Teach Me How to Prezi

Prezify your presentation! It’s all about zooming, panning, and tilting your slides around a single zoomable canvass. Prezi is not just an alternative presentation but it’s the ultimate content presentation that makes your show dynamic.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that goes beyond the linear sequences of slides in powerpoint presentation. It has also a desktop application for offline creation of prezis. I’d done one offline prezi and two online prezis for my mass communication class lectures. Click here to view myPrezi.

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Troubleshooting Blue Screen Caused by ialmdev5.dll (Intel Chipset Driver) Error

My aging ASUS F3H laptop had crashed several times yesterday displaying the annoying Blue Screen Of Death (B.S.O.D.). The BSOD message reads:

A problem has occurred and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer. 
Problem has occurred with ialmdev5.dll. This could be caused by new software you have 

This could be an incompatibility issue among the DLLs. An error like this could be resolved by updating the chip set driver. The ialmdev5.dll file is packaged with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator. I proceeded to the Intel Corporation  website to download the latest driver using the Intel Driver Update Utility.

Once the Update Utility is finished checking your system for outdated drivers, a download page shall open with recommendation on what updates to download and install on your system. I downloaded the chip set driver update and installed it on my system. That’s it. My ASUS F3H has now an updated Intel Chip set and no more blue screen so far.

D-I-Y: Repairing an Intermittent Retractable Mouse

After two years, my retractable mouse has its first maintenance/repair work today. The small cable connecting the mouse and the USB plug have been intermittent since yesterday. I’ve discovered that the cable had an open connection somewhere at the tip near the mouse.

What i did is to cut the portion of the retractable cord that is open and strip again the cord for a new connection.

The small duplex cord of the mouse has four small wires...

The retractable cord has enough length with most part of it is wound in the scroll wheel shown above.

The four small wires in the retractable cord are insulated. It has to be soldered to achieve full contact.

And my retractable mouse is back to service again and i was able to save P150-200 for a new mouse. The featured image of this post is the latest picture of my retractable mouse after the repair. By the way, my mouse is a CDR-King brand. See my original post.

My PLDT DSL Experience

I have reserved for PLDT Telpad upgrade but have my application hold in abeyance after I 
learned that the tablet unit available in Cebu area is not the upgraded 2.3 Gingerbread
unit but the old one--2.2 Froyo. Check here for the complete specs.

Instead, i have applied this week for bundle upgrade--from P990 landline + DSL to plan
P1,299 with twice the speed-- 768kbps. My PLDT DSL has been slowing for two months now
and that made me decide to upgrade.I am expecting the upgrade to effect today or 

I've tried checking my internet speed this morning using speedtest.net and the reading
shows that my subscription's performance is within the promised speed of 384kbps
(Left: Seoul, South Korea; right:Singapore). However, this is not the normal speed
since most of the day the connection is erratic and the speed can go down as low as 
about 100kbps download and less than 100kbps for upload.

Then i compare the two readings with the global average speed connection (left: 
download; right: upload) which show that our internet speed is far below the global
average (yellow line: Global Average; blue line: PLDT average for my 2 speed tests.)

The National Telecommunication Commission is requiring all Internet Service Providers
to maintain its Minimum Service Reliability at 80% of their specified subscription plan.
(Check the copy of the NTC memorandum below for the definition of Minimum Service 
Reliability and the required specification on their subscription plans.The memorandum
took effect since August 2011 after its publication.)

However, how do we know that the ISP has gone below the 85% of their specified speed.
Are they going to accept our own internet speed test (using speedtest.net readings) as
evidence in our complaint? Or is it the NTC's responsibility to check the Minimum
Service Reliability?


