Validating a Source’s Tip

image The above screengrab from a Twitter account of a journalist has caused me to write this post. The tweet started the rumor that President Benigno Aquino collapsed hours before this tweet was posted and became the basis of subsequent news stories about the health of the president.

Hence the post is a “news” tweet from a journalist, it was taken seriously by other colleagues in the media and the general public. Is there anything wrong with the content of the tweet? Is it fair and balance? Yes, it has taken the side of Malacanang through Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Edwin Lacierda. But is it appropriate?

From my point-of-view as a former mass communication instructor and a journalist, the “news” tweet lacks prudence and further investigation. It was posted in haste to go ahead of competition or it was just a mere desire to share the information without validation. Getting the side of the affected party to balance the delivery of the news is not validation. A journalist has to investigate in order for his facts to be valid. When a second source tells you the information is not true, then go back to the first source who broke the “news” to you and re-validate. If the first source can prove the information he relayed to you is true, then ask again the second source for rebuttal. Go back to the affected party to explain their side–whether the incident will be totally denied or get an explanation of the alleged incident.

This “news” tweet may had been a product of manipulation of the media to create a scenario aimed at stirring public opinion. In my media ethics class before, i had emphasized on “sourcing” the need to: 1.) Ascertain the truth of the source’s assertion; and 2.) Determine if the source is not polluted and beneficial to the information. If you validly determined the correctness of the information and there is proof to it, then proceed to Step 2. If the source falls under the description stated in Step 2, care in handling the story is required in order for the journalist not to be dragged into the motives of the source. If in the first place you have proven the information is not true, a journalist may stop right there and NEVER publish the wrong information. Otherwise, the journalist has fallen to the bait of the interested party in spreading rumor.

The aforementioned tweet have stirred a rumor and unnecessarily drew attention from the public and the officials concerned whether the post was in good faith or not.

AUDIOCRAFT, “Tools of Radio”

I must admit. When i joined radio in 1987, i only learned a few about broadcasting and about radio per se except for its technical side where i had been trained in school.

I honed my skills in radio broadcasting through self-study and work experience. I further dipped my fingers in radio when i took my master studies in UP-OU and more about digital radio production during my Digital Radio Journalism course at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center For Journalism in AdMU.

Fortunately, for my students at the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City they shared my vast knowledge i gained for years. Here is one lesson that i also liked–AUDIOCRAFT.

*Ironically, the audio clips here have no sounds because of the Slideshare’s inability to play sound.


I appropriately named this presentation as Audiocraft, “Tools of Radio” because the items inside are all collaborative in producing an excellent piece of audio production.


Watching your favorite news program without any sound coming out from the TV set could caused you to be upset. It would surely crave you for its sound.


That feeling proves that without sound, picture is incomplete. Sound is “half the picture”. Sound completes the ideas presented along with the picture.


No one wants talking in front of the rostrum but you can’t be heard by the audience.


(playback with sounds already)

SLIDE 6, 7, 8

Audiocraft is not only the combination of different sounds but it’s the management of different sound elements. It deals with inter-relatedness of voice, music and sound effects. A montage voiced report is an example of how sounds are managed to picture a story.


Voice, Music, and Sound Effects are elements of Audiocraft.


While Voice is created by the human’s vocal chord, not every person is created equal when it comes to voice. The human voice can be mimic but not completely copied. Our voice is unique to each and every person.

In broadcasting, there’s a newscaster’s voice: baritone for men while lyric tone for women. Most male newscasters are baritone. GMA’s Mike Enriquez, to name a few, is an exception. The late Angelo Castro of ABS-CBN was a good baritone-voiced anchor. The likes of Korina Sanchez, Mel Tiangco, Claire Celdran, and other female anchors have the sweet and melodic voice. The veteran news anchor Tina Palma, on the other hand, doesn’t fall in this category.

SLIDE 11, 12

Voice comes with proper pacing and delivery to achieve impact. Most of the time, it is done according to the type of script you are voicing or narrating. To deliver the lines correctly, you have to familiarize with the script. Read it aloud and mark the lines where you are supposed to pause to change idea or catch your breath.


Pronunciation and Enunciation provide the clarity of speech. Announcers who commonly mispronounce words are oftentimes perceived less credible. Be familiar with the words and do a pronunciation guide in the script. Enunciation refers to the ability of the newscaster to phonate or produce or not to produce the sound of the individual letter.

SLIDE 14, 15

Emoting simply means actually feeling what you are reading or talking about. In other words, let your voice create the “picture” in your listener’s mind.

Underline the word/s that needs to be stressed. Stress or degree of emphasis on a word can enhance the meaning of what you are talking about.


Modulation is what makes a stage performer and a radio announcer differ from one another. A stage performer is taught to project his voice all the way to the back of the hall while the announcer is trained to focus his voice only to the microphone.

A relatively low pitched voice sounds more credible than a high pitched one. So, a news anchor in radio or TV doesn’t need to shout. He is not inside a hall. He is facing a microphone that is used to enhance his voice and let everyone hear him like he’s talking to them in person.


Microphone technique is a way to effectively use the tool. I’ve discussed thoroughly about the Microphone– its type, characteristics, pick-up patterns, and technique in my previous post.

SLIDE 18-22

Music, as an element of Audiocraft influences the mood and experience of the audience. It can be used as background or as a music bed and as a jingle.

SLIDE 23-28

The use of sound effect completes audiocraft. It completes the picture that one creates in his mind while listening. It can move us as an action sound. Teleport us to a scene when it is used as a setting sound. And it makes us feel of certain conditions when it symbolizes a scene or condition.


The management of sounds (music and sound effects) follows basic directions. These directions are most often indicated in the script to guide voice talents, directors, audiomen, and effects men.

Establish or Hold— is executed when the level of the sound is at normal (at about Zero in the Volume meter). It stays at this level for certain period or for few seconds before fading out.

Fade-in, Fade-out, Fade under— is done by adjusting up and down the Volume level.

Segue— is done by an abrupt change of sound or music while both outgoing and incoming sound or music are at normal level.

Crossfade— as explained in the slide is fading out of the current music/sound and fading in of the incoming music/sound. Later, the incoming music/sound will stabilize at normal level.


Sneak In, Sneak Out– is the coming in and coming out of a sound/music as if a car is passing by an area.

Montage– is a combination of many sounds: voice, music, effects. It can depict a scene like in a war or emergency. Proper management of sound levels and mixing is needed for this.

Bridge–is done when a music or sound connotes connection between a scene to other scene like depicting a dream in a radio drama.

Stinger– is mostly used in public affairs or radio commentary programs to stress a statement. It can be voice, music or sound effects. Bombo Radyo has been using the bass drum (Bombo) inside their announcer’s booth to mark a point literally with a bang of the drum. A fart sound could be used to convey lying or telling lies. A smashing glass could be used to point an accident. The list is endless for stingers.

That’s all folks. Drop a comment or two below if you have questions or reactions to share. Thanks.


Lapulapu or Lapu-lapu? How to Use a Hyphen in Cebuano

The rule on the use of a hyphen and a dash in Cebuano writing is the same as in the English rule. The Akademiyang Bisaya is adopting the rule in English grammar on the use of a hyphen and is now being use in our Cebuano tabloids.

If you notice, “nalupog” is not written the way we speak the word as “nalup-og” in all write-ups in our tabloids. It’s because separating the word with a dash or a hyphen doesn’t follow the rule and it will just distort the word.

Here’s my presentation during my Cebuano Journalism class at the USJR in Cebu City.

Like other rules, there are always exception to the rule:

  • In both oral and written forms, a hyphen is necessary to separate “g” from prefixes like mag when it is directly followed by a vowel. Example: mag-abot, nag-usik-usik, pag-abot, etc.
  • There are also other Cebuano root words that need a hyphen because the one with a hyphen has different meaning with the same word without a hyphen. Example: laway (saliva) vs. law-ay (lewd)

Radio News Scripts Format

Please find below the Radio News Script formats that are commonly and widely used in radio newsrooms around the world.

There are three (3) basic news script formats for radio: Script-Only, Script Clip, and Wrap/Voiceover.

The Script-Only is an equivalent to the News Item (N.I.) format or Read-Only format for TV news script. The whole script is to be read by the news anchor without any voice clips.

On the other hand, the Script-Clip has a voice clip any where in the script where it shall be appropriate.

The Wrap/Voiceover format includes the lead paragraph which shall introduce the voiceover report (canned or live) of the reporter.


  • Just like the TV news script, radio news scripts should also have its SLUG as shown at the upper left corner of the script .
    (title of the newscast) Afternoon News/March 1, 2005 (date)
    (title of the story)NightClub fire/script-only (script format)
    (writer/reporter) Kenneth
  • Use one-half crosswise paper for radio script to avoid unnecessary noise created by the paper when the anchor is changing scripts.
  • As a rule, voice clips should be introduced before playing and again after it is played.
  CUE IN: They’re angry at the government over…
        CUE OUT: The fire is one of Argentina’s worst disasters.
                        Kenneth Galano reporting from City Hall.
  • Cardinal Rule in Writing for Radio:
    IT’S SPOKEN (“Write for the ear, not for the eye”)
    USE CONTRACTION (to make it more conversational)
    USE SIMPLE WORDS ( say “bad breath” than “halitosis”)
    PUNCTUATE FOR SOUNDS ( ? ! / 🙂 )
    AVOID SOUND CLASHES (Wilma and William watched the window washers walk with Walter)
    PUT A PRONUNCIATION GUIDE (“noo-mo-nia” for Pneumonia)
    BREAKDOWN SCIENTIFIC/TECHNICAL TERMS (ex-tra-ter-ri-to-ria-li-ty)

That’s all folks.

Principles of Broadcasting

One of the subjects in mass communication which i am very familiar with is the “Introduction to Broadcast Media” (MC-3 @ the USJR). Broadcasting runs in my blood being with in the industry since 1987. Being heavily involved in the news production on daily basis, i acquired huge stock knowledge about broadcasting in both theories and practical uses.

Whenever MC-3 is offered in the first semester at the University of San Jose-Recoletos where i had a five-year teaching stint, i always see to it i can explain the technical terms in layman’s words. My technical training has put me on the advantage to explain well about the matter. I told my class that they should know the technical side of broadcasting to fully understand it.

Here’s my presentation to the class on the principles of broadcasting:

Television Camera Shots and Direction Cues

The slide presentation below is one of my lessons in Television Production Management and Directions under the Introduction to Broadcast Media for the mass communication students at the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City. In this presentation, i discussed about the different camera shots and direction cues for program directors and floor directors. The video on the slide can’t be played due to the limitation of my Slide Share account. Nevertheless, i put a short discussion on every slide after the presentation.

It shows the different shots according to the Proportion of the Object, meaning the size of the subject with respect to the frame. If the object is small and the background and foreground are big because the shot is wide, it means it’s a Long/Wide shot.

It lists the various Camera Shots Categories.

It shows the different shots of a person according to proportion.

It gives a concrete example or actual camera shots according to the proportion of the object.

It talks about the Number of People in the Frame, from Single Shot to Crowd shot.

SLIDE 7 (Movement of the Camera)
Zoom In/Out
—  (Video can’t be played)  It refers to the movement of the shots from long shot to close-up shot or vice-versa by adjusting the zoom lens of the camera. It is the camera’s component that moves while the subject is stationary.

SLIDE 8  (Movement of the Camera) 
Panoramic/Panning Shot — The shot moves sideways, from left to right or vice-versa while the subject is stationary with the camera is at a fixed point. This shot is use when correlating a subject to another subject within the vicinity. A panning shot should not be used to show how big an area. Use Long Shot or Group Shot instead.

SLIDE 9  (Movement of the Camera)
Swish Pan — This is done by panning the camera fast from one subject to another to show correlation. It’s usually applied in sports coverage and other action shots.

SLIDE 10  (Movement of the Camera)
Tilt Up/Down
 — You should not call it Pan Down/Up since the latter is the camera movement sideways of the subject. It refers to the movement of the camera from up to down or vice-versa of the subject. When you take a shot from head to toe–that’s Tilt Down.

SLIDE 11  (Movement of the Camera)
Dolly In/Out Shot — The camera moves forward towards the subject or moves away from the subject. This can be done when the camera is mounted on a tripod with a dolly (base support of the tripod).

SLIDE 12  (Movement of the Camera)
Running/Trucking — When the camera moves sideways while the subject is stationary by bringing the camera to either side, left or right of the subject.

SLIDE 13  (Movement of the Camera)
 It is used when the camera follows the movement of the subject. It involves dollying and trucking.

SLIDE 14  (Movement of the Camera)
 — The cameraman is walking while taking the shots on a subject so that different scenes are captured from the beginning of the shot until it stops.

SLIDE 15  (Movement of the Camera)
 — It’s when a camera is mounted on a crane and operated by a cameraman down below using a remote controller. The shots vary from low angle to bird’s eye view.

SLIDE 16  (Movement of the Subject with Respect to the Frame)
— Here, the camera is on steady position while the subject moves in unto the frame running. The frame initially appears empty and suddenly the subject appears running unto the frame.

SLIDE 17 (Movement of the Subject with Respect to the Frame)
 — The subject walks in unto the frame.

SLIDE 18 (Movement of the Subject with Respect to the Frame)
 — The subject is falling from above unto the frame. One example as shown in the slide is the Fita commercial where a portion of a car fell into the ground.

SLIDE 19 (Position of the Camera with Respect to the Subject)
 — This is when the camera is positioned on the ground or below the subject. It creates a “giant-effect” on the subject.

SLIDE 20 (Position of the Camera with Respect to the Subject)
High-Angle — It is the opposite of the Low-Angle and it creates a “dwarfism effect” since the subject appears small on its plane.

SLIDE 21 (Position of the Camera with Respect to the Subject)
 — Most of the time, this can be achieved by taking a shot aboard a plane or chopper or air balloon where an aerial view of the subject is possible.

SLIDE 22 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
 — Any shots can be used to establish or identify a place of an event. In a concert, for example, a long shot or crowd shot can identify how big the concert is. You can make the facade of a building to establish where the event is taking place.

SLIDE 23 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
Master— In an interview, the close-up shot of the interviewee makes the master shot. In a speech, the close-up shot of the speaker is the master shot. In a basketball event, the long shot from the upper box is the master shot. In short, Master Shot is always what the camera is recording.

SLIDE 24 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
— In an interview, the shot of the reporter while conducting the interview is the reverse shot. In basketball, reverse shot (from the other side of the court) is always labelled as such to avoid confusion among the viewers as to the point-of-view.

SLIDE 25 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
— As the name says, it is a reaction. It’s not a Reaction Shot when a cameraman shoots a pretty lady talking to someone beside her while someone is speaking in a conference.  Remember, a Reaction Shot has a relation with your Master Shot (the speaker). The Reaction Shot should have been someone listening intently to the speech.

SLIDE 26 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
Insert — Those are close-up shots showing details of a document, photo, etc. This usually comes after a long shot showing the subject. For example, a person is holding a document in the previous frames. The insert shot that follows should show the details on the document.

SLIDE 27 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
Point-of-View — as i mentioned in Slide 24, when covering a basketball game all the cameras should be placed in one side of the court (SLIDE 28). Otherwise, the viewers will be confused on the direction of each team if the video will display the shots from the opposite sides of the playing court. The same with biking as shown in the slide: Camera 1 shows the biker moving towards right direction while Camera 2(positioned at the opposite side of the road) shows the same biker moving towards left direction.

SLIDE 29 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
— Any shots can be used as Cut-Away for the sole purpose of masking the jump cut in the sequence of video clips. This is usually done when joining two video clips of an interview that shows sudden jerking or omitted portion of the clips. Most cut-aways are Reverse Shot or Insert Shot or a video of what is being discussed.

SLIDE 30 (Function in the Cinematic Sequence)
— It shows the direction of the subject in the frame. This is done by applying the Rule-of-Thirds during a shot where one side of the subject is left with a space to show the direction. The image on the right of the slide shows no space in front of the car and it is confusing the direction of the car.

The rest of the slides in this presentation can already be comprehend by means of its labels. So, i would leave this post up to this point. Just leave your questions or comments in the box below if you have issues or something to clarify. 🙂

Ethics in PhotoJournalism

The prezi below is one of the lessons about Photo Journalism in my Media Laws and Ethics class at the University of San Jose-Recoletos. Due to “student-demand” (clamor of some students), i’ve extracted this slide from my secret room in this blog and published it here.

I began by telling the class that since there was no Code of Ethics of the local press photographers in the Philippines, so i decided to dig on the National Press Photographers Association’s (in the USA) Code of Ethics (Slides 1 – 5).

Next slide shows the images from the short-film “One Hundredth of a Second” which i made a film-showing and discussion with the class.

I zoomed in to the third image at far left in Slide 7 showing a 1994 Pulitzer Prize winner by South African photojournalist Kevin Carter (13 September 1960 – 27 July 1994). Carter photographed a starving toddler in Sudan in 1993 while the latter was crawling to reach a feeding center. The picture appeared like Carter was waiting for the vulture to prey on the dying toddler. Carter was heavily criticized for taking pictures and didn’t extended a helping hand to the child. He explained that it was his call of duty to document the scene. He had previous instructions not to touch the kid because of transmitting disease. Though, he revealed he shoo away the vulture after waiting for 20 minutes. He was haunted by the girl’s fate amid criticism against him. He committed suicide at the age of 33, three months after winning the Pulitzer for Feature Photography.

I asked the class without explaining the info above the following questions:

  • Take the shot or help the girl?
  • Ethical or not?
  • Conscience or profession

Some contended that photographers should apply the “Shoot first, edit later” rule to decide what pictures are appropriate for publication. “Edit later” doesn’t mean altering the image but merely choosing which is right for publication. Deletion in photojournalism is considered manipulation.

In cases like Kevin Carter’s, some opined that is already the personal decision of each and every photojournalist. However, Paul Martin Lester, professor of communication at the California State University has recommended “Six Ethical Philosophies” to guide photojournalists when taking shots. Please continue reading each philosophy along with the slides. 🙂

Common Broadcast Terms

It’s been a while i am not in a classroom. I miss the noisy class. I miss presenting what i had invested much time just to provide good insights to the class. It’s my power point presentations and Prezi presentations that are found in a “secret” place on this blog. I had provided passwords to my students to get access to that secret place.

Here’s one of my presentations that is worth sharing to all students who are interested in the broadcast industry. It’s the Common Broadcast Terms that you can hear from broadcasters and technicians in TV and Radio stations. I compiled it from my own experience in the broadcast industry and from a US-published handbook on TV Production.

WARNING! Fake ICC Stickers on Motorcycle Helmets

The Department of Trade and Industry has warned the public of some motorcycle helmets with FAKE ICC Stickers on it. In its post on their official website, the DTI says  it has discovered the fake ICC stickers on some motorcycle helmet brands that were sold in UNITOP General Merchandise in Dumaguete City.

The said helmets were distributed, according to the DTI’s investigation, by the Double E Trading with address located at #525 Femii Building, A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros, Manila. Based on the records of the Bureau of Product Standards, Double E Trading has distributed the following brands: BEN 2, KH, NSS, Oscar, Cobra, Pioneer, 2A, and SunStar. The DTI has forewarned the public these brands “may have a fake sticker on it”.

The DTI has proceeded in sealing the motorcycle helmets that have no ICC stickers and those that are with fake stickers on it at the warehouse of UNITOP General Merchandise in Malabon City.

Of the eight brands of helmet listed above that are distributed by Double E Trading, only two–BEN 2 and KH are listed in the latest DTI-Certified Motorcycle Helmets. Check the image below. For inquiries, you may call DTI @ 751-3330; 0917-834-3330.


Gimingaw Kanimo

Buot nako kang kalimtan
Apan, kanunay ikawng anaa sa akong panumdoman

Layo na man unta ako
Apan, makita nako kanunay panagway nimo

Talagsaon ang atong istorya
Apan, hamubo lang ang panahon ta

Dili nako makalimtan ang panagkuyog ta
Apan, gabii lang kato ug overnight pa

Dili matukib ang akong kalipay niadtong higayona
Apan, sa wa’ damha kato ra sab diayng higayona

Milabay ang ting-init
Apan, wa’ na gani ka manamilit

Wa’ nako nimo tagda, text man o call
Apan, ako misabot kay uyab nimo magbagolbol

Sa Facebook kita kaniadto alegre
Apan, blocked na intawn ako karon pirme

Mibalik ang tingklase kita nagkita
Apan, igo na lang sa pasiplat daw wa’ magkita

Miabot ang adlaw ako nanamilit
Apan, sa imoha ako wa’ hingpit makasangpit

Nanghilak ang uban, naghuot ang dughan
Apan, sa hilom diay ikaw sab nagbangotan

Milangyaw ako sa kapitolyo, nanimpalad pag-ayo
Apan, sa gihapon ikaw anaa sa akong panumdoman

Sus Dear, gimingaw maazo ko nimo!

