Hi… welcome to my blog– https://juntariman.wordpress.com.  I’m transforming this blog into an educational site for journalism and mass communication students and for practicing journalists. I have incorporated herein some of my journalism lessons in my class at the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City.


Outdoor broadcast @ DyAB1512, Cebu

For those who don’t know me, my name is jun tariman–a broadcast journalist with 27 years Radio-TV experience. I am a Cebuano but i am now based in Manila, Philippines. My media colleagues call me juntar (short for my complete screen name)


The first batch (USJR Masscom Class 2009) that i had handled.

I was a part-time instructor for mass communication subjects at the University of San Jose Recoletos (USJ-R). Among the subjects i had handled: Introduction to Broadcast Media; Radio-TV Writing; Media Laws and Ethics; Cebuano Journalism; Radio Management and Workshop; Investigative Journalism; Media Advertising; Public Relations; and Media Planning and Promotions.


Broadcasting at the studio of DyAB1512 in Mandaue City

I’d left the teaching profession in 2012 to concentrate back to mainstream media. My career in media started as a radio reporter. Here is my story:

Working with the media is fun and very challenging. I could still remember the first time i heard the work of a journalist when i was in Grade 4 back in Clarin, Misamis Occidental. My Mommy Hera (my mother’s younger sister) encouraged me to take up journalism in College hence we had a relative who was a journalist (i forgot who?). But mommy Hera died few months later in 1977 which forced me to go back to my parents in Mandaue City, Cebu. By the way, i was like an adopted son of mommy Hera.


Plant Tour, BSIT Class ’87, CSCST

Hence my parents couldn’t send me to a private school… i took my intermediate education (Grades 5 & 6) at the former Cebu School of Arts and Trades where i graduated first honors in 1979. I enrolled in the same school for my secondary education while availing the PTA scholarship grant. I finished Third Honorable Mention in high school. Again, i chose to take up my bachelor’s degree in the same school hence my parents couldn’t send me to a private university. Besides, i have two scholarship grants if i enrolled in CSAT (which eventually became Cebu State College of Science and Technology when i was in third year high school. Now, it become CTU for Cebu Technological University). I finished my Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, major in Industrial Electronics with the highest honor during my batch(1987)–Magna Cum Laude.

My trade and technical education background made me well-versed with technology which is my foundation in handling the sci-tech radio program–Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai! over DyAB1512 of ABS-CBN Cebu.

I started my career in broadcasting at the Radio Philippines Network Channel 9 in Mandaue City who hired me first as a radio reporter for DYKC in January 1987 and then as a TV reporter for the first ever Cebuano newscast–“Newswatch Cebuano Edition”. Before joining the editorial department of the station, i was an apprentice technician (on-the-job trainee as a requirement of my course) in the engineering department of Channel 9.

While working with ABS-CBN Cebu as a reporter since 1988, i took a chance studying in an informal computer course with now Cebu City South Representative Rodrigo Abellanosa as my principal mentor.

Because i didn’t have a formal education about journalism, i took my masters studies in developmental communication at the University of the Philippines (Open-U).

Then in 2006 i finished the six-month fellowship grant of the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism making me as the first (the only at that year) Cebuano journalist to be conferred with the Diploma in Radio Journalism.

From being a TV reporter to News Manager, i served ABS-CBN (Cebu, Iligan and Davao) for 15 years as a regular employee before i availed the early optional retirement program of the company.

In 2004, i went back to Cebu after my six-year “exile” in Mindanao, working as an anchor of DYAB 1512–the local AM radio station of ABS-CBN in Cebu.



I’ve been blogging since 2007. I consider myself a value  blogger and a tech-blogger. This blog site used to complement all my radio shows. It has also some of my interest and advocacy. In 2010, i separated my tech-posts into another tech-blog site and spare all other concerns in this personal blog. Since 2011, i started incorporating journalism lessons on this blog and even used it as an aid to my classroom discussions.



