Using Prefix numbers for Pulse-Rate Charge Calls–YES or NO?

Two of the bold moves of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in 2009 were the forced implementation of the Extended Prepaid Load Validity and the Pulse-Rate Charging for all mobile phones.

The Pulse-Rate Charging is contain in the NTC Memorandum Circular No. 05-07-2009 (Guidelines on Unit of Billing of Mobile Voice Service) mandating the new call charging scheme beginning December 6, 2009.

We thought, as i also thought, it was happy-for-all development.  😦  However, i was mesmerized of believing that it works for the good of us without any hassle. Look, the Pulse-Rate Charging scheme is JUST A CALL FEATURE like in call forwarding and teleconferencing. In short, it can only be availed of if you activate the feature!!! 😦 Of course, it’s only for same network calls!!!!

What’s the big minus thing? You’ll have to attach network-assigned prefix numbers to the mobile number you’re calling to avail of the Pulse-Rate Charging. 😦

If you’re in GLOBE network, here are the prefixes:

2329xxxxxxxxx (replace the 0 at the beginning of the Globe number with 232)

8039xxxxxxxxx (replace the 0 at the beginning of the Touch Mobile number with 803)

Rates: (Advisory from Globe)

Per second rates when using the aforementioned dialing sequence as follows:

  • – P0.10/second for Globe-Globe/TM and TM-TM/Globe calls Monday to Saturday
  • – P0.05/second for Globe-Globe/TM and TM-TM/Globe calls Sunday

Minimum maintaining balance of P7.50 required for Globe, P6.50 required for TM.

Applicable to Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, Globe Tattoo Prepaid, and TM.

If you’re in SMART network, here are the prefixes:

*5433xxxxxxxxxxx (prefix plus the 11-digit number including 0 for Smart  Gold and Infinity)

*5434xxxxxxxxxxx (prefix plus mobile number for Smart Buddy)

*2255xxxxxxxxxxx (prefix plus mobile number for Talk ‘N Text)

Rates (Advisory from Smart):

A flag-down rate of P3 will be charged on the first two pulses (or 12 seconds) and P0.31 (for Talk ‘N Text) and P0.43 (for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, and Infinity) on the succeeding pulses of the first minute.‪ For succeeding minutes, P0.55 (for Talk ’N Text) and P0.65 (for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, and Infinity) per pulse will be charged.

Hey folks!!! What do you think? HASSLE? Are we going to bring placards in front of the NTC offices to demonstrate our dismay? Is it just an NTC-telcos marketing gimmick? Speak out! Join in our Poll Survey– Using Prefix numbers for Pulse-Rate Charge Calls–YES or NO?

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Poll Survey Result: “What is Your New Tech-Gadget this Christmas?”

It turned out that Personal Computer is the popular choice for people to acquire in times

they have extra money. Laptop lags behind obviously because it is an extra thing for us. Why buy a laptop when you’re not an on-the-go type of person?

Some say they have no new gadget this Christmas. Better luck next time.  🙂

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My New Tech-Gadgets this Christmas

I’ve got some tech-gadgets this Christmas. Thank God for the gifts amidst my cataract eye surgery this week.

Xenon 22-inch LCD TV-PC Monitor

It’s a cheaper alternative for LCD-TV Monitor available in SM Appliance.

Xenon 8010K DVD Player

It’s worth P3,000. I chose this unit over a Sony DVD player @ P2,700 because of these features:

  • Plays files from a USB stick
  • Plays MIDI files (good for my Karaoke music)
  • Has two Mic inputs for Karaoke session
  • Has 5.1 surround-sound channel output
  • Plays “pirated” DVD discs (most important… lol)

Landline with DSL from PLDT

I’ve got my PLDT DSL-landline bundle in less than a week.

EDIMAX nLite Wireless Broadband Router

Main Features:

  • Cost only P1,700 (much cheaper than the branded ones)
  • Complies with wireless 802.11g and 802.11 b standards
  • Compatible with wireless 802.11n standard with data rate up to 150Mbps
  • Built-in button to enable/disable wireless signal

CDR-King WiFi USB Adapter

It’s small but terrible USB WiFi adapter. It’s compatible with wireless 802.11n standards–fit for my EDIMAX router. It’s only P500+.

LOGITECH S100 Multi-media Speakers

It’s the loudest powered multi-media speakers in the lower-priced category in the market @ P380 only. It has 5.2 watts peak power. I’m using it for my laptop.

“NOKIA” x1000 TV Mobile (China Phone)

It’s my first China phone. It’s a featured-pack phone @ P3,000 only with these amazing features:

  • Dual-SIM standby (I’m using it for my personal Globe & PLDT ALL-Call numbers)
  • Dual memory micro-SD card slots (with free 57MB card)
  • Dual Camera (main cam: 3.2Mp & a VGA front panel cam)
  • Touch screen
  • TV Phone (free channels)

It’s a sleek super-thin fashionable design comparable to some expensive brands.

The LCD display is covered with a glass from the edges of the case.

The keypad is easy for organizing SMS. The 4-way navigation key at the center is a shortcut to your most important functions. The center button is an ENTER button. The two green call buttons are for your two SIMS with one STOP button for both. A TV button is a press away for your TV viewing.

TV viewing is fairly good with an option to view in landscape and portrait automatically as soon as you tilt the unit. The antenna is built-in the unit.

The main camera at the back panel is said to be 3.2Mp but i always have doubts on the veracity of this claim for any China phone. However, most of the pictures here (except for the pics of the X1000) are taken by the main cam of the X1000. The stylus is tied with a string in the unit.

The left button is for the camera when you do the landscape shot while the button at the right is the volume control.

The battery charger can charge an extra battery(provided as shown) while it is charging your unit.The battery pack is an equivalent of Nokia’s BLC-5 battery.


A “Lacoste” protective eye gear given to me, as part of the package, by my eye surgeon. It’s all clear but treated with anti-UV to protect the eyes from so much exposure to sunlight.

Of course, my ultimate gadget now is the ARTIFICIAL LENS on my right eye… I’m a cyborg!!!

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POLL SURVEY RESULT: Are You a Facebook Addict?

After weeks of posting it here, many confessed that they are Facebook addicts. Here’s the result of our Poll Survey: Are You a Facebook Addict?

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Poll Survey Result: Which Cell Phone Call Charging Do You Prefer?

I think people got tired of the Per Minute Charging our telcos are billing us in our cell phone calls. They favored on the proposed Pulse Rate Charging which is scheduled to be implemented January 2010.

poll survey result

As i surmised in my previous article–“Cell Phone Call: Minute Charging or Pulse Rate Charging” it would appear that the proposed Pulse Rate Charging would be costly hence the telcos are allowed to collect a flag down rate for the first two pulses or 12-seconds of call. What if the telcos shall be allowed to collect P5 as its flag down rate and P1 for every succeeding pulse? Then, it would appear that a minute call is worth P13–more costly than the prevailing rate now of P6.50 per minute call.

Anyway, we’ll wait for the National Telecommunications Commission to set the final rate for the Pulse Rate Charging.

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