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 140,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 7 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Ang Dalaga sa Isla

Wa’ nako damha
Nga diay ikaw gikan sa isla!
Imong bayhon di’ layo sa ubang dalaga
Kinsa sa dagkong siyudad nagdako ug nag-eskwela.

Wa’ nako ka dayon timbayaha
Kay lagi ako nagbaton man og delicadeza
Ang imong huyhoy nga mga mata makabibihag
Pun-an pa sa imong bagang buhok nga way halhag.

Panagsa ra ko kita nimo mokatawa
Apan, tam-is ang imong pahiyom panagsa
Imong mga amiga way kasayoran nga sa hilom
Kitang duha nagpaniid sa usa’g-usa apan naghilom-hilom.

Miabot ang panahon nagka-istoryahanay tang duha
Lingaw kaayo tas binayloay sa atong mga talidhay ug katawa
Di’ bali mangapudpod ang atong mga tudlo sa sige’g chat ug text
Wa’ damha naabtan ta’g kadlawon sa sige’g istorya ug tumang katawa.

Mao to ang sinugdanan nga nagkasuod tang duha
Kinsay magtoo nga atong naamgohan nga may pagbati ta sa usa’g usa
Ugali lang ikaw may kabilinggang gibilin sa isla kinsa dili mahimong talikdan
Igo na lang ako mangindihay nga unta ikaw ugma damlag libre nakong balikan.

Sama sa balod, ikaw sa lapyahan sa isla nagpaanod-anod sa tumang kalipay ug kahangop
Imo na akong gikalimtan ug hingpit nga gitalikdan samtang ikaw nagpauraray sa laing mga bukton ug dughan
Di’ lang nako makalimtan katong gabiing nag-abot ang atong mga tudlo ug palad samtang nagsuroy-suroy sa dakbayan
Ang panag-abot sa atong mga aping ug ngabil dili kahulipan kay talagsaon ra tong mahitabo sa mga binuhat sama kanato.

LATEST LIST: DTI-Certified Brands of Motorcycle Protective Helmets

The list herein is last updated on September 4, 2012 and is culled from the Department of Trade and Industry official website.

Also, the Department of Trade and Indsutry (DTI) has announced that imported protective helmets without the ICC/BPS stickers but passed the standards in the United States and Europe should be honored by the law enforcement agencies implementing the Motorcycle Helmet Act (RA10054).

DTI Usec Zenaida Maglaya said yesterday (Jan. 3, 2013) that enforcers will honor helmets bearing stickers of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the European Economic Community (EEC) even without the ICC/BPS sticker.

Maglaya said they will instruct enforcers to honor the helmets with DOT and EEC stickers since these are presumed compliant to the safety standards.

Several motorcycle owners who owned an imported helmet without the ICC/BPS stickers lamented why the brand of their helmets are not in the list even if it passed the standards in the U.S. and in Europe while there are cheaper helmets from China that are included in the list.

Maglaya made a clarification yesterday during a media interview.

For more info about the motorcycle helmet, read the following articles in my blogs:

TV News Scripts Formats

This slide presentation has  48,432 views on Slideshare (as of July 17, 2014) because it has been accessed worldwide by communication and journalism students and instructors, as well as practitioners. This is part of my lessons in Writing for TV and Radio in my mass communication class at the University of San Jose Recoletos sometime 2009.

PAPER TRAIL: Public and Private Documents

The following slide presentation is one of my lessons in my mass communication class at the University of San Jose Recoletos where i’d been teaching from June 2007 – August 2012. This particular lesson is an essential topic in Investigative Journalism class. I taught this lesson in my Media Laws and Ethics class as part of the main topic on Sources.

Today is World Toilet Day! Know More About the Toilet

  • Do you know that there are 2.6 billion people who have no access to clean and sanitary toilet?
  • Today is World Toilet Day. It is celebrated in 19 countries with more than 51 events related to water and sanitation.
  • Do you know that there is WTO (not the World Trade Organization) but the World Toilet Organization. The WTO organized the World Toilet Day to create awareness among the rest of the population on the struggle of some 2.6 billion who don’t have access to clean and sanitary toilet facilities.
  • There’s also the WTC (not the World Trade Center) but the World Toilet College that has been conducting courses related to the best practices and standards in toilet design, cleanliness and sanitation technologies since 2005.
  • Here’s the video about “reinventing the toilet“:
  • I retweeted Bill Gates’ tweet on the World Toilet Day.

  • WTO record: an average person uses a toilet 2,500 times year, or six to eight times daily. But not all toilet uses flush.
  • As i typed the text here, there are more than 8 billion toilet flushes. Check here the latest toilet flush count.
  • This year’s World Toilet Summit shall be held in Africa.

  • Do you know that “a gram of human feces contains 10 million viruses, one million bacteria, 1,000 parasites, and 100 parasite eggs”, according to this “Toilet Trouble”  iReport of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.
  • If you want to know some reviews about public toilet in the Philippines, check The Philippines Public Toilet Chronicle which has some snippets on what to expect in some public toilets.
  • The 2010 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey by the National Statistics Office says one out of four Filipino families belonging to the bottom 30 percent income stratum did not have sanitary toilets at their homes.
  • The United Nations claims that about 26 million Filipinos don’t have access to sanitary toilets until today.


  • When cleaning the toilet, here are some tips from a rappler story.
  • In Japan, more than two-thirds of the households have a Washlets— a high-tech toilet bowl made by Toto.

The Washlets has a computerized control panel with pictograms, include water jets with pressure and temperature controls, hot-air bottom dryers and ambient background music.

  • Meanwhile in the Philippines, second hand toilet bowls are up for sale along a street in Paco, Metro Manila.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo/Reuters

ATM Withdrawal Charge to increase

ATM Withdrawal Charge to increase

Beginning October 22, 2012 BPI ATM Debit card holders shall pay additional P5 for every withdrawal done in other bank’s ATM (Bancnet, Expressnet, and Megalink). From the present P10, it shall become P15 for every withdrawal. However, withdrawal at BPI ATMs shall remain free.

Payment using the BPI ATM cards using the Express Payment System in stores shall also remain free.

Anti-Cyber Crime Law–Nothing else new about Libel except the use of Computer

I have read several negative feedback about “libel” in the new anti-cyber crime law–RA 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012) which was signed into law recently by President Aquino. But as i go over with the provisions of the new law, there’s nothing new about libel except the addition of the use of computer in the commission of libel.

RA 10175 adds the “committed through a computer system” phrase in the “Means of Libel” (original provision of Art. 355 of the Revised Penal Code below).

Art. 355. Libel means by writings or similar means. — A libel 
committed by means of writing, printing, lithography, 
engraving,radio, phonograph, painting,theatrical exhibition,
cinematographic exhibition, or any similar means, shall be 
punished by prision correccional in its minimum and medium 
periods or a fine ranging from 200 to 6,000 pesos, or both,
in addition to the civil action which may be brought by the 
offended party.

Long before the RA 10175 was passed, some cyber legal experts had already opined that libel committed online is already included in the libel law provisions of the Revised Penal Code. In one of his interviews, Atty. Jose Jesus “JJ” Disini Jr., a cyber law expert said many had mistakenly thought that defamation on Facebook is not covered by our libel laws. The phrase–“or any similar means” in Art. 355 of the RPC encompasses writing and posting defamatory statements on Facebook and in any online pages and sites.

In my Media Laws and Ethics class at the University of San Jose-Recoletos in Cebu City i’d lined up the legal basis of libel on Facebook and warned my students on the implications of what they’ve been writing on their FB wall. Here’s an excerpt of my lessons which i also posted on this blog years ago:

Some writers in the online community have already expressed their apprehension that the new anti-cyber crime law shall be used to harass bloggers and online writers. Again, even without RA 10175 online libel is already covered by the existing libel law. However, some judges opined that the “similar means” should be clearly defined to include libel committed on television, radio broadcast and in online sites to avoid subjecting it to several interpretations.

In the case of RA 10175 it only includes the “committed through a computer system” as one of the means of libel while the phrase “similar means” is retained. (Below is item 4 under (c) Content-related offenses of Chapter II Punishable Acts of RA 10175.)

(4) Libel. – The unlawful or prohibited acts of libel as
defined in Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code, as 
amended committed through a computer system or any other
similar means which may be devised in the future.


In my opinion, the issue on harassment against the online community is no longer an issue since several libel cases have already been filed in relation to online defamation. But what is clear, we now have a law that runs after cyber criminals who shall commit similar offenses below:

  • Hacking (cracking)
  • Cyber squatting
  • Identity theft
  • Computer Fraud
  • Cybersex
  • Child Pornography
  • Commercial Spams
  • Libel

Read RA 10175 to know more of the provisions of the law, especially the fines and penalties thereat. Happy blogging and be responsible online writer!

DTI Implements Family Name and Number Coding on Motorcycle Helmet Registration

DTI Implements Family Name and Number Coding on Motorcycle Helmet Registration

DTI Usec Zenaida Maglaya has announced that beginning this month motorcycle owners in Metro Manila can secure their ICC stickers for their helmet according to their family names and motorcycle license plate number. This is implemented by DTI to avoid “last-minute” registration.

However, the coding is optional in the provinces.The registration is only up to November while the month of December is by appointment for corporations and groups.

Here is the schedule according to the first letter of the family name of the motorcycle owners and the ending number of the license plate:

September : A to F
October     : G to O
November  : P to Z
December  : for corporation and groups

Monday : 1, 2
Tuesday: 3,4
Wednesday : 5,6
Thursday : 7,8
Friday : 9, 0

Click the link above for more of this announcement from the DTI.

Helmet Stories Topped in MyBlog Stats

Yesterday was the busiest day of this blog-having cornered 2,028 views, the highest in the almost 5-year history of this personal blog. This is all because of the views on my articles about the motorcycle helmet.

 Topping the list of the recently most-viewed articles are:

Except for the last item which posted in myTech Blog–iStoryang HaaayTek!, all are published in this personal blog.

I have committed to further write about the motorcycle helmet story to update the public. The latest announcement from the Land Transportation Office is a little bit a sigh of relief for the motorcycle owners as the enforcement agency is withholding the apprehension of non-prescribed motorcycle helmet by August 1, 2012.

The LTO has responded to the call of the Department of Trade and Industry to postpone the implementation of the Mandatory Motorcycle Crash Helmet Act. However, there was no date until when the suspension shall remain.

Earlier in Central Visayas, the regional office of the DTI has announced that the processing of the helmet shall be extended until the end of the year while the free processing and free sticker shall be until September 30.

The LTO regional office also announced their operatives will not apprehend motorcycle drivers wearing the prescribed helmet even without the required ICC/PS stickers. However, they will still pursue the apprehension of the non-prescribed helmet.

The local enforcement bodies of the cities of Cebu and Lapu-Lapu, CITOM and CTMS respectively, vowed not to implement the Helmet Law as long as the motorcycle drivers wear any helmet.

Some enterprising motorcycle drivers whose helmets have not passed the requirements for a standard helmet have found a way to trick the enforcers. Some are detaching the ICC stickers from locally-sold electrical tapes and transfer it to their helmets. The sticker is almost the same with that of the ICC stickers issued for the motorcycle helmets. Check the picture below.

Courtesy of Ferdinand Mañus in his Facebook wall.

BREAKING NEWS: DTI to Waive Fees for Motorcycle Helmet Processing & Stickers

The regional office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will no longer collect the processing fee (P100) and sticker fee (P1.25) for motorcycle helmets beginning Monday, July 23 until September 30, 2012.

DTI Central Visayas Director Asteria Caberte announces this today over DyAB1512 Cebu few days after the CITOM (Cebu City Traffic Operations and Management) questioned the fees collected by the DTI from the motorcycle owners who submitted their helmets for sticker issuance. The CITOM board, in its resolution, described the collection of the fees as anti-poor and is not authorized under the Mandatory Helmet Act.

However, the DTI will only process for free those prescribed helmets with brands that are listed under the Bureau of Product Standards ICC/PS licensees. The DTI earlier extended their processing of the helmets until December 31, 2012 while the LTO will also allow the use of some helmets even without the stickers as long as it is prescribed until the same period.

Caberte said they don’t know if the free processing and free sticker will continue after September 30, 2012 as instructed by the head of the DTI. Caberte said those more than 7,000 motorcycle owners who were able to pay earlier the processing fee and sticker fee shall be refunded by the DTI.

Here’s the interview of Director Caberte over DyAB1512:

Read here for the details of the prescribed helmet.

UPDATED List of Approved Motorcycle Protective Helmet

UPDATED List of Approved Motorcycle Protective Helmet

This list has just been updated by the Department of Trade and Industry as of June 30, 2012.

Motorcycle owners who wish to secure the ICC/PS Stickers for their old/already purchased helmet may visit the DTI office in Central Visayas with the following requirements:

  • Helmet should be in good condition–no cracks and breaks and has chin strap
  • Helmet should not be more than 5 years old
  • The Helmet should show a brand in it and the brand must be in the approved list
  • Photocopy of Identification Card
  • P100 for the processing fee and P1.25 for the sticker fee

The prescription to wear the standard motorcycle helmet shall be strictly enforced effective August 1, 2012 as mandated by the Motorcycle Helmet Act (RA10054).

UPDATE1 !!!!

DTI Usec Zenaida Maglaya said yesterday (Jan. 3, 2013) that enforcers will honor helmets bearing stickers of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the European Economic Community (EEC) even without the ICC/BPS sticker.

Maglaya said they will instruct enforcers to honor the helmets with DOT and EEC stickers since these are presumed compliant to the safety standards.

Several motorcycle owners who owned an imported helmet without the ICC/BPS stickers lamented why the brand of their helmets are not in the list even if it passed the standards in the U.S. and in Europe while there are cheaper helmets from China that are included in the list.

Maglaya made a clarification yesterday during a media interview.

UPDATE2 !!!!

Check here the Latest List of DTI-Certified Brands of Motorcycle Protective Helmet.


List of Certified Brands of Motorcycle Helmets (As of Feb. 2013)

For more info about the motorcycle helmet, read the following articles in my blogs:

History of the Cebuano Journalism

Below is the description of the prezi slides above which i presented in a timeline format. This is part of my lessons in Cebuano Journalism at the University of San Jose Recoletos tracing the roots of the use of the Cebuano language in the news community of the province of Cebu.


The late Senator Vicente Sotto is considered the “Father of Cebuano Journalism”  for publishing “Ang Suga“–the first community newspaper in Cebuano language which saw print for the first time on June 16, 1901 in Cebu.

However, Don Vicente Sotto admitted 30 years later that it was not easy to write in the mother tongue considering the influence of the spanish language among the locales, especially the writers.

Notably, the spelling that were found in the “Ang Suga” had a spanish influence like: guinicanan, camo, canako, quini (kini), cana, guiadto, guihimo or guijimo, and the use of the U or O depends only on who was writing. (Mga Batakan sa Panitik sa Binisaya-Sinugbuanon, Edgar Godin, 2007)


Ang Suga” was succeeded by several publications also in Cebuano like the “Ang Kaluwasan” and “Ang Camatuoran” by Vicente’s brother–Filemon in 1902. Other reading materials in Cebuano that followed the “Ang Suga” were: Tingog sa Lungsod (1904), Ang Bandila (1906), Kauswagan (1907), Babaye, Alimyon, Bag-ong Kusog, Bag-ong Balod, and others.

During the occupancy of the Americans in the Philippines, the English language was introduced as the official medium of the government and in most businesses. Thus, the choice of English as the medium for most of the newspapers and broadcast news was more logical.


When the Japanese occupied the Philippines during the World War II, most publications had ceased operation. However, the “Kadaugan” continue to exist and fought against the Japanese regime.


When most of the publications resumed after the war, the English language still dominated in the news–in both print and broadcast. The non-existence of Cebuano news was aggravated by the adoption of the tagalog-based “Pilipino” as the national language of the Philippines in 1959.

However, before the World War II erupted a local station of the Manila Broadcasting Company now named DyRC was already established in Cebu which had been broadcasting in the Cebuano language including its newscast.


In my younger years, i had witnessed that the news programs on television were mostly in English including the local “News at 7” over GMA-7 Cebu in the 80s. Archt. Melva Java was the main news anchor of GMA-7 and had been co-anchored by the late Bobby Amor.

News at 7” faced its biggest threat and rival that caused its signing off in the later part of the 80s when ABS-CBN Ch. 3’s TV Patrol Cebu came on-the-air on August 28, 1988.

TV Patrol Cebu changed the landscape of the local news on television. Aside from using the Cebuano language as its medium, it covered happenings at night time with its “Pulis Report” segment. The use of the Cebuano language proved very effective among the masses as the newscast overtook the viewership ratings of GMA-7’s News at 7 in just three months. In about a year, GMA-7 Cebu was forced to sign off its newscast and replaced it with “Balitang Bisdak” anchored by Bobby Nalzaro, formerly with Bombo Radyo Cebu. Balitang Bisdak followed TV Patrol Cebu in using the Cebuano language as its medium.

It was not TV Patrol Cebu that started the newscast on television in Cebuano. A year before it, the first TV newscast in Cebuano went on air. It was the Newswatch Cebuano Edition of RPN Ch. 9 that first introduced Cebuano in the news on TV. It was anchored by the veteran radio announcer–Gammy Malazarte. I was part of the reportorial staff of the program being a radio reporter of DyKC–the AM radio station of RPN in Cebu. Other reporters include Rey Martinez, Bob Malazarte and Fides Palicte who is now the station manager of RPN Cebu.

RPN Cebu’s News Director Job Tabada (deceased) thought of the idea of having a news program on television using the Cebuano language to let the masses understand more of the content of the news. Hence, i considered the late Job Tabada as the “Father of Cebuano TV Newscast“.

However, Newswatch Cebuano Edition did not stay long because of the lack of support from the management of RPN-9. When TV Patrol Cebu went on-air a year later, i was hired by ABS-CBN Cebu together with former colleague in RPN–Bob Malazarte to compose the 4-man editorial team of the news department. The other reporter was Titus Borromeo and now Atty. Bingo Gonzales was our News Manager. ABS-CBN did not hire the services of known media personalities but chose to have virtually unknown newscasters in the person of Robinson Yap, Atty. Vicky Hermosisima, and Nanette Tapayan as TV Patrol Cebu’s news anchors.

The next years saw the rest of the TV News programs in Cebu already in Cebuano including the latest to be established–“Aksyon Bisaya” of TV-5. 🙂


On January 28, 2013- the first and only national newscast in Cebuano was launched in Manila. It’s the SOLAR NEWS CEBUANO of the Solar News Channel operated by the Solar Television Network, Inc.

The former Miss Cebu–Menchu Antigua-Macapagal anchors the program televised daily at 12:30nn – 1pm. The production staff is headed by this blogger as its Producer with a couple of Visayan staff.  Catch the daily newscast of the Solar News Cebuano here.

Bohol Wakefest 2012 @ Pandanon Island

The Bohol Wakefest 2012 has been going on at the Pandanon Island in Getafe, Bohol since Saturday until the 25th of June.

The wake boarding experience jump started with a competition dominated by visiting wake boarders from other provinces during the opening day. Here’s the complete result of the competition:

Champion : Susan Larsson (Sweden)

Champion : Mikee Selga (Davao)
1st Runner-up : Ma. Theresa Calabria (Tagbilaran)

Champion : Maroe Gomez (Manila)
1st Runner-up : Fermin Tamayo
2nd Runner-up : Koko Yuzon (Cebu)

Champion : Zech Stephenson (Davao)
1st Runner-up : Luda Horfila (Davao)
2nd Runner-up : Gelou Cordero

The wakefest gives local and foreign tourists the opportunity to enjoy with one of the fastest growing sports in the world and in Asia–the wakeboarding.

The wakefest is organized by The Board Shop, a Singapore-based company selling premium wake gear shop in Southeast Asia in coordination with the local government unit of Getafe, Bohol.

Wakeboarder shall be charged P600 for half-day use of the facility and P900 for its whole day use. Discounted rates include: PhP 2000 (3 days); PhP 3500 (7 days); PhP 5000 (10 days).

The facility uses a German-made cable park system–Sesitec System 2.0, a straight-line two-tower cable system that span up to 200 meters apart.

The event is the first in the Visayas region and is aimed to spin the tourism industry of Getafe. The locales are lured with this one-of-a-kind event that happened in their island barangay of Pandanon.

More images @ Pandanon Island…





True or False: Whitening Toothpaste?

I came across many times with toothpaste products that promise to whiten your teeth “within 2 weeks” or less. Many brands of toothpaste even highlight the main ingredient which is said responsible for teeth whitening.

