SmartBRO Plug iT vs. Globe Visibility

I’ve been conducting reviews on SmartBRO and Globe Visility 3G services for the past weeks. And here are my findings:

SmartBRO 3G

Globe Visibility

PLAN 799

60 hrs free (upgraded)

40 hrs free plus FREE 2 wifi –hours connection

PLAN 999

60 hrs free plus FREE 3 wifi-hours connection

PLAN 1,500/1,499

Unlimited (new)

100 hrs plus UNLIMITED wifi hours connection

Charge Scheme

10/30-minute block

Cons: 30-minute metering is tricky. It is based on clocktime

5/15-minute session

Pros: You can save if you only stay online for less than 15 mins.

Cons: If  yo are disconnected and reconnects within same 15-minute block, the reconnection is considered another 15-minute session.

USB modem dongle price

P2,500 (prepaid)


2 cables (short & long)

SIM card is for data only

P2,500 (prepaid)


1 long cable (but USB direct plug)

MicroSD card slot

Uses regular SIM card


Load Retail outlets

Load Cards (but have to insert the SmartBRO SIM to a cellphone)

Load Retail outlets

Load Cards (but have to insert the Globe Visibility SIM to a cellphone)

Load Balance Checking

You have to register to WebConnect to check the balance

Just type BAL and send to 222 in the application program.



HSDPA, 3G, EDGE, GPRS with WIFI (hotspot only)

HSDPA                                                 3G

EDGE                                                      GPRS                                                     Wi-Fi

Average Speed

400 – 700 kbps

150 – 250 kpbs

80 – 120 kbps

30 – 40 kbps

(dependent on hotspot)

Maximum Speed


384 kbps

156 kbps

56 kbps

512+ kbps

Modem Installation & Operation

Plug and Play (with issues on some laptops. Older laptops missed some original windows components and that would give  ZTE modem  a hard time to work. I’d tried it on my laptop before I reinstall the OS to recover the component needed for the modem to work. Same with other laptops I’d tried.)

Plug and Play

Overwrites existing smartBRO installation

SIM card capability

For data connection only

Data connection; SMS (can even text while not connected to internet), Call (if SIMplaced in mobile phone)


*Bag-ong Dalan, Yati, Liloan,

(with 4-5 bars cellphone signal)

3G= 1-2 bars only (switches to

GPRS anytime)


@ 1 bar—download= 33kbps

@2 bars—download= 126kbps

GPRS= 5 bars


Download= 31 kbps

Upload= 12 kbps

(with 4-5 bars cellphone signal)

3G= no service to limited service

(can’t connect)

GPRS= 2-4 bars (very hard to

Browse multi-media sites

and webcam can’t hardly


*Tabok, Mandaue City

3G= 2-3 bars

3G= (UMTS/HSDPA)- 2-3 bars

( server)

Upload = 76kbps

Download = 97 kbps

GPRS= 5 bars

*ABS-CBN TOC—Jagobiao,

Mandaue City

3G= not detected (will switch to


EDGE/GPRS = 5 bars

*DYAB Reception Area

3G= 2 bars

EDGE/GPRS= 5 bars

3G/UMTS= 2 bars (will switch to

GPRS anytime)

GPRS= 5 bars

*DYAB Announcer’s booth

3G= 4 bars

EDGE/GPRS= 5 bars

3G/UMTS/HSDPA= 2-3 bars

( server)

Upload = 76kbps

Download = 97 kbps

*DYAB Announcer’s chair

3G= 3 bars

EDGE/GPRS= 5 bars

3G= 2 bars only

GPRS=  5 bars


FLOOR (during its respective

promotional activity.)

3G- not detected

EDGE only

3G= HSDPA connected but

actual speed as tested by is only at 200

plus for both upload and



  • Signal strength is largely dependent on locations favorable to each of the network’s cell sites.
  • Signal is fluctuating—most of the time. So, advisable to set the modem at 3G preferred so that if it will disconnect from 3G site, it will shift to GPRS.
  • For charging rate, you must be aware of the scheme used by the network so as not to expect more time when it is actually less time left.
  • Globe has an edge with it comes to the other features of the modem. For example, its capability to send/receive SMS messages even while offline. Check balance within the application program without registering to another system unlike SmartBRO that requires users to register with WebConnect.
  • Finally, I am maintaining my previous stand—3G cellphones are still the best option to connect to the net. Based on my test, cellphone while at GPRS mode is even faster than both SmartBRO and Globe Visibility when connected via GPRS.

Click the link below to listen the discussion of this topic during the radio show-“Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!” @ DYAB1512 of ABS-CBN Cebu:

SmartBRO vs. Globe Visibility

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Disclosure: SmartBRO and Globe Visibility provided the USB modem dongles test units during the duration of this review. This writer maintains his journalistic independence in coming out with this review.


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