dated back as old as 2008.

I’m reviewing the top posts and considering a follow-up write up about each post to exploit the interest of the viewers of my blog. Here again are my top posts for 2011:

“USB Background Image–How To Do it?”– the post has been consistent number 2 favorite in my blog for 3 years until it grabbed the top post in the past few months. The views can be attributed to the seekers looking for the codes of installing USB backgrounds in Windows 7. “USB background image” topped the most searched words in search engine referring to the blog. Unfortunately, there’s no USB background image codes available for Windows 7 yet. 

“Hidden Cam” and “Hayden Cam”– used to be number one post in my blog for three consecutive years until overtaken this year. Man’s sensual nature leads them to this post thinking it’s purely about sex and hidden cam. The post talks more on the use of a hidden cam in news gathering though it tackles also the controversial  sex video of two Philippine showbiz personalities– Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili.

“Remote Access Repair Tool (for Error 720/3G Modem Connection Problem)”– The failure of some 3G subscribers in the Philippines to connect using their laptops brings them to this post. The article provides the solution on the prevalent problem connecting to the internet using 3G modems in many laptops. The post offers a downloadable software which solves the 3G modem connection error 720.

“PLDT’s WatchPad “Big Ticket Service” Sucks!”– Watch out how it sucks you when it’s most watchable. The height of this post’s views was when Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao fought for the third time against Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez on November 15. Online people were looking for a free site of the fight and some of them were led to this site to get a glimpse how PLDT’s WatchPad offer gives a good view of the fight. Unfortunately, just like me they were frustrated of the service.

“Why We Need an Advertising Code of the Philippines?”– I am a little bit surprise when this post landed at the top five. This is more of an educational than entertaining. In the first place, this post was used in my advertising class and media laws and ethics class at the Mass Communication department of the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City, Philippines.

People up there in had prepared a show how this post performed in 2011 in their “2011 in Review“.

Welcome 2012 (Year of the Dragon)–MyYEAR!!!

I started this post with a positive note on its title– “Welcome 2012 (Year of the Dragon)–MyYear!!!”. It’s because the two previous years of the dragon– 1988 & 2000 were so kind to me. Both were fruitful years for my career in ABS-CBN Corporation.

After leaving RPN/DyKC in early 1988 and after having a short stint with Sun*Star Daily, i was invited to join ABS-CBN Ch. 3 Cebu where i have stayed for about half of my life. My career as a TV journalist flourished during those years and was capped with a promotion as the News Manager for ABS-CBN-Davao.

My Years of the Dragon were not good only to my career, i was also lucky in some possessions like winning big items in raffle draws in 1988 and i had purchased my first car in 2000 through the company’s car plan.

On the other hand, with barely five hours before New Year strikes, i had to reminisce the unfortunate events hounding me in 2011:

My father "Nene" passed away on Feb. 22 due to liver disease. He was confined in the hospital a month earlier and the family was advised by the doctor he couldn't stay longer.

July 23 & 25, i underwent two surgical procedures to remove the gallstones and my contracted gallbladder. It was my first hospital confinement since i was 3 years old. I spent a whopping P240k+ in hospital bills and related expenses. It left me almost bankrupt. Thanks to my family, relatives, friends and ABS-CBN for the support.

I had also two misfortunes during the year that i just kept it to myself. Again, i lost my father and i lost my gallbladder in 2011. And i lost two other important persons in my life during the year.

As i am moving on with optimism in 2012, i wish i could decipher the good signs that the black water dragon are carrying with all through out the year. As i’ve said, my Years of the Dragon have always been favorable to my career and some possessions.

Here are some of the good signs of 2012, as i collated in some sources:

  • year of empowerment
  • rooster, monkey and rat are the luckiest as they are most compatible with the dragon
  • horse, ox and dog are said unlucky animal symbols as they are less compatible with the dragon (it’s an irony for me since i am a fire horse.)

The Year of the Black Water Dragon officially starts on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013 . There are popular beliefs about the year 2012 ranging from spiritually transformative to the apocalyptic. The latter is referring to the so-called “end of the world” on December 21, 2012 based on the Mayan Calendar.

I have a good post about 2012 that i wrote in 2009.

How the Tech-World Celebrates Christmas!!!

I have collected herein the various ways Christmas has been celebrated all over the tech-world. Firstly, even the Pope has celebrated the Christmas Eve that was seen live on TV worldwide.

SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications Limited) celebrates Christmas with world record-breaking mass gift exchange. About 4,385 participants mostly coming from its prepaid customers in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore brought their wrapped gifts for exchange at the event hoping to make a new world record for gift exchanges.

iPhone users are treated with these "8 Wonderful iPhone Apps To Put You In The Christmas Spirit"

Blockbuster film Arthur Christmas calculates how Santa could exactly delivers all those gifts by Christmas morning.

For more than 50 years, NORAD — the North American Aerospace Defense Command — has used its high-tech missile-tracking systems to track Santa's progress during his annual Christmas Eve flight around the world.


The best Christmas gift ideas maybe these tech-gadgets for boys and men as shown in a slideshow.