For this post, i picked “Pepsodent Whitening with Perlite” which promises among others “to naturally whitens teeth in 2 weeks“. It highlights perlite as if it is its active tooth whitening ingredient.

Benefits, as listed on the Pepsodent pack, include:

  • Naturally whitens teeth in 2 weeks
  • Helps remove stains on teeth
  • Keeps teeth health and strong
  • Freshens breath

Pepsodent Whitening ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Water, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Monoflourophosphate, Flavor, Perlite, Cellulose Gum, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Sacharin, DMDM Hydantoin, CI 74160, and CI 77891,

Few googling of these ingredients could lead us to its identification and purpose in our toothpaste. The Psychology Department of the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A enumerated some key “whitening” ingredients in whitening toothpastes:

  • Carbamide Peroxide – This is the chemical that bleaches your teeth with each usage.
  • Abrasives – These can include alumina, silica, calcium carbonate and dicalcium phosphate which help break up the stains off the surfaces of the teeth.
  • Detergents (sodium lauryl sulfate) – This chemical is basically like soap which foams and cleans the outer layer of the teeth.
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) – This is a protective ingredient that keeps stains away from the tooth surface.
  • Others – These include enzymes such as papain, triclosan, citric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate
According to the study of the Venderbilt University teeth whitening traces back almost a century ago, in 1916 when “T.C. Adams found that hypochloric acid could treat dental fluorosis, which is a white mottling on the teeth due to excessive intake of fluoride either from certain toothpastes or excessive amounts of fluorinated water.
 The outer layer of the tooth is made up of enamel which could hold stains from coffee, red wine, etc. The inner layer dentin changes to yellow as teeth age and could also change color due to excessive intake of flouride which is present in water.
Thus, yellow discoloration of our teeth is inevitable and is a natural occurrence. However, there are clinical treatments much better than using whitening tootpaste to remove stains in teeth.
While daily brushing (with non-whitening toothpaste), flossing, and rinsing with water after taking coffee, red wine or any tooth stain-causing intakes could minimize discoloration, there are much better professional treatments by a dentist: applying tooth whitening, microabrasion, bonding, porcelain veneers, and crowns.


I’ve tried to check on the “perlite” which is highlighted by Pepsodent in their product and the first information i’d got is from Wikipedia which says Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass and considered as an industrial mineral which majority of its uses is in building construction products.
Because of its mild abrasiveness, Perlite is used as the main abrasive medium in toothpaste.
An experiment at a laboratory in UK found out that “calcium carbonate/perlite toothpaste removes more extrinsic stain than a silica control toothpaste” in two weeks of brushing twice daily.
The British Dental Journal website features a “new” toothpaste that uses Perlite as its active ingredient in polishing teeth.
In most studies, the use of Carbamide Peroxide in toothpaste has been found out to have more whitening effect than other abrasives. I’m not sure if there are local brands of toothpaste with Carbide Peroxide.
The Sodium MonoFlorouphospate in Pepsodent helps fights cavities that would erode the enamel of the teeth. The MFP, as commonly abbreviated, is a salt.

Toothpaste with Salt

Salt (Sodium Chloride) is said to have a whitening effect on our teeth but too much salt could also damage our gums because it’s abrasive. However, unknown to us most toothpaste has salt in it as its ingredient. Pepsodent for example has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, as surfactant,  which is used as a foaming agent like a detergent to equally distribute the toothpaste during brushing. Personally, i favor this toothpaste than the popular brands like Colgate and Close-up because i could feel its cleanse-effect after brushing.
A locally-produced toothpaste manufactured by International Pharmaceutical Inc. (Cebu, Philippines) is marketing “Whitene” as a cavity-fighting toothpaste with salt and mint. Whitene is only available in dental clinics and i’d been personally using it when it was more accessible to me. I could hardly buy it now because it’s not available in the supermarket. I could feel a cleanse-effect after brushing using Whitene and i believe it can remove plaques than other toothpaste can do.
I’m not promoting the products above. It’s just so happened that i preferred to use the two products than the so-called leading brands. 🙂

ME, MEDIA, and the LAWS

(re-blogged/original article was posted in Friendster blog)

It is not the barrel of the gun that extinguishes us from this profession but it is our empty stomach that could force us to leave from media.

I said it and I said it again and i’m going to say it again.

I said it sometime 2006 before a gathering in Manila of some Southeast Asian journalists, who were part of the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism, when killings of journalists were discussed.

I had emphasized then that no amount of threats could coward our fate to deliver the truth in the exercise of our journalism practice.

On Friday, December 7, 2007–I have reiterated that frank statement of mine before the attendees of the Marshal Mcluhan Forum Series on Responsible Media at the Audio-Visual Room of the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City, Philippines.

The forum, dubbed “Lives in Conflict: Human Rights and the Media” had Philippine Graphics editor Maria Salvacion “Inday” Varona as main speaker.

I was one of the three reactors from the media. I repeated the statement in reaction to Ma’am Inday’s talk on the spate of journalists killings in the country.

I told the attendees in the forum, mostly students of mass communications from various universities, that if I was among the journalists inside Manila Peninsula on the afternoon of November 29, 2007, i wouldn’t hesitate to stay inside even if the threats of our lives had becoming intense.

About 50 journalists were inside the Manila Peninsula tagging with the group of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV when the combat-packed Special Action Force from the Philippine National Police fired tear gas in preparation for the evident attack against some 30 armed supporters of Senator Trillanes and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim.

Media always opt to get the news “by hook or by crook” and even crossing the police lines at the crime scene has always been a natural thing in news coverage.

While it is not appropriate to cross the lines but journalists oftentimes brandish his media pass to get in for the pursuit of his commitment to get the news right from the horse’s mouth.

I recalled my experience while covering the Mindanao War in 1999 between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as a proof that i am not afraid of the exchanges of gun shots while in the middle of a coverage.

While, it is true that journalists have also their families to feed and have children to raise–that journalistic instinct to cover the event prevailed over and above anything else even losing the opportunity to reunite with their families.

“No retreat, No Surrender” and  “Walang atrasan” are always the choices for the media.

Obstruction of justice may be a case against the journalists who remained at the Manila Peninsula. On the other hand, journalists leaned on the freedom of the press as guaranteed by our constitution to be their defense of the case.

Lastly, everyone in the forum agrees that the arrest of about 30 journalists at the Manila Peninsula was illegal.

COMPILATION: Mga Panultihon Matag Adlaw


"Tingali naka-amgo na kita nga ang kinabuhi dili kanunay anaa tas taas kundili kanunay 'ta NAGTUNGAS;
ang kinabuhi dili kabahin sa kapakyasan, kundili giunsa nato PAGBANGON sa matag higayon kita mahagba;
ang kinabuhi dili pagmahay sa nangagi, kundili ang PAGKAT-ON SA LEKSIYON sa miagi;
ang kinabuhi mangita og paagi aron kita MAHAROHAY;
ug ang pagtahan dili sabton nga huyang kita apan angay sabton nga may igo pa kitang kusog PAGKALIMOT sa tanan.


"Ang dili kahibalo mosulti sa atong pinulongan, FOREIGNER!"


"Ang FIXER, di' mosubay sa proseso; ang EXPEDITER, tigpadali sa proseso; ang GOBIERNO, tigpataas sa proseso!"


Ang MASSACRE, alang unta sa pag-atiman sa masa; ang INFANTICIDE, sagad nahimo sa mga inahan; ang INNOCENCE, mukha lang ang guilty; ang HEROD, dili bayani (d hero)


"Ang NANGAGI, angay nang kalimtan; ang KAAGI, angay hinoon hinomdoman; ang PAAGI, angay gyod nga timan-an; ang AGI, molabay o mga nahimo na; ang LAGI, pang-second the motion."


Ang SILENT PRAYER, di kahibalo sa mga prayers; ang SILENT NIGHT, way party kagabii; ang SILENT MILLIONAIRE, kuripot.


"Ang NOCHE BUENA, pantungang gabii; ang MERIENDA, panghapon; ang RECESS, pang-alas dies; ang SIMA-SIMA, way oras!"


"Ang mahigugma sa BATAN-ON, feeling batan-on; ang mahigugma sa KA-EDAD, pareson; ang mahigugma sa MINYO, bana ray kontra; ang mahigugma sa BIYUDA, desperado na!"


"Ang NAGDALI, madugay; ang HINAY-HINAY, malangay; ang HINAY-APAN-KANUNAY, moabot dili madugay; ang PASPAS, molapas."


"Ang KALIMOT, way gahom; ang GAHOM, kanunay makalimot."


"Ang PAGDAYEG, talagsaon; ang PAGPANAWAY, kanunay!


"Ang SILVER SWAN, brand; 
       ang SUNGOLD, tindahan;
        ang WHITEGOLD, burn-again store; 
         ang GREENCROSS, alcohol; 
          ang REDCROSS, international aid; 
           ang YELLOW LADIES, supporters ni Cory; 
            ang ORANGE, telco sa France; 
             ang PINKROOM, alang sa babayeng gi-abuso; 
              ang REDLIGHT DISTRICT, junquera na!


Sa kadaghan sa nangayo og Christmas gift nako, ako napugos sa pag-ingon: Ako walay paboran ug dapigan, itoy serbisyong totoo lamang. Busa, wala koy hatagan.


"Ang YOU KNOW, ayaw na ask kabalo ka na; 
       ang 'DI BA TOL?, pan-second the motion sa you know; 
        ang EWAN KO SA KANYA, pang-no comment; 
         ang MAGPASALAMAT AKO NI LORD, public relations statement.


"Ang PEEBEER, maka-ihi-ihi tungod sa beer; 
       ang ADDBEERTIESING, puno pa inom beer para makakanta; 
        ang RUTHBEER, kabarkada sa beer; 
         ang TEDDYBEER, nakahubo sa pantalon sa kahubog sa beer; 
          ang STRAWBEERY, gi-straw pag-inom ang beer."


"Ang POKE, nagpatagad; 
          ang POKE,POKE, nagpa-igat; 
           ang POKPOK, naa sa Junquera."


"Ang KAMOTE, makapa-utot-utot; 
           ang BULANGHOY, usahay makahilo; 
            ang MAIS, pam-boksidor; 
             ang LUBI, para sa kinabuhi; 
              ang SAGING, para kanunay loving; 
               ang KAPAYAS kon hinog, kontra-tobol, kon hilaw, kontra utog! :)


"Ang BONUS, brand sa low-priced SM products; 
       ang LIBRE, ngalan sa tabloid nga free; 
        ang LIBRENGTEKS, libre nga sms sa web; 
         ang PRESSKAON, libreng paniudto para sa media."


"Ang MARATHON, kanunayng pagtan-aw og Mara-Clara; 
       ang TELETHON, kanunayng telebabad; 
        ang TRIATHLON, kanunay may chaperon; 
         ang RADIOTHON, kanunayng maminaw sa radyo; 
          ang WALKATHON, kanunayng magbaktas."


"Ang PASSKO, way regalo karon; 
       ang MISS U, nawalaan; 
        ang PA-SHARE, way budget; 
         ang NEXT TIME, wa say budget; 
          ang LUVS U (this Christmas), alternative sa gift!" :)


"Ang PANUHOT, maka-utot; 
       ang PAMAOL, makabakol; 
        ang TRANGKASO, karon uso; 
         ang HILANAT, makabughat; 
          ang UBO, usahay makasunggo; 
           ang SIP-ON, usahay matulon. :)


"Ang ULAN kon kusog, daghan kuwarta moabot;
       kon taligsik, kuwarta mausik; 
        kon inday-inday, alkansiya hapay; 
         kon dala dogdog ug kilat, hurot ang wawarts."


"Ang OMEGA, kontra-pamaol; 
       ang EFFICASCENT, kontra-panuhot; 
        ang CASINO, kontra-kagaw; 
         ang BIODERM, kontra-hugaw; 
          ang Dr. WONG's SULPHUR SOAP, kontra-kagid; 
           ang IPI, pan-sports na, pang-Vicky Belo pa! 
            ...kamo na mention sa ubang brands... :)


"Ang PINASKOHAN, ihatag atol sa pasko; 
         ang LIMOS, ihatag kon may patay; 
          ang BALATO, ihatag inig daog sa lotto; 
           ang DATONG, ihatag kon maka-uyab og bayot; 
            ang SUBURNO, ihatag kon naa sa gobyerno.


"Ang UNOS, kalit ug kusog nga hangin; 
       ang AGUS, kusog nga agas sa tubig; 
        ang LUGOS, kalit ug gigamitan og kusog; 
         ang LUMOS, kalit ug way kusog!" :)


"SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, dako'g gasto paghimo; 
       SUPERMAN, meteor ray puhonan; 
        WONDERWOMAN, nagsugod sa kalasangan;
         CATWOMAN, gitagak sa bintana; 
          INCREDIBLE HULK, naigo sa gamma radiation,"


"Ang MCWD, Magsige og CAWOT ug WALDAS sa Dalan; 
       ang DPWH, Daghang Poste (lamp posts) Walay Hayag; 
        ang MCIAA board, Magsige Cobra Ilang Allowance way Agi; 
         ang PAG-IBIG kaniadto, Pastilan Ang Gobierno Imong Bayad Imelda'ng Gasto;
          ... sumpayi!


"Ang JOURNALIST, tiglista sa journal; 
       ang REPORTER, tig-report sa sayop (err); 
        and COMMENTATOR, creator og comment; 
         ang EDITOR, tig-usab sa report; 
          ang COPY EDITOR, tigkopya sa editor; 
           ang CUB REPORTER, cub ra ang i-report."


"Ang LOBAT, way power; 
       ang ABAT, more power;
        ang BAT, magabii lang epektibo; 
         ang VAT, 24/7 mi-epekto."


"Ang WHITE-COLLAR JOB, pang-opisina; 
       ang BLUE-COLOR JOB; pampabrika; 
        ang BLACK-COLLAR JOB, pang-ballroom; 
         ang RED-COLLAR JOB, naa sa Junquera."


"Ang LOTTO, iyaha sa PCSO; 
        ang MASIAO, iyaha sa SINDIKATO; 
         ang CASINO, iyaha gihapon sa GOBIERNO; 
          ang JUETENG, iyaha sab sa SINDIKATO. 
           Government hates competition!"


"Ang TAPAT, bisan bali-balihon loyal gihapon; 
        ang TALIBON kon tuwaron men's only; 
         ang may SALA, inig bali mao na hinooy hawod; 
          ang MAMA, bisan unsaon maayo mopakalma; 
           ang PAPA, inig balitok sakit sa panit; 
            ang TOTO (lizard), kon matuwad baho."


"Ang lalake, MAN; ang babaye, WOMAN; ang mga bayot, WEMEN!"


Ang KAPE, pawala sa duka; 
      ang TSA, pahilis sa tambok;
       ang SODA, pahilis sa kinaon;
        ang VIAGRA, pahilis sa bulsa.


"Ang 6/45, MEGALOTTO; 
       ang 6/49, SUPERLOTTO; 
        ang 6/55, GRANDLOTTO; 
         ang 6/66, numero sa demonyo
          !Hala, pusta na mo!" :)


"Ang KAPAMILYA, dili ikasalikway; 
       ang KAPUSO, mahimong kalimtan; 
        ang KAPATID, mahimong higala lang;
         ang KADUGO, ka-blood type lang;
          ang KASANGGA, kauban lang."


"Ang LIKEwise, pareha; 
       ang OTHERwise, lahi ra; 
        ang CLOCKWISE, dagan sa relo; 
         ang COUNTER-CLOCKwise, atras ang oras; 
          ang COCKwise, maantigo sa sunoy. :)

PANULTIHON SA ADLAW SA Maguindanao Massacre

"Ang media nga talawan, BUHI PA!; ang media nga isog, ang uban PATAY NA!


"Ang bakak, LIE; 
       ang gituyo nga bakak, WHITE LIE; 
        ang sigeng pamakak, HABITUAL LIAR; 
         ang dugay nang namakak, CONGENITAL LIAR; 
          ang wa' tuyoa pagpamakak, HONEST MISTAKE.


"Ang dili kasaligan sa balay, TAPOLAN; 
        ang dili magpatudlo sa trabaho sa balay, GAHI'G ULO; 
         ang dili manlimpyo sa balay, HUGAWAN; 
          Ang dili magpuyo sa balay, LAAGAN; 
           ang dili mabilin sa balay, KUNDATAN!"


"Ang paghalad sa serbisyo, MAHIGUGMAON; 
       ang pag-angkon og libreng serbisyo, MAHINANGPON;
        ang pagkuha sa butang nga dili imoha atol sa halad, MAPAHIMUSLANON!"


"Ang SINGLE, nag-inusara; 
        Ang SEPARATED, mi-distansiya na; 
         ang DIVORCED, mipalayo na gyod; 
          ang WIDOWED, di'na makita ang kuyog; 
           ang ENGAGED TO, mitapot na; 
            ang MARRIED TO, nalansang na gyod; 
             ang IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH, may kabarkada; 
              ang IN AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP WITH, way klarong kabarkada; 
               ang IT'S COMPLICATED WITH, kanunayng may IKA-LALIS!" :)

PANULTIHON SA ADLAWNG HUWEBES (dala na ang Miyerkoles!)

"Ang Wash Day, adlaw sa pagpa-sexy sa mga estudyante ug kawani!. Let everyday a Wash Day! yehey!!!"


"Ang HOLIDAY, balaanon nga adlaw. Angayng tamdon ug handomon. Apan, nahimong adlaw sa pagpahulay, suroy-suroy, ug tanang matang sa kalingawan."


(contributed) Di' bali baho ang gininhawa, kaysa dili na magginhawa! PATAY!


"Ang victory, mopadaghan og paryente; dagha'g money, daghan og paryente; kon mapildi, way paryente!"


"Ang babayeng mugbo'g lupad, mubo ra sab og maabtan;
       ang social climber, posibleng taas og masak-an; 
        ang hilig mag-shopping, taga-liog ang utang; 
         ang hilig magpa-parlor, wa' nay budget sa kaon; 
          ang englisera, maka-adto og America!"


"Ang babayeng guwapa sa hulagway, PHOTOGENIC;
       ang guwapa sa layo,TELEGENIC; 
        ang guwapa apan himsog, TAMSEK; 
         ang guwapa magtalikod,MURA'G GUWAPA; 
          kon mag-atubang, MAS GUWAPA!... (sipsip lang...)

PANULTIHON SA ADLAWNG MARTES: “Ang babayeng gunitan sa hawak sa lalake, SEXY; ang lalakeng naglingkod ug agbayan sa babaye, GUWAPO!!!” lol


(requested!!!) Tingog sa kampana: KONG,KONG,KONG--misa sa patay; KANG,KANG,KANG--misa sa kasal!!! lol


"Ang tanan ning kalibotan may kataposan, daotan man o buotan. Busa, pagpili--DAOTAN o BUOTAN?


"Ang wa'y kaligo, BAHO!; 
       ang wa'y toothbrush, BAD BREATH; 
        ang wa' mag-deodorant, may B.O.; 
         ang way ilis og medyas, BAHO'G TIIL;
          ang way shampoo,ADUNAY KASPA; 
           ang dili manabon, ORIHINAL ang BAHO!!!!


"Ang gugma magsalimoang: Dili kahibalo mamili bisan way lami; Sama sa usa ka buta dili kakita; Murag bungol ug amang nga dili mokihol ug magpatara lang; Murag bakol, dili kasukol; "True Love is Unfair and Cruel... "


"Ang mag-antos, MA-SANTOS!;
       ang mag-ampo, DILI MAMUMO!; 
        ang mag-rosaryo, MO-ASENSO; 
         ang mosimba, DILI MATUMBA; 
          ang modagkot, DILI MA-UT-UT; 
           ang mokalawat, DUNAY LIWAT; 
            ang mo-kompisal, MAKASAL!


"Ang GAHI'G ULO, matinumanon sa gusto!; 
       ang HUMOK OG ILONG, sugot dayon; 
        ang MANOKON OG MATA, guapa; 
         ang NAGSIGA LANG ANG MATA, nagtanga!; 
          ang BALBON OG PAA, madanihon; 
           ang KULOT OG BUHOK, libog og utok; 
            ang PILAY PA'AD, way klarong ugma; 
             ang BALHIBOON OG KAMOT, hilabtanon/kawatan; 
              ang BAGA'G LIPS, dili mauwaw; 
               ang BAGA'G NAWONG, way uwaw!


"Bisan ang tig-a og kasingkasing, kahibalo mohilak!; Bisan ang hilomon, sabaan sa hilom!; Bisan ang habolan, makasamad!"