20 Years as a Kapamilya

20-YearService Award, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

I received my 20-year service awards during the Kapamilya Awards on Nov. 26, 2009 at the Studio 10 in ABS-CBN Manila. We’re only four who survived after 21 years working for the Kapamilya network: me, Tata Cinco-Sy(Area Manager for CV), Bob Malazarte (DYAB Desk Person), and Albert Carpio (TOC Tech) from the more than 20 regular staff in 1988.

The awards rite is for 2008 where other service awardees: 5-year, 10-year, and 15-year awardees were also accorded with the service honors. I had my 10-year service award in February 16, 1999 but i missed the 15-year award after i availed of the early retirement plan of the company.

I’m still young… i can still proceed and looking forward for the next 20 years… 🙂

I went “off-air” for almost five months from January to May 2010 when i joined a local political group as its media specialist in-charge of the production of media materials. Though, it was not my intention to leave my programs during the period but the management of DYAB relieved me of all my programs. I concentrated my time producing audio-video materials to include radio and TV political advertisements for the group i was working with.

During the time, i honed my skills in video editing which i never regularly did when i was in TV news of ABS-CBN for 15 years. Moreover, i had immersed myself in public relations job which include the production of propaganda materials.

August-September 2010

I had been into speaking in 2010, as a lecturer, in a series of Seminar-Workshops for local legislators from all over the Visayas. My topic was “The Official and Mass Media” where i expound how should our government officials handle the mass media.

In some occasions, i do lecture on various journalism topics during some seminars for the students. There are invitations for me to lecture on audio-video productions while i remain open for free lance video documentary productions.

I had also my first professional Cebuano translation job which i was paid for.

For a very short time, i worked unofficially for a government office where my tasks were varied–from writing and drafting resolutions and ordinances to video editing/production.

Soon after i left the job, i immediately found another one late 2010 and has been working on it until July 2012. I am working online as a Marketing Blogger for a Singaporean firm. My works involve writing articles for the company to be published on some syndicated article sites.

At first, I didn’t know how long i would stay in the job while still waiting to find my permanent post in my niche.

15th CAMMA Finalist

This blog site is a finalist to the 15th Cebu Archdiocesan Mass Media Awards on Sunday/August 28, 2011 at the SM Cinema 1 and later won the Personal Blog category in 2013.

I took the certification test by oDesk and successfully got a “Certified Windows XP Expert” certification on September 30, 2011. I also earned two other certifications from oDesk: Certified Translation Translator and Certified Advertising Skills Consultant.


I bade goodbye to my mass communication students at the University of San Jose Recoletos as i transferred to Solar Television Network, Inc. where i have been the Head for Regional News Operations since August 16, 2012. I also left ABS-CBN after almost 24 years.

I’m looking forward for a better career in SOLARtv as i opened another chapter of my life–this time in the busy streets of Metro Manila.

To be continued for updating…

9 thoughts on “About

  1. hai sir jun:) I am Rejean Concepción from Bukidnon. I just want to ask you a favor about your poem “ang babaye ug ang lalaki”, may I know what’s the reason behind that wonderful creation of yours?? Why did you write such poem? what’s your inspiration..please help me sir. I’m actually using your poem in my project in translation subject.I’m going to translate your poem in English and analyze it and we need to include the background of the author.
    I hope sir you could help me. thank you!:)


    • Rejean,
      First of all, you’re one of tens of students who studied my poems. And my answers to them varied depending on the poem they’re studying.
      As regards “Ang Babaye ug Lalaki”, it originated from a Facebook which wrote some traits of a woman.
      I transcribed into Cebuano some of those traits which are found in my poem. So, basically the woman side is not entirely original.
      However, the entire idea of writing the equivalent for Man is entirely mine as inspired by the traits of the woman.
      I have a sense of humor. Hence, most of my poems are entertaining.
      I hope i helped you.


  2. You mean the whole blog site? Create an account with wordpress.com and start blogging. There’s a help/support page in here where you can be guided in constructing your site. For more info on blogging, there are materials about blogging. Just google it…


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