No. 07-07-2011


WHEREAS, the 1987 Constitution fully recognizes the vital role of communications in nation building and provides for the emergence of communications structures suitable to the needs and aspirations of the nation;

WHEREAS, the promotion of competition in the telecommunications market is a key objective of Republic Act No. 7925 (RA7925, for brevity), otherwise known as The Public Telecommunications Policy Act of the Philippines, which mandates that “a healthy competitive environment shall be fostered, one in which telecommunications carriers are free to make business decisions and interact with one another in providing telecommunications services, with the end in view of encouraging their financial viability while maintaining affordable rates;

WHEREAS, RA7925 further defines the role of the government to “promote a fair, efficient and responsive market to stimulate growth and development of the telecommunications facilities and services”;

WHEREAS, RA7925 mandates the National Telecommunications Commission (Commission) to promote and protect the consumers of public telecommunications services;

WHEREAS, it has been observed that the service providers are offering broadband/ internet connections specifying only the maximum speed;

WHEREAS, customers/ subscribers/ users have the right to be informed of the quality of the broadband/ internet connection service being provided;

WHEREAS, fixed, fixed wireless and mobile broadband/ internet access differ in transmission characteristics;

WHEREAS, mobile broadband/ internet access suffer from signal fading more than fixed and fixed wireless broadband/ internet access;

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to RA7925, Executive Order (EO) No. 546 series of 1979, and in order to maintain and foster fair competition in the telecommunications industry, and promote and protect the rights of broadband service customers/ subscribers/ users, the National Telecommunications Commission (the Commission/ NTC, for brevity) hereby promulgates the following rules:

1. Broadband service providers shall specify the minimum broadband/ internet connection speed and service reliability and the service rates in their offers to consumers/ subscribers/ users in their advertisements, flyers, brochures and service agreements and service level agreements. The minimum service reliability shall be 80%.

Service Reliability is measured over a period of one (1) month and calculated as

[(Hours in a day x Days in a month) – (Time internet connection speed is below minimum)(Hours in a day x Days in a month)

The service offers shall specify the service rates for a minimum broadband/ internet connection speed and the service reliability. For example: a broadband service provider can offer PhP 900.00/month for 512 kbps minimum connection speed and 80% service reliability, or PhP 1,000.00/month for 512 kbps minimum connection speed and 85% service reliability, or PhP 1,000/month for 1 Mbps minimum connection speed and 80% reliability, etc.

2. The subscribers/ consumers shall be properly informed of the broadband/internet connection service being offered to them.

3. Service providers offering committed information rate (CIR) shall comply with NTC MC No. 12-19-2004.

4. Failure on the part of a broadband service provider to comply with this Order, the Commission shall file appropriate administrative case against said broadband service provider.

5. Any circular, order, memoranda or parts thereof inconsistent herewith are deemed repealed or amended accordingly.

6. This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days after publication in a newspaper of general circulation and three (3) certified true copies are furnished the UP Law Center.

Quezon City, Philippines, 15 July 2011

Gamaliel A. Cordoba

Carlos Jose A. Martinez
Deputy Commissioner

Delilah F. Deles
Deputy Commissioner


In between our monthly billing cycle are disruptions in the service which should be
deducted from our monthly bill. Personally, i've received a rebate from PLDT after i
complained the 4-day interruption of my connection last July. Check my post about 

PLDT Gives Me a Rebate

During the last days of my hospital confinement in July, odd things were add up to what was already a complicated situation of mine. Aside from not able to see what happened at home, my land line was also out-of-service which at that time was very important for me in effectively communicating with my kids.

From my hospital bed, i called up the PLDT’s hotline to report the matter. But it was not until Sunday–one day after discharged from Chong Hua Hospital that my line was restored. And it was not operational until i asked a friend from PLDT to facilitate my request for repair.

Though, understandably the help desk support ticketing system that PLDT is using to systematize customer support but it’s still quite a delayed service. I called up PLDT hotline on Thursday from my hospital bed. Did a follow-up call on Saturday upon discharged from the hospital and called up again PLDT the next day.

Since, it was Sunday there was a little chance that my line could be restored on same day considering only a skeletal force of PLDT was working. I called up a friend in PLDT whom i requested to facilitate my request for repair. In about 15 minutes a PLDT lineman arrived at my door step. In the next 15 minutes my line was restored.

A week after, i called up PLDT’s hotline and requested for refund of the days my line was not served. I was promised for a rebate which will be reflected in my succeeding bill. So, my September bill has reflected the refund/rebate of about P33. Instead of paying P1,240 a month, i am billed P1,207 payable not later than first week of October.