"Ang LIPOSUCTION, aron ingnon dili tambok;
       ang NOSELIFT, aron ingnon dili pyangak;
        ang FACELIFT, aron ingnon way kunot; 
         ang BREAST AUGMENTATION, aron ingnon dili bayot;
          ang BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION, aron ingnon dili sapyot; 
           ang LIP AUGMENTATION, aron ingnon baga'g lips!"


"estoryaheee... ??!@#$%^&*"


"Sa kanunay ikaw magmahigalaon sa tanan. Tug-an sa tinood. Paminawa ang uban, bisan ang mga bogo ug ignorante aduna say ideya. Likaye ang mga sabaan ug ang mga pagarpar, disturbo lang sila sa imong panghuna-huna."


"Ang kadaogan, sinugdanan sa KATUNGDANAN; ang kapildihan sinugdanan og KALAMBOAN sa kaugalingon!"


"Ang KUWARTA makit-an ra, ang KONSENSIYA kanunay anaa; 
       Ang PANAAD sayon buhaton, ang PAGTUMAN lisod tumanon; 
        Ang TIKAS iya sa yawa, kon imong balihon pagbasa SAKIT na!."


"Sa Politika, wa'y pildi, GITIKASAN lang!; 
       sa Torneyo, wa'y pildi, GIDEMALAS lang!; 
        Sa Kaminyoon, wa'y suwerte, NAKA-TSAMBA lang!


Daghan ang mga panultihon. Sagad atong nasunod sa mga katingulangan. Ang akong mga panultihon "bunga sa nagduhiraw nakong panumdoman" nga gisaw-an dinhi sa kadaghanan. Mahimo kini ninyong makopya, apan ayaw angkona!


"Ang BURIKAT--bitch; 
       ang PUTA--bitch; 
        ang POKPOKO--bitch; 
         ang PROSTI--bitch; 
          ang BABAYENG IRO--bitch; 
           ang BICCHE--bitch; 
             ang MOANGKAS SA MOTORSIKLO--riding bitch; 
              ang LALAKENG BASTOS--son of a bitch!" :)


"Ang langit kon magul-anon, MOKISDOM; 
       kon kahilakon, MOTALIGSIK; 
        kon mohilak, MOULAN; 
         kon malipayon, MAMITOON; 
          kon madasigon, MOTAKDOL ANG BULAN."


"BIBLE: Best Insurance Before Leaving Earth (Basaha Intawon and Bibliya kay Lapas na imong Edad!"


"Kon unsa ang punoan, mao usab ang bunga;
       Kon unsa ang dagway, mao sab ang kinaiya; 
        Kon unsay bulok sa grupo, mao sab ang membro;
         Kon unsay gisulti sa media, dili na komedya."


"Bisan tak-om ang imong baba, apan nag-istorya ang imong huna-huna;
       Bisan imong gilikayan, apan dili nimo katalikdan!; 
        Bisan imong gikasilagan, apan imo gihapon siyang giampingan;
         Bisan ikaw gibudhian, apan sa gihapon anaa siya sa imong kiliran!


"Unsaon paglihok sa tawo suma' sa sugo sa Diyos kon siya TAPOLAN!; 
       Unsaon pagsanay sa kaliwat sa tawo kon siya BAOG!; 
        Unsaon paglugit sa usa ka mata sa tawo nga maoy hinungdan sa iyang pagpakasala kon siya 
         daan ng BUTA!; 
          Unsaon paglikay sa asawa makighilawas sa uban kon siya daan BURIKAT na!; 
           Unsaon sa pari pagpabiling putli kon anaa daan ang MADRE duol niya!... lol


Ang babayeng pak-an, daotan og binuhatan. Ang lalakeng barumbado, daotan og gihimo. Ang tawo nga buotan, dili na mistel sultihan.


"Ang nakatilaw og kausa, magsige na!


"NAGGING--dihang nagka-uyab mo kaniadto; 
      SAGGING--dihang banana ra ang inyong makaon; 
      LAGGING--dihang gihimo ninyo kanunay. :)


"Ang FAITH, pagtoo; ang FEAT, kadaogan; ang FATE, dili maayong padulngan; ang FEET, tiil na!


"Ang lalake way anak! Ang babaye ra ang manganak!"


"Unaha una og silhig ang imong tugkaran, una ka manlimpyo sa uban!"


"Kapugngan pa ang BAHA, dili ang BIGA!!!"


"Bisan ang ulan may paglurang. Bisan bagyo motoang. Bisan linog may kataposan."


"Ang gugma buta! Ang buta mahigugma bisan dili kita! Ang dili buta nahigugma kay nakakita ug nabutahan sa nakita!"


"Bulahan ang nagrasyahan karon. Mas bulahan kon kini mopa-ambit ngadto sa uban!"


"Ang KAKUGI nanukad sa tinguha sa tawo paglambo. Ang KATAPOLAN resulta sa wa'y kabangkaagan!"


"Past is past! Apan, ang gaba dili magsaba!


"Ang tawo taas og garbo! Bisan wa'y gasto, magpa-ubos dili gusto!"


"Unsay gidili, maoy lami!" (humba, litson, beer, alcohol, sigarilyo...) :(


Different Books of FB: FACEbook (mga hulagway); 
      FISHbook (klase-klaseng isda);
       PEACEbook (kalinaw); 
        PACEbook (lakaw. lakang); 
         PISHbook (pagsunod sa tingog sa langgam);
          PISSbook (unsaon pag-ihi)... lol


        NoKIA--wa'y sakyanan; 
        Iphone-- ako'ng phone; 
        SamSUNG-- nikanta si Sam Milby; 
        LG-- short for lugi gamay; 
        MOTORlOLA-- motorcycle ni lola; 
        Sony Ericsson-- si Sony anak ni Eric. 
        ALkaTEL-- alkanse si Ethel; 
        MayPhone-- dunay phone; 
        CherryMobile-- ngalan sa artista.


"Kahadloki ang asawa, higugmaa ang ika-duha!"... lol


"Petsa 14 ug 29--TINGBITAY; Petsa 15 ug 30--TINGLIKAY..." lol


Ang MAKE-UP, pampaguapa; 
      ang BACK-UP, pansuporta; 
       ang PACK-UP, mamutos na; 
        ang LOCK-UP, matanggong ka!; 
         ang BREAK-UP, mabuwagan ka; 
          ang UP-UP, sakit nas panit!


"Pangurakot diha sa media: AC-DC (Attack Collect Defend Collect), 
      ENVELOPMENTAL JOURNALISM (Pagdawat og sobre),
      PRESSKAON (Libreng paniudto), 
      PRAISE RELEASE (pagpagawas og balita sa pagdayeg), 
      BLOCKTIMER (pareha ras two-timer), 
      MEDIA TOURism (libreng pagpa-byahe sa media abroad), 
      SELF-CENSORSHIP (na-pressure sa advertisers/investors), ... 
      Happy Press Freedom Week & Broadcasters' Month!


"Ang nag-inusara pagsimba, tinud-anay nga mag-ampo samtang ang may kuyog pagsimba, NAPUGOS lang o may KA-DATE sa simbahan!" lol...


"Bisan hinay, basta kanunay!" (my slogan in today's Press Freedom 5-Run @ the Cebu Business Park... lol)


"Ang gaba dili magsaba!"


"Ang asawa nga nanlaki-- mukha ay guilty! Ang bana nga mambabaye-- mukha ay inosente! lol


"Lugita ang imong usa ka mata kon mao kini ang hinungdan nga ikaw makasala!"


"Ang mamoyboy sa iyang nahatagan, dili magdugay sa kalibotan!"


"Ang gaba dili magsaba! Wa'y sukod sa balos!"


"Es mejor tarde que nunca" (bahala og late kaysa wala!)


"Ang KUBAL--extra skin; ang KASPA-- dead skin; ang HAMIS-- normal skin; ang UWAT-- wa' nay skin!


"Ang halas motukob apil imong kamot sa higayon imong hungitan og pagkaon."


"Bahala'g SAGING basta LOVING!" lol


"Ang tinood magmahal dili mag-kwenta pila na ang kuwarta nagasto sa usa'g usa nila!"


"Ang dili kahibalo mosulti og Binisaya, dili kahibalo mo-Iningles!"


"Ang matahom tan-awon sa hulagway--PHOTOGENIC 
       ug ang matahom tan-awon sa layo--TELEGENIC  
        samtang ang matahom lang kon mag-make-up--FAKE!"


"Ang beso-beso maayo, apan kon adunay warts ang ka-beso, peligro!" lol


"Ayaw dayon hukmi ang tawo kay dili siya libro!" lol...


"Kon ikaw buwagan, pangita dayon og lain! Kon makigbalik, balibari ug ingna busy ka!"... lol


"Mas maayo pa nga magpabiling dalagang ulay kaysa maminyo ngadto sa lalakeng dili angay mamahimong bana."


"Ang babaye kinsa miipon pagpuyo sa balay apan dili asawa, dili uyab, ug dili sab yaya--BOARDER na siya!


"Ang lalake nga buotan angayan pamanhon tungod kay daling ma-under de saya!"


"Ang babaye nga buotan ra kaayo dili angay higugmaon tungod kay imo ra sab nga abusaran!" (a translation from Chloe Marie: "A rose without thorns is like love without heartbreak.... it doesn't make sense....")


(from the Broadcasters' Congress today) Ang media nga nasayop, mas maayo pa kay sa walay media!


Ang babaye kinsa manapaw--makasala. Ang lalake kinsa mangabit--makalimot lang!... lol


Paryente nimo ang imong mga anak samtang dili ang asawa o bana.


Mas maayo mangutang sa laing tawo kaysa imong paryente. (lesson: ang laing tawo maikog maningil, ang paryente way panagana.)... lol

Cebuano Grammar Rules

This article collates all my posts in Facebook about tidbits and rules on Cebuano grammar as applied in news reporting. The numbering has nothing to do with the ranks according to significance but how it appeared from the latest to the oldest in my Facebook wall.

Rule #1Transcribing/Rewriting “print” or “online” news into a Cebuano News for broadcast:

*No literal translation
*Read first the English article and get the MAIN IDEA
*Focus on that MAIN IDEA, junk the rest of minor facts
*Some flowery words, like in sports news, can be simplified into a single Cebuano     word.

In short, WRITE YOUR OWN NEWS SCRIPT, out of print/online news article. Sometimes, the process is called– REHASH.

Rule #2: Ang “siya” ug “sya“, “riya” ug “rya

Ang “siya” gamiton paghulip sa “cia” o “tia” sa mga foreign words kon kini magsunod sa consonant diha sa translated word samtang “sya” ang gamiton kon magsunod sa vowel.

Pananglit: Agencia = Ahensiya; Amnesia = Amnesya

Ang “riya” gamiton paghulip sa “ria” sa foreign words kon kini nagsunod sa “e” or “o” samtang “rya” ang gamiton kon magsunod sa “a”.

Pananglit: Carenderia = karenderiya; Malaria = malarya

Rule #3: Ang pagbasa sa ubang pulong usahay lahi sa correct spelling sa word. Exception kini sa lagda nga syllabic ang pagbasa sa mga Cebuano words.

Pananglit: tawo (taw’), babaye (babay’), pula (puwa), dula (duwa)

Sagad ang letrang L mahimong W kon kini paga-unhan og U.

Rule #4: Mga letra nga wala sa Cebuano/Visayan Alphabet: CCHFJLLÑPHQVX, and Z

Hinoon, adunay mga lugar sa kabisay-an nga migamit sa pipila sa maong mga letra. Sama pananglit: J sa Bohol; Z sa Poro, Camotes

Ang mga netibo sa Mindanao, sama sa mga B’laan migamit og ChFVX

Rule #5Syllabic ang pagbasa sa Cebuano.

Ang CONSECUTIVE VOWELS sa kanunay buwagon sa pagbasa. (e.g. kaon, liog, maayo). Dili kini angay buwagon pinaagi sa hyphen.

Ang CONSECUTIVE CONSONANTS sa kanunay buwagon sa pagbasa kon anaa kini sa tunga-tunga sa pulong. (e.g. tudlo, lukso, dominggo.)

Rule #6: (DILI KO SERYOSO ANI HA!) Mga gigikanan (origin) sa pipila ka pulong:

OBESEpo (Bishop)– Nanghinobra ang grasya nga nadawat.
LUSYANG (from “lose young”)– batan-on apan mura nag edad-kwarenta
HAPLAS (from “half-last”)– lana o loiton nga katunga ra ang epekto inig masahe
LAGSIK (from “lag sick”)– dili madali og kasakit.

Rule #7: Ang prefix sa mga Cebuano words, sama sa English, dili angayng ibulag pagsulat sa rootword.

Pananglit: Mokiha (not mo kiha), Nagkaon (dili nag kaon). Mao niy sagad sa mga sayop ilabi na diha sa status messages sa Facebook. :)

Rule #8: Mga sayop ug kataw-anan nga sinultian sa mga Sugbuanon:
              pasahero mitunol og P20 bill : Duha na ka buok
                   driver midawat sa P20 billPila ni?

man1 : Asa ka? (sakto: Asa ka padulong?)
man2 : Adto ko sa SM. (pinilosopo nga tubag: Nia ko dinhi!) *****************************

Rule #9: Ang MI & MO pulos mga verb form prefix.

Ang MI gamiton kon ang aksiyon natapos na o nagpadayon pa.  Ang MI dili na mistel himoong NI kon past tense ang aksiyon. Pananglit:mikaon, midagan, milakaw.

Ang MO gamiton kon ang aksiyon himoon pa nga dili klaro kanus-a mahuman. Pananglit: mokaon, modagan, molakaw…

Rule #10: Ang HYPHEN, dili dash nga igo lang mobuwag sa duha ka pulong. Duna kini’y tumong diha sa mga pulong.

Ang Hyphen gamiton sa mga repeated words:

  • kon mo-emphasize og action (lukso-lukso)
  • kon mopakita og similarities (itom-itom) o likeness (kaon-kaon)
Ang Hyphen gamiton kon ang pulong nga gamitan og hyphen adunay lahi og meaning:
  • lainlain (different), lain-lain (set aside)
  • Lapulapu (a Cebuano hero), lapu-lapu (fish)
Ang Hyphen gamiton kon mag-combine og duha ka managlahi nga pulong aron mohulip sa nawala nga word:
  • gipusil-patay (gipusil UG gipatay)
  • Balay-lungsod (Balay SA lungsod)
Kanus-a DILI GAMITON ang Hyphen?
  • #1 Kon ang repeated word maiisip nga rootword ug dili makabarog kon tungaon ang mga pulong: taudtaod, hunahuna, bukubuko.
  • #2 Kon ang repeated word usa ka rootwordlumlom, pukpok, hunghong, gulgol, sumsom, tuktok, hushos.
  • #3 Kon ang repeated word gigamit isip proper nounLapulapu, kasingkasing, habalhabal

Rule #11: Ang mga pulong tinapolan (contracted) angay gayod untang gamitan og apostrophe.


Wa’y tagdanay, wa’y hilabtanay. Di’ wa’y away. Makapahimu’os ka pa sa kalinaw sa imong panghunahuna. Di’ pa ka kita’g away kon magsugat mo sa da’an.

Apan, tungod kay giisip nga samok na sa pagsulat diha sa mga magasin ug pamantalaan hinungdan nga dili na lang kini gamiton.

Rule #12: Mga sayop nga paggamit sa O ug U diha sa mga naandan na nga mga inilang’ pulong:

  • ang kanta nga “Matud Nila” (sakto: Matod)
  • ang barangay “Subangdaku” (sakto: Subangdakfrom Suba nga dako)
  • ang Pulis (sakto: Polis isip gikan sa foreign word “police“)
  • ang Bitoon (sakto: Bituon)
  • ang Torotot (sakto: Turutot)

Rule #13: Managlahi ang SYON ug ang SIYON sa pag-translate sa mga foreign words nga nagtapos og CION ug TION.

SYON ang gamiton kon ang letra nga gisundan niini Vowel.

[Pananglit: Bakasyon (vacation); Examinasyon (examination), Edukasyon (education), Komunikasyon (communication), Transportasyon (transportation)]

SIYON ang gamiton kon ang letra nga gisundan niini Consonant.

Pananglit: Impeksiyon (infection); Direksiyon (direction)

Rule #14: Ang UG & OG dili angayng magkabaylo. Ang UG usa ka conjuction nga mao ang “AND” samtang ang OG, usa ka idiomatic particle.


Ikaw UG ako
Mopalit ko OG lapis.

Rule #15: No Literal Translation (Wa’y Paghubad nga Binagsa sa Pulong) Sayop ang mosunod:

Nagdagan ang ilong (running nose)
Nagdugo ang ilong (nosebleed–hard to comprehend/understand)
Mopatid ang torneyo (the tournament kicks off)
Nakuha gikan sa posisyon sa suspetsado (taken from the possession of the suspect)

Rule #16: “Ang Samokang O ug U

           Item #1–Ang U gamiton sa first ug middle syllable sa mga primitive root words.

(Buhat, Dugo, Buyog, taudtaod, pangutana,sagunson)

           Item #2–Ang O gamiton sa kanunay sa last syllable.

(pako, dako, tulo, gakos, Sugbo, matod,balod)

          Item #3–Ang O & U sa mga borrowed words kinahanglang magpabilin sa
higayon nga i-translate sa Cebuano ang foreign words. [kopya (copy),
rosaryo (rosario, polis (police)

          Item #4–Ang O & U magpabilin if the word is repeated.

(lukso-lukso, hubo-hubo, dakop-dakop)

          Item #5–Gamiton ang Item#1 ug #2 kon ordinary repeated words

(taudtaod, bukubuko,bagulbagol,hunahuna,habuhabo)

Rule #17: Ang “KAY” wa’y gamit sa pipila ka sentences.


(sayop) Ang akong ngalan KAY Juan,
(sakto) Ang akong ngalan (si) Juan;

(sayop) Ang paggamit sa Cebuano diha sa pagbalita KAY nagsugod….
(sakto) Ang paggamit sa Cebuano diha sa pagbalita nagsugod…

Sagad gamiton ang KAY uban ang pulong “tungod”. [e.g., Moadto ko sa CTU TUNGOD KAY adunay Halad sa Kapamilya].

Rule #18: Ang “PINAKA“, usa ka Tagalog nga pinulongan. Ang angayng gamiton: KINA ug LABING

(sayop) PINAKA-dako,
(sakto) LABING dako o KINAdak-an

(sayop) PINAKA-gamay,
(sakto) LABING gamay o KINAgamyan

Rule #19: Ang “KUNG DIIN nga atong madunggan gigamit sa pipila ka tigbalita dili maoy naandan nga gigamit sa kadaghanan. Nasunod kini sa tinagalog nga “Kung Saan”.

Mahimo rang gamiton ang pulong “DIIN” kon ang antecedent usa ka lugar (e.g., Abli na ang SM HyperMart sa Mandaue City reclamation area DIIN mao kanhi ang nahimutangan sa nanirang Makro.)…. BTW walay KUNG sa Cebuano… kun o kon lang.

Rule #20: Samtang, Sa Laing Bahin, Sa Laing Balita

Wa’y gamit sa sinugdanan sa sentence kon magbalita ang SAMTANG, SA LAING BAHIN, ug SA LAING BALITA. Sagad gamiton kini sa mga tigbalita isip kunohay transition apan mga eksperto sa panibya ug pagbalita miingon nga dili na kini kinahanglan.

Ang SAMTANG (while), gamiton lang pagtandi sa duha ka butang o hitabo. Ingon man gamiton kini kon dunay duha ka nagpadayon nga hitabo (e.g., Gitulis ang estudyante samtang sakay sa PUJ.).

Ang SA LAING BAHIN (meanwhile) ug SA LAING BALITA (in other news), dili na mistel gamiton tungod kay sa higayon nga laing balita ang basahon–nasayod na ang tigpaminawan nga lain na kini nga balita (e.g., Sa showbiz…, Sa sports…) kaysa gisundan niini nga balita. :)

Rule #21: Ang collective noun sama sa KATAWHAN, KAPOLISAN, ug uban pa–dili na kinahanglan gamitan og “MGA” tungod kay plural na kini daan.

(SAYOP) Ang mga kapolisan
(SAKTO) Ang kapolisan… o ang MGA pulis.

Rule #22: Ang Cebuano Sentence kinahanglang isulat sa V-S-O (Verb-Subject-Object) format diha sa balita aron mas bug-at paminawon tungod kay mag-una ang action word.

Mao kini ang atong naandan nga paagi sa pagsulti. Dili angay sundon ang Subject-Verb-Object nga format sa English.

I am going to Carbon Market (S-V-O),

in Cebuano– (WRONG) Ako moadto sa Carbon Market (S-V-O);

(CORRECT) Moadto ko sa Carbon Market (V-S-O).

More @ Cebuano Sentence Structure

Rule #23: Sayop ang “KUNG DIIN” nga sagad madunggan sa TV News. Sa Cebuano, way KUNG, kundili KUN lang. Ang DIIN paigo na nga gamiton kon magsunod sa usa ka lugar.


…gibahaan ang dalan Colon DIIN nahimutang ang daghang patigayon.

Rule #24: No Literal Translation

Pananglit: I have running nose.

WRONG: Nagdagan ang akong ilong. lol
CORRECT: Nagtulo ang akong sip-on.)

Rule #25: (by Dr. Jess Tirol) “Ang dili kahibalo mobinisaya, dili kahibalo mo-Iningles.”

2011 Bar Exam Passers



#1- Raoul Atadero (ADMU)
#2- Luz Bolong (ADMU)
#3- Cherry Rafal-Roble (Arellano University)
#4- Rosemil Bañaga (Notre Dame Univ)
#5- Christian Louie Gonzales (UST)
#6- Ivan Bandal (Siliman Univ)
#7- Eirene Acosta (San Beda)
#8- Irene Qua (ADMU)
#9- Elaine Lacerda (FEU)
#10- Rodolfo Aquino (San Beda)

  • Cebu has a new lady lawyer: Atty. Charise L. Piramide– daughter of former Councilors Aven & Carmen Piramide.
  • Remember Christopher Lao who bravely drove his car on a flooded street in Manila, he’s now ATTY. CHRISTOPHER LAO–among the passers!

The list is a “copy & paste” reproduction from the official website of the Supreme Court of the Philippines: 

1 . ABAD, Cernick S
2 . ABAD, Rino E
3 . ABAGAT, Hazel V
4 . ABALOS, Dowelson M
5 . ABAN, Richard Bobot F
6 . ABAPO, Lovely S
7 . ABARCA, Rodvick J
8 . ABARQUEZ, Anna Melissa F
9 . ABAS-REGANION, Maria Liezelda G
10 . ABASQUEZ-FELASOL, Elizabeth B
11 . ABASTILLAS, JR., Renato M
12 . ABAYON, II, Harlin Gleeperf J
13 . ABDON, Lynette C
14 . ABDULLAH, Ahmad-ali M
15 . ABEAR, Harold C
17 . ABELLANO, Shella L
18 . ABELLO, Christian L
19 . ABENES, Maria Victoria A
20 . ABESA, Ivan D
21 . ABEYA, Alem-eman Chisum L
22 . ABIANG, Rio Nila L
23 . ABLANQUE, Kerth Jossef M
24 . ABLONG, Joshua Francisco J
25 . ABOGA-A, Jovan S
26 . ABOT, Geneses R
27 . ABRAGAN, Scarlette Rose C
28 . ABRAGAN, II, Albert Ignatius C
29 . ABRIGO, Aldren D
30 . ABSIN, Zerah Marie B
31 . ABU, Christine Joy A
32 . ABUDA, Rufino V
33 . ABULENCIA, Juvielyn S
34 . ABULON, Jason C
35 . ACANA, Katrina Q
36 . ACEDERA, Jericho U
37 . ACERET, Chenaide P
38 . ACEVEDO, Pulchra Marie E
39 . ACOSTA, Eireene Xina M
40 . ADAME, Zaremelle D
41 . ADARLO, JR., Julian E
42 . ADDAMO, Edwardo Dewey M
43 . ADDURU-AMAN, Roxanne Mia A
44 . ADEVA, Dino A
45 . ADORABLE, Anne Lorraine C
46 . ADRANEDA, Maria Joy Karen G
48 . AGARAO, Zenon C
49 . AGAS, Dorada Lori P
50 . AGBON-FAYTAREN, Demia Ann A
51 . AGODON, Christiann Leonard P
52 . AGONCILLO, Donna Angela SP
53 . AGRA, Dante Jerome U
54 . AGUILAN, Elizabeth Karla P
55 . AGUILAR, Katlyn Anne C
56 . AGUILAR, JR., Romeo L
57 . AGUILLON, Gilbert V
58 . AGUIRRE, Jessaida Starla T
59 . AGUISANDA, Angelica Socorro A
60 . AGULLO, Michelle A
61 . AGURA, Marichu A
62 . AGUSTIN, James Bryan O
63 . AGUSTIN, Liberty J
64 . AKOT, Shaun Cary M
65 . ALAGDE, Jude Cornelio L
66 . ALAGON, Marah B
67 . ALAPIT, Lemwel L
68 . ALAVE, JR., Dionesio T
69 . ALAYON, Eugene D
70 . ALBA, Voltaire M
71 . ALBAN, Jose Aurelio B
72 . ALBANIEL, Annaliza C
73 . ALBANO, Jay Jay A
74 . ALBAYALDE, Carmelo B
75 . ALBEOS, Vincent Deo F
76 . ALBERTO, Catherine May L
77 . ALBINO, Rhyan Petrose A
78 . ALBON, Lauro A
79 . ALCANTARA, Andrew Joshua B
80 . ALCANTARA, Cristina T
81 . ALCARAZ, Alper John G
82 . ALEGRIA, Marigold A
83 . ALEJANDRINO, Joseph Gandhir Kagi P
84 . ALFAR, Roselo M
85 . ALFELOR, Antonio Andre R
86 . ALFONSO, Marvic C
87 . ALI, Jahara A
88 . ALICANTE, JR., Rufino A
89 . ALILING, Jose Luis Z
90 . ALIM, Ayla V
91 . ALIMAN, O’hara S
92 . ALINSANGAN, Sheila Mae M
93 . ALIS, Raymon Y
94 . ALIVIADO, Chalm C
95 . ALJENTERA, Teresita H
96 . ALLIENDA, JR., Justiniano L
97 . ALMACHAR, Jonalyn R
98 . ALMENDRA, Fiel Y
99 . ALMONTE, Maricon A
100 . ALTAMERA, Jennifer C
101 . ALUGAR, Marie Chres M
102 . ALVARADO, Lyndell P
103 . AMACNA, Fidel C
104 . AMAGO, IV, Bernardino T
105 . AMERIL, Nadzma M
106 . AMPAGUEY, Holy T
107 . AMSAWA, Mohammad Ahmad N
108 . AMUASEN, Johannes A
109 . ANAAS, Franklin D
110 . ANCAJAS, JR., Lyndon Y
111 . ANCHETA, Danniel James M
112 . ANCHETA, Edward Dale D
113 . ANDAM, Analia S
114 . ANDRES, Carla N
115 . ANDRES, Diane Angeli S
116 . ANDRES, Ma. Rowena S
117 . ANG, Joseph Y
118 . ANG, Kazimir Kira R
119 . ANGARE, Anathalia B
120 . ANGELES, Ada Victoria D
121 . ANGELES, Enrico Errol D
122 . ANGELIO, II, Ramon M
124 . ANGLIONGTO,, Candy May S
125 . ANGULO, Belinda G
126 . ANGUSTIA, Joshua Paul S
127 . ANI, Dane Neil G
128 . ANINANG, Maricel T
129 . ANSALDO, Evita Magnolia I
130 . ANSANO, Khalid D
131 . ANTIG, Eir Peirre Alleistair L
132 . ANTIPATIA, Maria Conchita D
133 . ANTOLIN, Jeanne Marisse Theodora C
134 . ANTONIO, Desiree Charmaine Q
135 . ANTONIO, JR., Salvador F
136 . APAO, Michelle Lyn A
137 . APOSTOL, Lloyd Elgene A
138 . APOSTOL, Roxan G
139 . AQUINO, Louie Bernard C
140 . AQUINO, Marla Luisa B
141 . AQUINO, Rizza A
142 . AQUINO, Roderick R
143 . AQUINO, Rodolfo Q
144 . AQUISIO, Richard P
145 . ARAGONES, Junine L
146 . ARANDA, Julie Ann L
147 . ARANETA, Warme P
148 . ARBOLADO, Charmaine V
149 . ARCE, Oliva C
150 . ARCE, Ray Patrick M
151 . ARCENAS, Dorothy F
152 . ARCILLA, Broderick C
153 . ARCILLA, Juan Antonio E
154 . ARELLANO, Joanna R
155 . ARELLANO, Renelyn J
156 . ARENAJO, Bernadette N
157 . AREVALO, Ma. Donna V
158 . ARIOLA, Hazel Bachz B
159 . ARISTON, Jacklyn M
160 . ARISTOTELES, Mary Jane P
161 . ARLOS, Jamie Andrea Mae Y
162 . AROCO, Steve M
163 . ARQUERO, Josef Bertrand L
164 . ARRIETA, Chiqui C
165 . ARRIETA, Ryan H
166 . ARTETA, Sheena Ester P
167 . ASERON, Kathleen S
168 . ASILO, Francis Alvin V
169 . ASTILLA, Andrew C
170 . ASUNCION, Euvimil Nina R
171 . ASUTEN, Michael L
172 . ATABUG, Marian E
173 . ATADERO, Raoul Angelo D
174 . ATANACIO, JR., Ricardo Y
175 . ATANGAN, Mishiele O
176 . ATCHECO, April Lorelei A
177 . ATIENZA, Donabel D
178 . AUMENTADO, Arnel Rafael R
179 . AURE, Gary C
180 . AUSA, Siegfried A
181 . AUSTRIA, Vienna Maria R
182 . AVILA, Cristina R
183 . AVILA, Gail B
184 . AVILA, Lee Agerico B
185 . AVILA, Maria Theresa O
186 . AVILA, Paul Agerico B
187 . AWE, Crisyrel P
188 . AWIT, Elma L
189 . AZORES-LINA, Rhodora P
190 . AZURA, Jonas Julius Caesar N
191 . BABAN, Jason B
192 . BABAO, Brenda Lyn E
193 . BABAO, Noniesah A
194 . BABATID, Jezreel M
195 . BABIERRA, Michael Tristan R
196 . BABOR-LIWANAG, Jimiebe M
197 . BACARRA, Arnel P
198 . BACAY, Leonil Anthony S
199 . BACCAY, Cora Leah R
200 . BACCAY, Joseph L
201 . BACILES, Marson U
202 . BACOMO-LAPITAN, Annavie E
203 . BACUD, Charlene D
204 . BACULIO, Carmelita Rita R
205 . BACUYAG, Nestor E
206 . BAENA, Joselito Thomas Ghadry P
207 . BAGBAGEN, Gat Anthony S
208 . BAGUILAT, Raymond Marvic C
209 . BAGUIOEN, Maan Grace A
210 . BAJARLA, Amor Condeo T
211 . BALACANO, Angela Lysa L
212 . BALAGAPO, James P
213 . BALAGBAG, Alvin John F
214 . BALAHIM, Sittie Mariam I
215 . BALANE, Dominic John B
216 . BALANQUIT, Cherry L
217 . BALARBAR, Jenifer C
218 . BALBOA, Lumen P
219 . BALBUENA, Raymond Joel L
220 . BALDAGO-FAUSTINO, Olive Diane R
221 . BALDEMOR, Ma. Cristina Aurora C
222 . BALDEO, Rexember B
223 . BALDERAS, Jardine Kay E
224 . BALDERAS, JR., Donato D
225 . BALDOZA, Dianne Margarette N
226 . BALIDO-AGGABAO, Joana Marie S
227 . BALINTEC, Ellen Michelle C
228 . BALISACAN, JR., Renato R
229 . BALITA, Ruth L
230 . BALLENA, JR., Danilo G
231 . BALLESTEROS, Lloyd Czar M
232 . BALLICUD, Christalyn A
233 . BALMEDIANO, Jeriel P
234 . BALMORES, Jesus D
235 . BALOIS, Edgardo Roman Manuel C
236 . BALOT, Sheryl F
237 . BALUYOT, Jose Marie M
238 . BANDAL, Ivan M
239 . BANGGOLAY, JR., Valeriano M
240 . BANGI, Ray John E
241 . BANIQUED, JR., Angel M
242 . BANSILOY, Ericson Nery T
243 . BARAYUGA, Joanalyn S
244 . BARBACENA, Ana Mei S
245 . BARBERO, Mary Leizl C
246 . BARLAN, Christian Arvin S
247 . BARON, John Evan V
248 . BARONE, Marc Edward P
249 . BARRAIRO, Nathaniel C
250 . BARRION, Julie Ann B
251 . BARRO, Monalisa L
252 . BARROZO, Doris C
253 . BARTOLOME, Freda F
254 . BASADRE, Maribel D
255 . BASCAO, Rosalina U
256 . BASILOY, Almira E
257 . BASMAN, Anna Tarhata S
258 . BASSIG, Richardson A
259 . BATALLA, Rene Francis P
260 . BATHAN, Bernadette DC
261 . BATISAN, Lady Jane G
262 . BATTUNG, Sherwin G
264 . BAUTISTA, Ana Cecilia D
265 . BAUTISTA, Demosthenes R
266 . BAUTISTA, Gerald Enrico P
267 . BAUTISTA, Lovelika T
268 . BAUTISTA, Ma. Nessa M
269 . BAUTISTA, Rommel P
270 . BAUTISTA, Rosario R
272 . BAWAGAN, Jaime P
273 . BAYANG, Marvin Jason N
274 . BAYARAS, Jeremy John C
275 . BAYBAY, Benedict Dominic Q
276 . BAYON, Febhay P
277 . BAÑAGA, Rosemil R
278 . BEJAR, Jed Allan R
279 . BELEN, JR., Alfredo L
280 . BELGIRA, Rhoan Louiege B
281 . BELLEN, Arnel B
282 . BELLEZA, JR., Florante L
283 . BELLO, Diana Lyn B
284 . BELTRAN, Jo Anne B
285 . BENDIJO, Chris Noel A
286 . BENDOVAL, Wendell P
287 . BENEDICTO, JR., Leonardo R
288 . BENGWAYAN, Brenner L
289 . BENITEZ, Michelle S
290 . BEREDO, Reynold S
291 . BERMAS, Herbert Rodulf N
292 . BERMUDEZ, Jean Marionne A
293 . BERNABE, Sherry Lou R
294 . BERNABE, III, Ricardo P
295 . BERNABE, JR., Jesus Roberto D
296 . BERNALDEZ, Ma. May Shidee N
297 . BERNARDO, Michelle G
298 . BERSABE, Ma. Vergel C
299 . BIASON, Ana Sofia A
300 . BIDAD, Rochelle T
301 . BINONDO, Marian A
302 . BIONA, Delor P
303 . BISAHAN, Ria Faith N
304 . BITAO, Jayferson M
305 . BLANCO, Cyril Casey G
306 . BOACON, Carlo Oscar P
307 . BOADO, Romina E
308 . BOISER, Carm Albert A
309 . BOLAÑOS, Dorothy D
310 . BOLO-ESCOVILLA, Chillete B
311 . BOLONG, Luz Danielle O
312 . BOLONG, Marie Diane O
313 . BONBON, Arvin L
314 . BONCODIN, Fernando Joshua A
315 . BONGCARON, Kristine R
316 . BORGOÑOS, Anna Paula A
317 . BORJA, Paolo Miguel T
318 . BOTAWAN, Abdul Jabbar M
319 . BOYLES, Marvin O
320 . BRANIA, Jorge S
321 . BRAZIL, Virginia A
322 . BRINGAS, Marianne I
323 . BRIONES, John Russel A
324 . BRITANICO, Julia Anna M
325 . BROMEO-ORDUÑA, Kathleen Ann S
326 . BROÑOLA, Arniel H
327 . BUDADEN, Jonathan R
328 . BUDUHAN, Cristiflor D
329 . BUGAYAO, Margarita A
330 . BUGNOSEN, Aileen S
331 . BULACLAC, Rowena L
332 . BULAN, Christopher C
333 . BULAQUEÑA, Ma. Christine Joy H
334 . BULSO, Brenie D
335 . BUMATAY, Ejay A
336 . BUOT, Merian V
337 . BURTON, Noel Rafael L
338 . BUSTRIA, Tria Jean L
339 . CABAHUG, Christiansen D
340 . CABASA, Theo Joseph N
341 . CABATBAT, Argel Joseph T
342 . CABAÑERO, Mesael L
343 . CABELIN, III, Marcelo G
344 . CABILES, Joseph R
345 . CABLAO, Vincent A
346 . CABOCHAN, Emma Theresa M
347 . CABRADILLA, Precious M
348 . CABRERA, Sarah T
349 . CABREROS, Deo Angelo D
350 . CABRIA, Gelene Mae L
351 . CABUNGAN, Efrile C
352 . CACAPIT, Nathaniel G
353 . CACHOLA, JR., Ricardo B
354 . CADAUAN, Abigale Claydz P
355 . CAEG, Caterina Isabel C
356 . CAET, JR., Meliton R
357 . CAGAMPAN, Baltazar Ansberto L
358 . CAGANG, Libertine G
359 . CAGAT-CAGAT, Alma G
360 . CAGAYAN, Betrand Hans B
361 . CAHILIG, Garry O
362 . CAIN, Mia Gretchen J
363 . CAINDAY, Raquel A
364 . CAJIPE, Edsel G
365 . CALALANG, Angelita S
366 . CALAMAY, Novie Y
367 . CALANOG, Edwin Maurice M
368 . CALANOY, Carolyn M
369 . CALAPRE, Brenjune Bliss G
370 . CALAPRE, Maricar O
371 . CALIDA, Mark Jorel O
372 . CALIMAG, Arnel L
373 . CALIMAG, Erinne Ann B
374 . CALLAO, Terrence Anton T
375 . CALMERIN, Rex D
376 . CALONGE, Anne Marie N
377 . CALSIYAO, May Frances S
378 . CALUB, Ariel Ross L
379 . CALUMPANG, Florida G
380 . CAMARINES, Marc Anito L
381 . CAMBALIZA, Charles Romulus A
382 . CAMILING, Gwen Noreen A
383 . CAMIÑA, Jefferiz Bryan A
384 . CAMMAYO, Romano P
385 . CANDIDO, Rea Abigail M
386 . CANIEDO, Katrene Jade O
387 . CANILAO, Michael Angelo S
388 . CANLAS, Edzel Bert B
389 . CANOBAS, Gileen V
390 . CANON, JR., Raul E
391 . CANTA, Alvin Prandy T
392 . CAPATI, Giancarlo S
393 . CAPILI-GUINGAB, Maricion B
394 . CAPRICHO, I, Jan Roi B
395 . CAPULE, Ma. Niña Bernadette G
396 . CARAYUGAN, Criscelyn B
397 . CARDENAS, Eleanor D
398 . CARIÑO, Mariane Celeste L
399 . CARIÑO, III, Don Gabriel Oligar T
400 . CARONONGAN, Tanya Pamela C
401 . CARREON, Norman C
402 . CASAS, Joyce Grace B
403 . CASASIS, Loyd P
404 . CASIBEN, Solidad L
405 . CASIMIRO, Omar Cris F
406 . CASIPE, Marian Abbie B
407 . CASPE, Mailyn P
408 . CASPELLAN, Pauline Agatha R
409 . CASPILLO, Jose Miguel F
410 . CASTAÑEDA, III, Asisclo A
411 . CASTILAN, Randy F
412 . CASTILLO, Chito N
413 . CASTILLO, Cristina P
414 . CASTILLO, Jeanne Luz R
415 . CASTILLO, Jhoriel T
416 . CASTILLO, Joel S
417 . CASTILLO, Jon Edmarc R
418 . CASTILLO, Nicolo Jose E
419 . CASTRO, Charlotte Fiel P
420 . CASTRO, Christian P
421 . CASTRO, Jenny B
422 . CASTRO, Leevann C
423 . CATRE, Joan Wren S
424 . CATUBAY, Maria Andreameda A
425 . CAUTON, Gideon Elfred A
426 . CAWED, Ana Cristina N
427 . CAWILAN, Ariz Delson Acay D
428 . CAWILAN, Maria Cecilia A
429 . CAYABYAB, Kris Dyan P
430 . CAYANAN, Jojo P
431 . CEBREROS, Marc Titus D
432 . CEBRICUS, Rhoda M
433 . CELOCIA, Jazzie R
434 . CENETA, Feladel R
435 . CERA, Nolisa Blanca O
436 . CERDANA, Lennie Ann C
437 . CERRO, Joy E
438 . CERRO, Mario Bernardo S
439 . CHAVENTE, Aldy V
440 . CHAVEZ, Melissa Ester E
441 . CHAVEZ, Paul Lemuel E
442 . CHENG, Roy E
443 . CHING, Jesselyn Q
444 . CHIU, Irene A
445 . CHOI, Il Young
446 . CHUA, Erni Carlo T
447 . CHUA, Nelson M
448 . CHUA, Rona T
449 . CHUA, Ryan A
450 . CHUMAWAR, JR., Edward F
451 . CIMAFRANCA, Jake
452 . CLAUDEL, Claudette T
453 . CLAVERIA, Xandred Anne D
454 . CLOMA, Marian M
455 . CO, Ashlin Clint L
456 . COCA, Wenelin A
457 . CODERIS, JR., Jovito B
458 . COHERCO, Calvin Ryan O
459 . COLANGAO, Ancelma U
460 . COLEMAN, Francis A
461 . COLLADO, Chillon Dion A
462 . COLLADO, Markneil S
463 . COLLANTES, Anna Consuelo V
464 . COLOMA, JR., Herman M
465 . COLUMNAS, Avril D
466 . CONCEPCION, Ace Jello C
467 . CONCEPCION, Frances Klaire R
468 . CONCEPCION, Giovani C
469 . CONCEPCION, John Ray C
470 . CONCEPCION, Juno Korinna G
471 . CONCEPCION, II, Conrado A
472 . CONEJERO, Joselito V
473 . CONSTANTINO, Maria Theresa D
474 . CONSULTA, Aylward M
475 . CONTACTO, Maria Katrina Nicole C
476 . CONTIGA, Bernes M
477 . COPANUT-PANGWI, Rachel Ginaya W
478 . CORDON, Francesse Joy J
479 . CORDOVA, Fortune Mae C
480 . CORONA, Jhoanna C
481 . CORONADO, Ciane Corrine N
482 . CORONEL, Emil-anton M
483 . CORPUZ, Brian Jay
484 . COSEP, Marnito B
485 . COSI, Lilibeth B
486 . COTARES, Joseph Emmanuel C
487 . COYOCA, Carol G
488 . CRISTOBAL, Ravi Rose S
489 . CRUZ, Christian Renz G
490 . CRUZ, Edel O
491 . CRUZ, Jeric Alvin F
492 . CRUZ, Maria Fatima E
493 . CRUZ, Romina A
494 . CUA, Liezl Y
495 . CUALING, Mar Bianca F
496 . CUARESMA, Eddie C
497 . CUBERO, JR., Fernando B
498 . CUENCA, Jose Fernando B
499 . CUIZON, Lynyrd Christian M
500 . CUKINGNAN, JR., Albert G
501 . CUNANAN, Jose Angelo V
502 . CUNANAN, Therese Anne D
503 . CUNANAN, JR., Rudy D
504 . CURTINA, Jerome A
505 . DA COSTA, Maria Rosario Ana R
506 . DABU, Mary Christine C
507 . DACANAY, Jan Jacob Z
508 . DACATIMBANG, Margaret C
509 . DACAYO-GARCIA, Maria Kristina L
510 . DACILLO, Suzette S
511 . DACQUEL, Benjamin Francis P
512 . DAGDAGAN, Ma. Filipinas E
513 . DAGUNA, Tatiana Lynne N
514 . DAL, Leah Renna B
515 . DALAGAN, Wena Fe P
516 . DALISAY, Eunice G
517 . DALISAY, Sannet Yves Janet P
518 . DALISAY, III, Jose Y
519 . DALLORAN, Gizel Anne B
520 . DALOG, Cyphrine Maxcel Y
521 . DANAO, Jesselton M
522 . DANAS, Julius L
523 . DANICO, Raymond R
524 . DAPAT, Bon Mark C
525 . DAPING, Jerry M
526 . DASAYON-ALUNDAY, Shirlynne B
528 . DAUD, Zhulaika P
529 . DAUZ, Diane Therese T
530 . DAVID, Louella Pamela M
531 . DAVID, Maria Samantha V
532 . DAVILA, Jose Edward A
533 . DAWA, Mark Anthony A
534 . DAYRIT, Maria Katrina P
535 . DAZA, Natasha C
536 . DAZO, Roan Noreen C
537 . DE ALA, Joker Paul A
538 . DE ALBAN, Asteria Benedicta G
539 . DE ASIS, Vincent Pascal T
540 . DE CASTRO, Jenny A
541 . DE CASTRO, Richard Von L
542 . DE DIOS, Hervy Alejandro B
543 . DE GUZMAN, Arne L
544 . DE GUZMAN, Darius B
545 . DE GUZMAN, Jason Almond P
546 . DE GUZMAN, Jerick V
547 . DE GUZMAN, Kristina H
548 . DE GUZMAN, Leah A
549 . DE GUZMAN, Raul SJ
550 . DE GUZMAN, Ray Ann I
551 . DE GUZMAN, Rosa Margarita A
552 . DE GUZMAN, Venus H
553 . DE JESUS, Veronica Zandra L
554 . DE JOYA, Rose Jennifer A
555 . DE LA CRUZ, Janina B
556 . DE LA CRUZ, Krishtine V
557 . DE LA CRUZ, Marilou C
558 . DE LA CUESTA, Joseph Roman D
559 . DE LEON, Fridah Lara M
560 . DE LEON, Heirridge Kevin N
561 . DE LEON, JR., Bernardo V
562 . DE LIMA, Alexis C
563 . DE LIMA, JR., Alfredo S
564 . DE LOS ANGELES, Dino Ricardo T
565 . DE LOS SANTOS, Elaine B
566 . DE LUNA, Mac Lee L
568 . DE VERA, Sue Ann A
569 . DEANG, Carol N
570 . DECANO, Geraldine D
571 . DECOLONGON, Jera M
572 . DEGALA, Julius Victor C
573 . DEJITO, Lucille G
574 . DEL CASTILLO, Judgee Earl Ross D
575 . DEL PUERTO, Jericho B
576 . DEL ROSARIO, Jan Erich F
577 . DEL ROSARIO, Jayson F
578 . DEL ROSARIO, Shiela D
579 . DEL VALLE, Francis S
580 . DELA CRUZ, Aimee Rose DG
581 . DELA CRUZ, Analisa M
582 . DELA CRUZ, Leannie A
583 . DELA CRUZ, Lourdines C
584 . DELA CRUZ, JR., Marcos F
585 . DELA FUENTE, Rainer P
586 . DELA PAZ, John Francis D
587 . DELA RAMA, Sheryl D
588 . DELA ROSA, Nathaniel S
589 . DELA TORRE, Gregorio Marco B
590 . DELICONA, Janissa P
591 . DELMENDO, III, Elizardo G
592 . DELOS REYES, Ana Ofloda S
593 . DELOS REYES, Voltaire Ban L
594 . DELOS SANTOS, Carlo Angelo O
595 . DELOS SANTOS, Corazon Regina E
596 . DELOS SANTOS, Fritz Bryn Anthony M
597 . DELUVIO, Erlan P
598 . DELUVIO, John Haye C
599 . DEMANO, Mary Anne R
600 . DEMATE, Egbert A
601 . DEMETERIO-DIEGO, Nora Analyn S
602 . DENIEGA, Lily Jean P
603 . DEQUIÑA, Doanni Lou F
604 . DERIGAY, Christian D
605 . DESACADA, Reiner B
606 . DIAMANTE, Imee Conn A
607 . DIAMSAY, Mylene P
608 . DIAZ, Christian Niño A
609 . DIAZ, Jesse Mae C
610 . DICHOSA, Joan Mae T
611 . DIEZ, Aldeo Jesus E
612 . DIGNADICE, Allyn Luv Z
613 . DIMACUHA, Maria Aisa O
614 . DIMAGIBA, Hershel Lyn A
615 . DIMALANTA, Adrian Rex C
616 . DIMATATAC, Christopher S
617 . DIMAYUGA, Roxanne Marie B
618 . DINGLE, Shielani Agnes B
619 . DINOPOL, Raphael Leandro E
620 . DIPUTADO, Jean-paul A
621 . DIRON, Abdul Halim P
622 . DIRON, JR., Mabandes S
623 . DISANGCOPAN, Abdel Jamal R
624 . DISTURA, Irene Bianca B
625 . DIVIDINA, Danilo N
626 . DIVIVA, V, Domingo V
627 . DIWAS, Dexter D
628 . DIZON, Catherine Gail C
629 . DIZON, Diana Joy G
630 . DIZON, Mary Anne E
631 . DIÑA, Meinhart A
632 . DIÑO, Adel Cristina Z
633 . DIÑO, Catherine Anne L
634 . DIÑO, Maria Kristina V
635 . DOLINO, Jerros S
636 . DOLLETE, Eric D
637 . DOMANTAY, Jackson G
638 . DOMINGO, Carolin R
639 . DOMINGO, Geraldine Elaine D
640 . DOMINGO, Maria Theresa M
641 . DOMINGO, Mary Emilene T
642 . DOMINGUEZ, Katrina Paula A
643 . DOMINO, Melanie M
644 . DONATO, Annabelle D
645 . DONATO, Mary Rose Grace S
646 . DONES, Jenny Anne T
647 . DONGLA, Joecle R
648 . DOOC, Ma. Socorro E
649 . DORIA, Jonard M
650 . DORIA, Josephine S
651 . DRIO, Erwin T
652 . DU, General D
653 . DUCEPEC, Dianne Caroline V
654 . DUEÑAS, Neil Hector T
655 . DUHAYLONGSOD, Jose Maria B
656 . DULIN, Maria Anastacia N
657 . DUMALAN, Mark Anthony P
658 . DUMAN, Paulyn May P
659 . DUMARPA, Faydah M
660 . DUMAUAL, Michael Edward G
661 . DUMLAO, Lourdes Philina B
662 . DUMLAO, Michael R
663 . DURAN, Gretchen C
664 . DURAN, Jensen Marie R
665 . DURAN, Reggie G
666 . DUYAN, Bernalyn A
667 . DY, Michelle A
668 . DY, Rayshel Margret T
669 . EBALO, Sherwin Dwight O
670 . EBORA, Arianne Rose R
671 . ECHAVEZ, Jeadah A
672 . ECLEVIA, Michael Carl L
673 . EDILLON, Ann N
674 . EDNACO, Madonna Joy L
675 . ELEFAÑO, Mara Nadia C
676 . ELLEMA, Ferdinand S
677 . ELUMBA, John L
678 . EMPHASIS, Al Bill M
679 . ENCISO, Florante N
680 . ENCISO, JR., Adolfo A
681 . ENGO, Katrina E
682 . ENOPIA, Melanie Q
683 . ENRIQUEZ, Amy N
684 . ENTOMA, Lovelie Faith G
685 . ESCALONA, Patricia Ann O
686 . ESCAREZ, Anthony G
687 . ESCOBEDO, Revsee A
688 . ESCOBERO, Lorela B
689 . ESCOBILLO, Emmeline Mae C
690 . ESCOSIA, Grace Xaviere E
691 . ESCUETA-BONGATO, Cherry Ann E
692 . ESPALDON, Al Conrad B
693 . ESPAÑA, Aiza Camille O
694 . ESPENILLA, Jacqueline Joyce F
695 . ESPINA, Raymundo Z
696 . ESPINA, Vicente Andrew M
697 . ESPIRITU, Francis Lorenz E
698 . ESPIRITU, Patrick S
699 . ESPIRITU, Valentino J
700 . ESPIÑA, Hjoan P
701 . ESPLANA, Ryan Jay J
702 . ESQUIVEL, Lady Lanie C
703 . ESTANDARTE, Robert T
704 . ESTEPA, Christine Fatima V
705 . ESTIGOY, JR., Amador A
706 . ESTILLERO, Reigi P
707 . ESTIOCO, Verlito C
708 . ESTIVA, Helen Joyce F
709 . ESTORNINOS, Klarise Anne C
710 . ESTOY, Mary Grace Aileen V
711 . ESTRADA, Karen Mae B
712 . ESTRELLADO, Marc John S
713 . ETANG, Mae Angelie L
714 . ETULLE, Guineverre Q
715 . EUSTAQUIO, Ma. Anna Katrina C
716 . EVANGELISTA, Emmanuel Benedict C
719 . FABIE, Carlisle Marie Anselyn M
720 . FABILA, Kenneth B
721 . FABURADA, Bethany M
722 . FADRIGO, John Paul C
723 . FAJARDO, III, Rodrigo P
724 . FALCES, Jordan P
725 . FAMILARAN, Rafael B
726 . FANDIALAN, Maria Adella L
727 . FAYLONA, Clarissa Bettina F
729 . FERMIL, Vanessa G
730 . FERNANDEZ, Christina R
731 . FERNANDEZ, Maribel M
732 . FERNANDEZ, Patricia S
733 . FERNANDEZ, Raoul Benedict T
734 . FERNANDO, Ruperto V
735 . FEROLIN, Garry Mark N
736 . FERRERAS, Karen U
737 . FERUELO, Marivic M
738 . FIDEL, Denise B
739 . FLOJO, Jerome L
740 . FLORA, Flordeliza B
741 . FLORANDA, Rafael Vincent A
742 . FLORENTINO, Ruth A
743 . FLORES, Catherine A
744 . FLORES, Noli Gabriel C
745 . FLORES, Sienna A
746 . FOLLANTE, Glenn A
747 . FORMOSO, Ros Criswin V
748 . FRADES, Charisma G
749 . FRANCISCO, Marijoy R
750 . FRANCISCO, Yurgen S
751 . FRANCISCO, JR., Floriño J
754 . FRANCO, Katherine J
755 . FRIANEZA, I, Norberto J
756 . FUENTES, John Wayne B
757 . FUENTES, Lea G
758 . FULGENCIO, Jessica Divina E
759 . FULLANTE, Jenny Lynne T
760 . FUMERA, Jocelyn G
761 . GABAS, JR., Remedio T
762 . GABRIEL, Joselina Paula A
763 . GABRITO, Janice G
764 . GABUCAN, JR., Rogelio D
765 . GACAYAN, Jason Roland P
766 . GADIA, Sheryl T
767 . GAERLAN, Marvyn A
768 . GAGARACRUZ, Liza Ann A
769 . GALAGALA, Raul D
770 . GALANG, Mary Ivy Anne T
771 . GALAROSA, Gia Joy G
772 . GALARRITA, Christina Peach P
773 . GALAS, Madonna G
774 . GALINGAN, Rommel DC
775 . GALIT, Mcdonald M
776 . GALLEGO, Jean Mae L
777 . GALLO, Arnie Joy G
778 . GAMOLO, Gerlyn V
779 . GAMPONG, Gemayel P
780 . GANDAMATO, Al-johani M
781 . GANNABAN, Gerian Marez D
782 . GANNABAN-MEDINA, Suzette T
783 . GARAN, Richard Jayson C
784 . GARAY, Carlos N
785 . GARCES, Chrislyned G
786 . GARCES, Craig Shaun Bennett E
787 . GARCIA, Annabelle D
788 . GARCIA, Ednalyn L
789 . GARCIA, Fatima C
790 . GARCIA, Jane Hazel Marie S
791 . GARCIA, Jennie L
792 . GARCIA, Reynan M
793 . GARCIA, Robert Gamaliel B
794 . GARCIA, Roda Raizza V
795 . GARCIA, Ron Jayson M
796 . GARCIA, Willan S
797 . GARCIA, III, Placido O
798 . GARCIA-MENDOZA, Seralyn O
799 . GARCIA-MORERA, Marta Luisa Maria B
800 . GATCHALIAN, JR., Joseph D
801 . GATUS, Norman P
802 . GAUDIANO, Christer James Ray A
803 . GAVINO, Noelle S
804 . GAYTOS, Bobby John B
805 . GENERALAO, Jeanilyn Grace D
806 . GENOTA, Arthur J
807 . GENUINO, II, Abraham D
808 . GEORPE, Jessa Niña I
809 . GERMAR, Francis T
810 . GERMINAL, Romylen A
811 . GERONA, Ma. Victoria G
812 . GERONA, Mary Tifanie H
813 . GERONIMO, Luis Jose F
814 . GIANAN, Virgilio L
815 . GIGANTOCA, Adolf M
816 . GIGARE, Deza F
817 . GIL, Giovanni M
818 . GILIG, Vivencia V
819 . GIMENEZ, Maria Cristina R
820 . GIRARD, Claudita M
821 . GIRAY, Arman D
822 . GITAU, Leoponville Ndota Wambui DC
823 . GO, Anna Marie Cecilia T
824 . GO, Edward Anthony C
825 . GO, Jennifer S
826 . GO, Karen Joyce P
827 . GO, Maryl Karren Ang G
828 . GOLOCAN, Henson B
829 . GOMEZ, Christine May T
830 . GOMEZ, Joanna Patrice D
831 . GONZAGA, Joseph R
832 . GONZALES, Anthony M
833 . GONZALES, Christian Louie C
834 . GONZALES, Christine D
835 . GONZALES, Herbert R
836 . GONZALES, Jaime O
838 . GOZOS, Jonas Patrick M
839 . GRAFIL, II, Deogracias C
840 . GRANADA, Caryl H
841 . GRANADO, Agatha N
842 . GRANADOS, Paulo Jay A
843 . GRAPILON, Rene S
844 . GREGORIO, John Alexander A
845 . GREGORIO, Joseph Alenn R
846 . GRIÑO, Leonard A
847 . GRIÑO, III, Cornelio Erwin B
848 . GRUPO, Idonah Lee B
850 . GUANZON, Teresa Ira Maris P
851 . GUARDIANO, Diana Zoe B
852 . GUARIN, Francis Philip S
853 . GUERRERO, Joey Andrew G
854 . GUERRERO, Nenita M
855 . GUEVARRA, Maria Cristina Portia G
856 . GUIA, JR., Roland Antonio O
857 . GUIAMADEL, Muamar Rhys T
858 . GUIAO, Cecilia Therese T
859 . GUIAO, Chona T
860 . GUIRA, Sopfia Gay R
861 . GUIRHEM, Mary Grace P
862 . GUIRINDOLA, Mark Gerald D
863 . GUMAHAD, Marie Rose P
864 . GUMIA, Racquel Rose M
865 . GUMILAB, Sacrament S
866 . GUZMAN, Maria Anna Irene B
867 . GUZMAN, JR., Hercules T
868 . HABIBUN, Sheilwin U
869 . HADJI OMAR, Anihairah B
870 . HADJULA, Normina R
871 . HAKIM, Yasser M
872 . HALASAN, Ariel C
873 . HALILI, Jc M
874 . HANGDAAN, Annivest D
875 . HARAIN, Mustafa Dreza W
876 . HARINA, Ma. Sheryl L
877 . HELMUTH, Hazel L
878 . HERMOSO, David Augustus L
879 . HERNAL, Ma. Cristina S
880 . HERNANDEZ, Leilah G
881 . HERNANDEZ, Ramon Gerard S
882 . HERNANDEZ, Wendy Lynne P
883 . HERNANDO, Gayle Marie P
884 . HERRERA, Gladys Risenjoy U
885 . HERRERA, Joey V
886 . HERRERA, Miguel Cornelius C
887 . HERRERA, Nicole L
888 . HILAO, Victor Allan B
889 . HILARIO, Philip Jerome J
890 . HIPOS, Kristine Annabellee G
892 . HIZON, Joel Strauss Q
893 . HONTANOSAS, Fritz Albert O
894 . HORTILLOSA, Jana D
895 . HUANG, Francesca Noelle M
896 . HUFANA, Gilbert R
897 . IBAAN, Jocelyn C
898 . ICARO, Richard K
899 . IDIO, Clariza S
900 . IDOS, Jodalyn Z
901 . IGNACIO, Val Derek A
902 . ILAGAN, Miguel Narciso A
903 . ILAW-SANTONIA, Sharon G
904 . ILAYA, Rodante C
905 . ILIGAN, Ramon Jose B
906 . IMPERIAL, Hazel O
907 . IMPERIAL, Jelian Mae R
908 . IMPERIAL, Leo Archival I
909 . INESIN, Donaver S
910 . INGLES, John Patrick F
911 . INOCENCIO-DIOZO, Vanessa Lyn E
912 . INTIA, Joanne L
913 . IRINGAN, Reyvic L
915 . ISABEDRA, Gilbert I
916 . ISIDORO, Eiffel Q
917 . ISIP-REYES, Gayle Hazel S
918 . ISLA, Fatima Ann S
919 . ITULID, Christian S
920 . ITURRALDE, Joseph A
921 . JACINTO, Sheir Casandra M
922 . JACLA, Eleber B
923 . JACOBO, Anna Patricia P
924 . JAGOLINO, Shiela May J
925 . JAGONOS, Joan Q
926 . JALIPA, Melinaire L
927 . JALIPA, Norvin Ralph S
928 . JALLORINA, Russel A
929 . JALOVA, Daisy Joy DL
930 . JANABAJAL, Arnel A
931 . JANDAYAN, Jofred Paul P
932 . JANDOC, Apple R
933 . JANDOC, Maria Irene G
934 . JANIOLA, Nelson A
935 . JAVIER, Franco Exequiel Manuel S
936 . JAVIER, Leah P
937 . JAVIER, Maria Feliza Amparo Christina S
938 . JAVIER, Rolynne A
939 . JIMENEZ, Charity L
940 . JIMENEZ, Rez S
941 . JOLO, Edgar Vincent P
942 . JOMILLA, Dan Kirby S
943 . JORDAN-MERILO, Ruby Christie C
944 . JOSOL, Glenda B
945 . JOSON, Andrea S
946 . JOSON, Roehl G
947 . JOVELLANOS, Kevin Lee Z
948 . JOVEN, Gerald John G
949 . JOYA, Jamella Anne Marie F
950 . JOYA, Rania Joie Marie D
951 . JUNGCO, JR., Enrique A
952 . KALAW, Irish Kay L
953 . KANDA, Aiza Mae J
954 . KEITH, Thorrsson M
955 . KEMPIS, Christine Mary Rose B
956 . KIBITEN-RAMOS, May Flor B
957 . KIMAYONG, Romelyn A
958 . KITONG, Jeniby V
959 . LABAN, III, Augustin P
960 . LABAO, Rex C
961 . LABAY, Jo Blanca PB
962 . LABRA, Ariel O
963 . LACANARIA, Fritzie S
964 . LACASA-MACHICA, Christian May T
965 . LACEDA, Elaine Marie G
966 . LAGMAN, Ser Monina M
967 . LAGMAY, Rony A
968 . LAGOS, Peter Chuck A
969 . LAGRAMADA, JR., Pacifico L
970 . LAGUNDI, Maria Andrea C
971 . LAIG, Maria Christina L
972 . LAJARA, Soliman B
973 . LAMARCA, Justine Anne L
974 . LAMBAN, Jannise Karolle R
975 . LAMELA, Jherwin A
976 . LANDOY, Karl Stephen C
977 . LANG-AYAN, Charles Bronson B
978 . LANO, Ria Corazon S
979 . LANQUIBO-TANTAY, Norylyn I
980 . LANSANG, Blesscilda O
981 . LANTION, Adolf Ryan S
982 . LANUZA, Diane Karryll C
983 . LANZONA-ESTRELLADO, Maria Lourdes G
984 . LAO, Christopher John P
985 . LAO, Sweet Charity S
986 . LAPADA, JR., Fabio T
987 . LAPUZ, Michelle Anne S
988 . LATOSA, Miavelle R
989 . LAURE, Cyrus James G
990 . LAURENTE, Rudylen O
991 . LAURENTINO, Jeannie A
992 . LAURETA, Andre Anacleto C
993 . LAVILLA, Mary Joy A
994 . LAVISTA, John Michael V
995 . LAVIÑA, Lizzamae Grace A
996 . LAYNES, Maria Carla C
997 . LAYUG, Kristina G
998 . LAZAGA, Jed Carlo S
999 . LAZARO, Christian O
1000 . LAZARO, Kathryn B
1001 . LECCIO, Patrich Jerome C
1002 . LEE, Haidee C
1003 . LEE, Je Norhaynee Krsytel G
1004 . LEE, Jennifer C
1005 . LEGASPI, Melissa Grace G
1006 . LEGASTO, Vanessa G
1007 . LEPITEN, Jerome N
1008 . LERIO, Janice A
1009 . LERIT, Julius Cezar T
1010 . LERO, Heart C
1011 . LEUTERIO, Giancarlo Romano M
1012 . LEYBAG, Aileen C
1013 . LEYNES, Aimee Claire DG
1014 . LI, Elizabeth W
1015 . LI, Tiffany W
1016 . LIAO, Joanna Marie A
1017 . LIBAN-BARILLO, Janice G
1018 . LIBANAN, Darrell A
1019 . LIBAYAN, Ranny Randolf B
1020 . LIBUIT-ARROYO, Marigold C
1021 . LIDUA, JR., Nelson T
1022 . LIGAN, James Russel D
1023 . LIGO, Ma. Aries P
1024 . LIM, Cherry May A
1025 . LIM, Jay-r C
1026 . LIM, Jerwin James C
1027 . LIM, Maria Alice C
1028 . LIM, Mark Johan K
1029 . LIM, Mary Rocelyn P
1030 . LIM, Nico Benedict L
1031 . LIM, Severina Bella T
1032 . LINA, Philip M
1033 . LINA, JR., Edgardo B
1034 . LINO, Kimmy Ross M
1035 . LIPANA, Diane Shayne D
1036 . LISING, Daniel D
1037 . LISONDRA, Vals P
1038 . LIWAGON, Bob Jones S
1039 . LIZARONDO, Maureen Christine O
1040 . LLAGUNO, Ma. Asuncion R
1041 . LLANIGUEZ, III, Carlos A
1042 . LLANORA, Kristine Ann C
1043 . LLOREN, Flocerfina E
1044 . LO, Vicente Carlos S
1045 . LOBREGAT, Ma. Cristina V
1046 . LOFRANCO, Ryan Neil R
1047 . LOGICO, Louie Alfren E
1048 . LOGRONIO, Mel Nick S
1049 . LOJA, Reyan C
1050 . LOMOLJO, Divina Katrina R
1051 . LOOD, Ma. Jasmine P
1052 . LOPEZ, Alex Francis Ver R
1053 . LOPEZ, Diana Grace V
1054 . LOPEZ, Francis Angelo A
1055 . LOPEZ, Jan Karlo S
1056 . LOPEZ, Minerva F
1057 . LOPEZ, Paul Gino S
1058 . LOPEZ, Severine Lizeta Constancia L
1059 . LOPEZ, JR., Adolfo T
1060 . LOPEZ, JR., Serafin D
1061 . LORENZO, Allan Vincent B
1062 . LORENZO, Johanna Aleria P
1063 . LORENZO, John Ian S
1064 . LOREZCO, Ted Emmanuel M
1065 . LOSANDE, Buddy Rey L
1066 . LOTILLA, Karll G
1067 . LOZAÑES, Doriedel G
1068 . LUCANEY, Denver P
1069 . LUCAÑAS, Dollyn April A
1070 . LUCIO, Ma. Rosanna C
1071 . LUGO, Monfrey C
1072 . LUGOD, Lorraine T
1073 . LUGTU, Marian Alexandra R
1074 . LUMAGUI, Rommell D
1075 . LUMINATE, Darwin G
1076 . LUMUNSAD, Ryan A
1077 . LUNA, Aissa Celine H
1078 . LUNA, Eric Francis G
1079 . LUPANGO-TAMAYO, Sheara L
1080 . LUTCHAVEZ, Mazna R
1081 . LUTELLA, Adrian B
1082 . MAALA, Jennifer M
1083 . MAANDIG, JR., Lionel M
1084 . MABAGOS, JR., Roberto D
1085 . MABALOT, JR., Roberto B
1086 . MABBAGU, Patrick D
1087 . MABOLO, Rene Paolo G
1088 . MACABALES, Emee I
1090 . MACAHILAS, Sarah Jane C
1091 . MACAIRAN, Marvin Kris T
1092 . MACARAYA, Jema Sharae J
1093 . MACARIO, Maribel B
1094 . MACASAYON, Sittie Tonina B
1095 . MACOROL, Ronald R
1096 . MACUTAY, Cherryl Arni F
1097 . MACWES, Meshack C
1098 . MADAMBA, Linus V
1099 . MADANGENG, Rizzabel A
1100 . MADANLO, Abigail T
1101 . MADDARA, Robert R
1102 . MADERAL, Tiffany Grace P
1103 . MADRIAGA, Louise B
1104 . MADRID, Michael B
1105 . MADRONA, Sofronio T
1106 . MAGALLANES, Jeziel L
1107 . MAGISTRADO, Francis P
1108 . MAGNO, JR., Rosendo C
1109 . MAGPANTAY, JR., Federico L
1110 . MAGTIBAY, JR., Arleo Antonio R
1111 . MAGUNDAYAO, Ryan Joseph A
1112 . MAHUMOC, Dulce Amor P
1113 . MAIDIN, Rhahezza N
1114 . MAITIM, Melquisedic L
1115 . MALABANAN, Marjorie-ann M
1116 . MALANA, John Amador L
1117 . MALANG, Jan Mikhail M
1118 . MALASAGA, Joel P
1119 . MALAYA, Joseph Anthony I
1120 . MALIMAS, Napoleon Regan D
1121 . MALIWANAG, Christine Olivia T
1122 . MALLILLIN, Alexandrino H
1123 . MALLILLIN, Victor Paul E
1124 . MALONDA, Michael B
1125 . MAMUKID, Norliza M
1126 . MANALAYSAY, Ma. Luisa D
1127 . MANALILI, Jorge Vincent G
1128 . MANALOTO, Kathryn Paz Consuelo M
1129 . MANARANG, Katherine Jane L
1130 . MANAYANG, Linel C
1131 . MANDOCDOC, JR., Romulo S
1132 . MANESE, Michelle Karla C
1133 . MANGAMPO, Flora F
1134 . MANGANTULAO, Raidah M
1135 . MANGINGA, Hiede S
1136 . MANGOBA, Shiara P
1137 . MANGOMPIA, Hedjarah B
1138 . MANIGBAS, Anne Catherine B
1139 . MANINGAT, Julio Ma. Edmundo D
1140 . MANIPON-GABRIEL, Imelda C
1141 . MANIWANG, Michelle Diana P
1142 . MANJARES, Michael T
1143 . MANLIQUEZ, Vanessa Lou M
1144 . MANONGSONG, Wyna Lee J
1145 . MANONGTONG, Ilyn S
1146 . MANTILLA-OBENZA, Maria Izyll Candice P
1147 . MAPPANG, Shandra Diane P
1148 . MARALIT, Ben John A
1149 . MARAMBA, Maria Lourdes B
1150 . MARANION, Jerome A
1151 . MARASIGAN, JR., Emmanuel E
1152 . MARATA, Terence M
1153 . MARAÑA, JR., Dulcisimo A
1154 . MARBAS, Thyrza F
1155 . MARBELLA, Carl Sha Jemimah F
1156 . MARBIL, Socrates Benjie I
1157 . MARCAIDA, Edward John D
1158 . MARCAIDA, Ginalyn R
1159 . MARCIAL, Owen S
1160 . MARCO, Francisco Sandino A
1161 . MARDERS, Richelle Mari M
1162 . MARFIL, Maria Frances M
1163 . MARISCAL, Aristeo P
1164 . MAROHOMSALIC, Nashmyleen A
1165 . MARQUEZ, Emmanuel D
1166 . MARQUEZ, Karen Marjorie B
1167 . MARQUEZ, Maria Kim O
1168 . MARTE, Melanie M
1169 . MARTIN, Lynn A
1170 . MARTIN, Strawberry Anne Aubrey B
1171 . MARTINEZ, Jeff L
1172 . MARTINEZ, Joseph Eufemio S
1173 . MARTINEZ, Manuel
1174 . MARTINEZ, Nancy B
1175 . MARTINEZ, Rosalyn D
1176 . MARTIREZ, Ma. Florence Therese DG
1177 . MASANGCAY, Frederick P
1178 . MASILUNGAN, Donnarence M
1179 . MASTURA, Lailane T
1180 . MATAS, Jerome A
1181 . MATAS, Krischelle B
1182 . MATEO, Ian M
1183 . MATIBAG, Kathrina Grace F
1184 . MATIENZO, Herbert DG
1185 . MATIGNAS, JR., Ramon A
1186 . MATTI, Shelou G
1187 . MAYORALGO, Mercedes Isabel B
1188 . MAYUGA, Rachelle Ann T
1189 . MAYUGA, Wilhelmina Aileen B
1190 . MAYUGA-PEREZ, Katherina B
1191 . MEDALLE, Angely P
1192 . MEDIANTE, Michelle DL
1193 . MEDILO, Lawrence L
1194 . MEDINA, Maricon E
1195 . MENDEZ, Frances Nicola B
1196 . MENDIOLA, Oliver C
1197 . MENDOZA, Allan M
1198 . MENDOZA, Anna Marie C
1199 . MENDOZA, Charisse Mae V
1200 . MENDOZA, Juan Carlos DC
1201 . MENDOZA, Lheila Mozenda C
1202 . MENDOZA, P. Winston B
1203 . MENDOZA, Raymond Alvin M
1204 . MENDOZA, Robespierre B
1205 . MENDOZA, Sylwyn Nabor V
1206 . MENDOZA, II, Leonardo B
1207 . MENDOZA-GABRIANA, Ma. Laarni Rycelle B
1208 . MENOR, Edward M
1209 . MERCADO, Crystal A
1210 . MERCADO, Jerome Michael Y
1211 . MEREGILLANO, David Chaim R
1212 . MIANO, Nory Dianne R
1213 . MIJARES, Maria Agatha A
1214 . MILA, Julius C
1215 . MILITAR, Elizur G
1216 . MINA, Rhea Stephanie E
1217 . MINGAO, JR., Norberto M
1218 . MIOLE, JR., Hector M
1219 . MIRAFLOR, Jan Patrick O
1220 . MIRALLES, Nadine Faye C
1221 . MIRALLES, Rachelle S
1222 . MIRANDA, Fernand Joseph D
1223 . MIRANDA, Patricia B
1224 . MIRAS, Adrian G
1225 . MIRASOL, Ken Mark E
1226 . MISA, Ma. Angela Noelle F
1227 . MISADOR, Oliver T
1228 . MISSION, V, Ruben F
1229 . MOHAMMADALI, Fatimah U
1230 . MOLINA, Arvin Stephen L
1231 . MOLINA, Maria Xandralyn M
1232 . MOLINA, Marilyn A
1233 . MONES, Johann Patrick C
1234 . MONFORT, Kristine P
1235 . MONTA, Meriam M
1236 . MONTANCES, Joanne F
1237 . MONTECILLO,JR., Margarito D
1238 . MONTEMAYOR, JR., Carlos A
1239 . MONTERO, Marjorie Leigh T
1240 . MONTES, Kristie Joy B
1241 . MONTES, Lendl Floyd B
1242 . MONTEZA, Madelaine Marie B
1243 . MORAL, Christina Alma M
1244 . MORALEDA, Felix Robert A
1245 . MORALES, Anthony M
1246 . MORALES, Brainard J
1247 . MORALES, Maureen Marie G
1248 . MORALES, Victor Manuel F
1249 . MORANO, Ferdinand R
1250 . MORENO, Gilberto E
1251 . MORENO, Ryan Christopher A
1252 . MORI, Honey Mae G
1253 . MORTEL, Christopher M
1254 . MUCHO, Carl Jon P
1255 . MULA, Persis Niña M
1256 . MUNSAYAC, Michael G
1257 . MUYRONG, Archie Paul C
1258 . NAGA, Fatimah M
1259 . NAGA, Omar-sharief M
1260 . NALUPTA, Richard Alvin M
1261 . NAMIT, Wetzel R
1262 . NAPAO, Romela Mae L
1263 . NAPARAN, Eva Christine V
1264 . NAPICOL, Indira P
1265 . NARCILLA, Glenda C
1266 . NARCISO, Kaiser Kate C
1267 . NARVAEZ, Joanna Maries V
1268 . NATIVIDAD, Deogracias M
1269 . NATIVIDAD, JR., Marcelino D
1270 . NAVAL, Loise Rae G
1271 . NAVALES, Kristopher A
1272 . NAVAROZA, Daryl V
1273 . NAVARRO, Audrynne Castles S
1274 . NAVARRO, Christy P
1275 . NAVARRO, Dennis C
1276 . NAVARRO, Louella B
1277 . NAVARROZA, Ghel C
1278 . NEBRES, Mabelle O
1279 . NEPOMUCENO, Cecille P
1280 . NERI, May Clemence C
1281 . NGO, Webster D
1282 . NICER, Julie Ethel Marie A
1283 . NICOLAS, John Goodlucky V
1284 . NICOLAS, Maylene M
1285 . NIEVES, Ronald Jerome P
1286 . NIÑAL, Jose Marie A
1287 . NOBLEZA, Arlyn J
1288 . NOGRALES, Amanda Marie F
1289 . NOLASCO, Juan Jaime D
1290 . NOLLORA, Dutch Manuel R
1291 . NOROMBABA, Teachie Felina O
1292 . NUFABLE, Nefretery M
1293 . OBERAS, John Paul L
1294 . OBLIGADO, Neil Arvin B
1295 . OBMINA, Paul Angelo D
1296 . OBRERO, Maria Kathrina D
1297 . OCAMPO, Bryan Chester F
1298 . OCAMPO, Christian Joy O
1299 . OCAMPO, Christine E
1300 . OCAMPO, Michael B
1301 . OCAMPO-TAN, Elaine Christine K
1302 . OCCIANO, Salvador Heriberto E
1303 . OCENAR, Jerico C
1304 . OCHOA, Kristine Gail C
1305 . ODASAN, Carina G
1306 . ODRON, Bernard R
1307 . OLDAN, Kristine G
1308 . OLIVA, Erwin S
1309 . OLIVA, Ryan P
1310 . OLIVARES, Mary Grace Z
1311 . OLLAGING, Nova B
1312 . OLOTEO, Philbert A
1313 . OLPOC, Peter Roderick M
1314 . OMPOC, Javin Dominic G
1315 . ONG, Carlo Emmanuel D
1316 . ONG, Joanna Kim A
1317 . ONG, John Y
1318 . ONGAN, Jeanna B
1319 . ONIDA, Carmen Rosario I
1320 . ONSAT, Federico E
1321 . OPERARIO, Rhenelle Mae O
1322 . OPERAÑA, Marlon C
1323 . OPERIANO, Danilo F
1324 . OPETINA, Leandro N
1325 . OPIÑA, Ronalyn M
1326 . OPRIASA, Miralyn C
1327 . OPULENCIA, Charissa Eloisa Julia R
1328 . ORALLER, Livi N
1329 . ORDOÑO, Olyne C
1330 . ORGE, Jane Pauline C
1331 . ORTALEZA, Liza R
1332 . ORTEGA, Lizar U
1333 . ORTIZ, II, Claro Paulo T
1334 . OUANO, Bryant E
1335 . PAAT, Bernard D
1336 . PABALATE, Mark Gjefferson E
1337 . PABLO, Homer L
1338 . PACASEM, Badrodin B
1339 . PACATANG, Ivan Louie
1340 . PACATANG, JR., Michael Reonel S
1341 . PACETE, Johanna B
1342 . PACIFICADOR, Zann Paolo L
1343 . PACLIBAR, Lorna P
1344 . PACULANANG, Chervin C
1345 . PADAOAN, Melvin H
1346 . PADERANGA, Katleya C
1347 . PADILLA, Bianca Emma M
1348 . PADILLA, Harvey James L
1349 . PADILLA, Kristine J
1350 . PADON-RABANAL, Kristal Mary Y
1351 . PAGANAJE, Julie Karen U
1352 . PAGANDIYAN, Leo L
1353 . PAGATPAT, Philip Jun A
1354 . PAGUIO, Joanna Marie F
1355 . PAGUNTALAN, Jenny T
1356 . PAJO, Rico B
1357 . PALABRAS, Henedine P
1358 . PALACIO, Joan C
1359 . PALACIO, Kevin P
1360 . PALAD-BERNANTE, Margarita T
1361 . PALADAN, Joel F
1362 . PALANAN, Ernie F
1363 . PALANCA, Leogina S
1364 . PALARCA, Chris David D
1365 . PALATTAO, IV, Rodolfo John Robert C
1366 . PALMA, II, Wilter W
1367 . PALMARES, Maria Lorena E
1368 . PALMES, Connie S
1369 . PAMALOY, Sittie Raifah M
1370 . PAMARAN, Dean Ace A
1371 . PANADO, Eunice Scarlet Joy S
1372 . PANAGUITON, Catherine S
1373 . PANCHO, Emerald B
1375 . PANIZALES, Precious Grace S
1376 . PANO, Bryann Jett S
1377 . PANOPIO, Karren Cecil I
1378 . PANTALEON, Cheryl P
1379 . PANTI, Recto M
1380 . PANTUA, Anthony Dinnes C
1381 . PANZO, Jimmy Rose C
1382 . PAPIO, Jennifer P
1383 . PAR, Angelo S
1384 . PARAS, Jose Maria T
1385 . PARCON, Jerry Frank C
1386 . PAREL, Ramoncito C
1387 . PARIS, Reynaldo F
1388 . PASAMBA, Roberto V
1389 . PASCUA, Dominique P
1390 . PASCUA, JR., Manuel M
1391 . PASCUAL, Charlie DC
1392 . PASCUAL, Romaine G
1393 . PASIOL, Jap Laarni T
1394 . PASION, Eric Emmanuel C
1395 . PATAM-KI, Rachelle G
1396 . PATAWARAN, Richelle Dianne R
1397 . PATILLEROS, Kristine B
1398 . PATOC, Alex A
1399 . PATULOT, Juliet N
1400 . PAULINO, Lex A
1401 . PAWINGI, Michelle P
1402 . PEDROZA, Leslie M
1403 . PEJO, Salvacion Soledad B
1404 . PELAEZ, III, Efrain Julio Jose G
1405 . PELAGIO, Danilo P
1406 . PELIÑA, Christian C
1407 . PENILLA, Theresa R
1408 . PENILLOS, Angelica S
1409 . PEPITO, Elijah Manuel Z
1410 . PEPITO, Teodoro Roteo T
1411 . PEQUE, Marie A
1412 . PERALTA, Ariel P
1413 . PERALTA, Josie C
1414 . PERALTA, Juvy A
1415 . PERALTA, Marc Anthony M
1416 . PERALTA, Veronica T
1417 . PEREZ, Aiza Riz S
1418 . PEREZ, Byron P
1419 . PEREZ, Richard V
1420 . PEREZ-QUILILAN, Mary Camille S
1421 . PEREZ-VILLAGOMEZ, Jocelyn E
1422 . PEÑA, Charisse B
1423 . PEÑA, JR., Manuel P
1424 . PEÑA-CAREÑA, Ruby Jane S
1425 . PILOTON, Alan B
1426 . PINEDA, Billy Joel M
1427 . PINEDA, Gemma Grace G
1428 . PINEDA, Jaklyn Hanna V
1429 . PINEDA, Ryan Daryl G
1430 . PINGOL, Precious Ellen L
1431 . PINGUL, Carla S
1432 . PINSOY, Jasmin N
1433 . PINTUCAN, Maricel C
1434 . PIO, John Peter L
1435 . PIRAMIDE, Charisse L
1436 . PIZAÑA, Aileen Grace P
1437 . PIÑGOL, Jose Crisanto V
1438 . PLATA, Renan A
1439 . PLAZA, Glenn P
1440 . PLAZA, Zander J
1441 . PLAZA, III, Manuel S
1442 . PODOT, William P
1443 . POLIDO, Ma. Lourdes C
1444 . POMARIN, Eveart Grace O
1445 . POOTEN, Wylver B
1446 . PORMENTO, Gemaine D
1447 . PORTER, Jan Michael Anthony S
1448 . PORTUGAL, Jan Pearl F
1449 . POSADAS, Stefanie Marie A
1450 . POSO, Charles L
1451 . POSTRADO, Realyn M
1452 . PRADO, Amy V
1453 . PRIETO, Pamela Tammy A
1454 . PRINCIPE, Myra M
1455 . PRINCIPE, Princess Marie Anne T
1456 . PUA, Brian N
1457 . PUA, Kennard U
1458 . PUENTESPINA, May Suzanne N
1459 . PULMANO, Reden B
1460 . PUNZALAN, Angela J
1461 . PUNZALAN, Gilbert J
1462 . PURA, III, Valentin A
1463 . PURGANAN, Paolo John D
1464 . PUYOS, Fe V
1465 . QUA, Irene Marie P
1466 . QUE, Leanne Herschel C
1467 . QUEBRAL, JR., Romulo E
1468 . QUEZON, Shangrila C
1469 . QUIAMAS, Jane Frances A
1470 . QUIAMBAO, Jeffrey DJ
1471 . QUIBRAL, Raina Andrea C
1472 . QUICO, Rambo F
1473 . QUIDET, Magnolia T
1474 . QUIMIO, Glenn Anthony M
1475 . QUINITO, Marie Antonette U
1476 . QUINSAY, Stacy G
1477 . QUINTOS, Ronadette B
1478 . QUITOLA, Elena Maye S
1479 . QUITORIANO, Jovina G
1480 . QUIÑANOLA, Edison A
1481 . RACAZA, Jennifer Hazel A
1482 . RACELIS, Alwin P
1483 . RACHO, Mary Livee L
1484 . RACHO-NEPOMUCENO, Kristine C
1485 . RADOVAN, Melanie Rose Marie B
1486 . RAFAL-ROBLE, Cherry Liez O
1487 . RAFLORES, Amabel T
1488 . RAGAMAT, William G
1489 . RAMIENTAS, Jeffrey A
1490 . RAMIL, Maricel A
1491 . RAMIREZ, Romulo P
1492 . RAMOLETE, Mark Gil J
1493 . RAMOS, Diana Rose B
1494 . RAMOS, Gay C
1495 . RAMOS, Leslie G
1496 . RAMOS, Maricar G
1497 . RAMOS, Phebean Belle A
1498 . RAMOS, Voltaire B
1499 . RANARA-NECESARIO, Maria Pacita M
1500 . RASONABLE, Charles B
1501 . RAZOTE, Jade R
1502 . RAÑADA, JR., Rey A
1503 . RAÑESES, Amore Rex B
1504 . REAL, Maricris L
1505 . REAL, JR., John Roy Robert G
1506 . REALO, Glenn B
1507 . REBUELTA, Josef June Z
1508 . RECIO, James Andrew N
1509 . RECTO, Angelica Anne B
1510 . RED, Christine Lovely E
1511 . REFUGIO, Gregorio R
1512 . REGALA, Xerxes R
1513 . REGALADO, Julie Ann B
1514 . REGALADO, Maria Angela Regina B
1515 . REGIS, Gerard Anthony C
1516 . REGUAL, Samichael Nostradamus U
1517 . RELOPEZ, Kevin Edrick P
1518 . RELUNIA, Cirenne Mei M
1519 . RELUYA, Philline Rosamae P
1520 . RENOMERON, Hyacinth D
1521 . RENONG, Jenna Mary Leen L
1522 . REOTUTAR, Jiezl Gabrielle G
1523 . REPOLLO, Kirk Bryan J
1524 . REQUINA, Wilmar K
1525 . RESPICIO, Anna Francesca C
1526 . REVISA, Kirk William B
1527 . REYES, Cherry Lou T
1528 . REYES, Earl Alfred B
1529 . REYES, Florence Albert B
1530 . REYES, Izah Katrina T
1531 . REYES, Jennifer Gayle B
1532 . REYES, Jennifer Rose P
1533 . REYES, Noemi R
1534 . REYES, Robert Christopher F
1535 . REYES, Roland A
1536 . REYES, Trixia Theresa B
1537 . REYES-EUGENIO, Jehan T
1538 . REYES-MARCOS, Marie Grace Divina P
1539 . REYNANTE, Prescia Vanessa A
1540 . REYNES, Culbert G
1541 . REYNON, JR., William A
1542 . RICASATA, III, Ruben Gerald V
1543 . RICO, Rimo M
1544 . RIDON, James Mark Terry L
1545 . RIVERA, Lanie D
1546 . RIVERO, Andy G
1547 . ROBEA, Edward L
1548 . ROBILLOS, Archimedes G
1549 . ROBINO, Jennette D
1550 . ROBIS, Revi D
1551 . ROBLES, JR., Domingo S
1552 . ROCAS, Karla Mae M
1553 . ROCERO, Fatima Clarisse C
1554 . RODRIGO, Roberto Rey S
1555 . RODRIGUEZ, Rogelio C
1556 . RODRIGUEZ, Ronaldo G
1557 . RODULFO, Michael Ian F
1558 . RODULFO, JR., Oliver S
1559 . ROGELIO, Ferdinand G
1560 . ROJAS, Hyacinth M
1561 . ROJO, Lail A
1562 . ROMAN, Vernice Lauren S
1563 . ROMANO, Joseph G
1564 . ROMANO, Raymond P
1565 . ROMERO, Jing-jing S
1566 . ROMULO, Aigy R
1567 . RONDINA, Rached P
1568 . RONQUILLO, Ferdinand Mark C
1569 . RONQUILLO, Shiela Mae B
1570 . ROQUE, Beatrice Eusebia P
1571 . ROQUE, Noel R
1572 . ROQUE, Raymond R
1573 . ROSALES, Maria Luisa Isabel L
1574 . ROSALES, Samantha Wesley K
1575 . ROSARIO, Mercy Diane GC
1576 . ROSITO, Henry B
1577 . ROXAS, JR., Leopoldo E
1578 . RUFLO, Juanita Christine S
1579 . RUIZ, Flerida G
1580 . RUIZ, Juby Bernadette R
1581 . RUIZ, Roviric M
1582 . RUIZ-POLIZON, Shana Mae A
1583 . RULIDA, Ardel Ryan D
1584 . RUPINTA, Rodrigo G
1585 . RUSTE, Benjamin Jose D
1586 . SABBEN, Joycee R
1587 . SABITSANA, Michelle PM
1588 . SABONG, Mary Grace L
1589 . SACRAMENTO, Geomelyn Sarah D
1590 . SADEGHI-TAJAR, Patrick Muhammad Ali O
1591 . SADIAN, John Carlo Gil M
1592 . SADICON, Marius Jovenus Ian S
1593 . SAEZ, Jul Davi P
1594 . SAGABAEN, John-john C
1595 . SAGAYADAN, Leon Miguel E
1596 . SAGAYO, Jules Carlson B
1597 . SAJOR, Michael Tito R
1598 . SALALIMA, Jason John S
1599 . SALAMAT, Dahlia B
1600 . SALAZAR, Kilsten O
1601 . SALAZAR, Maria Carmela B
1602 . SALINAS, Simoun Antonio M
1603 . SALONGA, Eugene Carlo DR
1604 . SALTING, JR., Alfredo A
1605 . SALUDEZ-ESTEBAN, Arlynne T
1606 . SALUNAT, Erlou V
1607 . SALVA, Francis John R
1608 . SALVADOR, Maria Cecilia Gertrudes R
1609 . SALVADOR, Rigel A
1610 . SALVATIERRA, Jeamie Y
1611 . SAMARITA, Raymond M
1612 . SAMILIN, Kristine G
1613 . SAMPAGA, Genesis L
1614 . SAMSON, Barbie E
1615 . SAMSON, Rina D
1616 . SAN DIEGO, Lyvette D
1617 . SAN JOSE, Tiara Marie J
1618 . SAN JUAN, Christian E
1619 . SAN JUAN, Guia Bianca V
1620 . SAN PEDRO, JR., Rodrigo M
1621 . SANCHEZ, Arnel M
1622 . SANCHEZ, Janice C
1623 . SANCHEZ, Roberto Iñigo D
1624 . SANGUAL, Marites F
1625 . SANICO, Florante Clod T
1626 . SANSARONA, JR., Mamarico L
1627 . SANTIAGO, Criselda S
1628 . SANTIAGO, Geneflor L
1629 . SANTIAGO, Janette S
1630 . SANTIAGO, Rodolfo B
1631 . SANTILLAN, Ann Murray Y
1632 . SANTILLAN, Cleo Marie C
1633 . SANTOK, Gene Darryl R
1634 . SANTOS, Charrie M
1635 . SANTOS, Christine R
1636 . SANTOS, Christopher John SJ
1637 . SANTOS, Clarence S
1638 . SANTOS, Juan Paulo C
1639 . SANTOS, Manolo Adel M
1640 . SANTOS, Maria Kristina R
1641 . SANTOS, Victor Eleazar SJ
1642 . SANTOS, JR., Ronaldo L
1643 . SAPLA, Joyce A
1644 . SARADAIN, Baltazar S
1645 . SARANILLO, Carl Marlou C
1646 . SARAPUDDIN, Mohammad Bhydir B
1647 . SARGADO, Jeremiah D
1648 . SARIL, Ma. Rosafe Amelou V
1649 . SARMIENTO, Kelly A
1650 . SARMIENTO, Nina Mikaela S
1651 . SATUITO, Bernardo N
1652 . SAUNAR, Kris Norwin B
1653 . SAUZ, Raphael A
1654 . SAVILLA, Doreen Ann C
1655 . SAVILLA, Jesse Rainier F
1656 . SAWATE, Lurieta T
1657 . SEBOLLENA, JR., Danilo M
1658 . SEGISMUNDO, Nestor P
1659 . SEGUBIENSE, Reynaldo F
1660 . SENIEL, Dax C
1661 . SENO, Maricel R
1662 . SEPACIO, Erwin T
1663 . SERIÑA, Izabel F
1664 . SESANTE, Kenneth Kernn A
1665 . SIA, Lawrence C
1666 . SIAN, Dikki Jean Y
1667 . SIANOYA, Ana Lee T
1668 . SIAPNO, Emmanuel Noah C
1669 . SILERIO, Domilyn G
1670 . SILVA, Ina Bianka D
1671 . SILVESTRE, Ryan O
1672 . SIMON, Michelle E
1673 . SIMYUNN, Henry H
1674 . SINGAYAN, Diane Maxima B
1675 . SINGCOL, Ana Theressa D
1676 . SINGSON, Izra Elita C
1677 . SINGSON, Kristelle G
1678 . SINGSON, Sheldon Melanio S
1679 . SOBEJANA, Elmer I
1680 . SOGUILON, Israel C
1681 . SOL, Rozelin Rochette DJ
1682 . SOLACITO, Robie Ann G
1683 . SOLAMO, Clipton J
1684 . SOLANO, Ryan James D
1685 . SOLIS, Marben Julter D
1686 . SOLIS-GARCIA, Maria Myren S
1687 . SOLLESTA, Christy Marie A
1688 . SOMERA, JR., Bernardino Paul R
1689 . SORIA, Roselyn M
1690 . SORIANO, Rio Ariel A
1691 . SORIANO, Suzanne Bernadette P
1692 . SORIAO, Francis Victor B
1693 . SORIQUEZ, Mark John M
1694 . SOTELO, Manilyn Rose S
1695 . STA. LUCIA, Richmund C
1696 . STA. MARIA, Kris Bernadette T
1697 . STA. RITA, Ken Edward S
1698 . STO. DOMINGO, JR., Rey A
1699 . SUAREZ, Czarina Keziah E
1700 . SUAREZ, Gilbert T
1701 . SUAREZ, Katrina Farrah P
1702 . SUAREZ, Michelle Carisse N
1703 . SUBALDO, JR., Clodualdo E
1704 . SUCION, Joselino N
1705 . SUDARIO, Louis C
1706 . SUETOS, Myrene Q
1707 . SUICO, Diana E
1708 . SUICO, Louie W
1709 . SULAY, Clarmanette B
1710 . SULOG, Alyassar Saudi S
1711 . SULTAN, Harriett E
1712 . SUMAOANG, Lerma M
1713 . SUMPINGAN-LOMANGCOLOB, Sittie Noronnisa M
1714 . SUNGAHID, Cindy Antonette M
1715 . SUNICO, Khrisna P
1716 . SURINGA, Vanessa M
1717 . SUYAT, Noel S
1718 . SUÑGA, Mark John B
1719 . SY, Ariane Camille M
1720 . SY, Katrina May O
1721 . SY JUCO, Mary Angeline E
1722 . TA-ACA, Eric G
1723 . TABAMO, IV, Jose Jat J
1724 . TABILAS-ABIVA, Cristamarie D
1726 . TABONIGAO, Maria Dianne C
1727 . TADTAD, JR., G. Silas I
1728 . TAGLE, Brian Edward M
1729 . TAGNIA, Roderick B
1730 . TAGSA, Joseph Benjamin P
1731 . TAGUFA, Kristofer S
1732 . TAGULAO, Louie Belle C
1733 . TALLADA, JR., Cornelio R
1734 . TAMARES, John Joseph S
1735 . TAMARGO, JR., Franklin P
1736 . TAMAYAO, Katrina Bianca T
1737 . TAMAYO, Dinah Jane R
1738 . TAMAYO, James Jules B
1739 . TAMAYO-JIMENEA, Ghizelle Jean S
1740 . TAN, Anne Stephanie B
1741 . TAN, Glendale J
1742 . TAN, Jason Rainier T
1743 . TAN, Kristina G
1744 . TAN, Maria Rois S
1745 . TAN, Mary Caroline A
1746 . TAN, Paul Edward V
1747 . TANGLAO, JR., Fernando L
1748 . TAPALES, Sonia S
1749 . TAPANGAN, Tessa Mae R
1750 . TARCE, Christian L
1751 . TARO, Cristina S
1752 . TARUC-BATALLA, Leira Leonor S
1753 . TAWAGON, Sittie Aisa Azisaida L
1754 . TAYAO, Joseph D
1755 . TAÑEDO, June Catherine G
1756 . TEJADA, Gracielle M
1757 . TEJANO, Francis John L
1758 . TEJANO, Sheena May D
1759 . TEJERO, Eric Jason S
1760 . TEJERO, Joahnna Eve S
1761 . TEJERO, III, Jaime R
1762 . TENDENCIA, Kristine A
1763 . TENEFRANCIA, Yvette C
1764 . TENORIO, Cris P
1765 . TESALONA, Michelle Anne C
1766 . TIANELA, Noel P
1767 . TIBLE, Stephanie Anne V
1768 . TINGCHUY, Azenith B
1769 . TIONGSON, Renee Stephanie B
1770 . TOLENTINO, Anne Chinika L
1771 . TOLENTINO, Francisco Paolo Rafael G
1772 . TOLETE-JUCO, Mary Ann M
1773 . TOLIBAS, Francis T
1774 . TOMANENG, Guia Marie M
1775 . TOMENIO, Cecilia A
1776 . TONDARES, Graziella C
1777 . TORNO, Ricardo Luis M
1778 . TORNO, Vanessa Anne A
1779 . TORRES, Justine Nicole V
1780 . TORRES-GERMAR, Nicolette Queency C
1781 . TORREÑA, Darlene D
1782 . TRANI, Vanessa P
1783 . TRAVERO, Beverly O
1784 . TREMOR, Jamor O
1785 . TRIA, January L
1786 . TRINIDAD, Frederico Luis P
1787 . TRINIDAD, Jay-ryan M
1788 . TRINIDAD, Michelle D
1789 . TUAZON, Roland Glenn T
1790 . TUCAY, Suzette A
1791 . TUMAPON, Amalou R
1792 . TUPAS, Arnel S
1793 . TURGANO, Samuel Rufino J
1794 . TURIANO, Fe Cecelia B
1795 . TURIAO, Aseria C
1796 . TURIJA-PALMOS, Blessie L
1797 . TURLA, Zandra A
1798 . TURQUEZA, Philander L
1799 . TUSAY, Roland F
1800 . TUTAY, Jenelyn R
1801 . TUVERA, Rafael P
1802 . UMALI, Dane-daniel O
1803 . UMALI, Mary Antonette B
1804 . UMALI, Melvin Niño A
1805 . URETA, Yen P
1806 . URIARTE, Ariane Krystel C
1807 . URRIQUIA, Joel C
1808 . USITA, Chanda D
1809 . USQUISA-BINARAO, Sheena G
1810 . USTAREZ, Jomarlli B
1811 . UY, Gino Paulo O
1812 . UY, Jan Reiner B
1813 . UY, Jean Marie L
1814 . UY, Jessamyn H
1815 . UY, Kathleen Sheelah T
1816 . UY, Melanie V
1817 . UY, Rosselle G
1818 . VAFLOR, June M
1819 . VALDERRAMA, Nico B
1820 . VALDEZ, Amiel Ian A
1821 . VALDEZ, Ethel Cristine S
1822 . VALDEZ, Halleck A
1823 . VALDEZ, Jesus Victor B
1824 . VALDEZ, Michelle B
1825 . VALENCIA, Harvy Brian H
1826 . VALENCIANO, Melanie B
1827 . VALERIO-MORADA, Esmeralda M
1828 . VALERO, Frederick L
1829 . VALIENTE, Jonathan B
1830 . VALMADRID, Benedict J
1831 . VANGUARDIA, Maria Ester B
1832 . VAPOROSO, Melvin O
1833 . VARGAS, Sheryl I
1834 . VARGAS, Tirso O
1835 . VARGAS, Zionelle Anne P
1836 . VEGA, Beatrice Aurora A
1837 . VEGIM, Remedios T
1838 . VELMONTE, Marinel L
1839 . VELOS, Sherrymae O
1840 . VENTURA, Maria Theresa Vivian L
1841 . VERGA-FRANCISCO, Ana Maria Q
1842 . VERGANIO, Evelyn D
1843 . VERSOZA, Earl A
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1845 . VERZOSA, Vida Soraya S
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Quick Quake Look and the Tsunami

There’s been a series of non-stop discussion on the recent quake that hit the Visayas these past few days amid the relief and disaster operation conducted at the heavily-stricken areas. I’ve heard facts and non-facts-at-all from radio broadcasters who talked like experts on earthquakes and tsunamis.

I’ve been keeping this manual on “Earthquake and Tsunami” published in 1990 by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PhiVolcS) that serves as a guide for my news reportage.

Many of the facts in the manual are nowhere can be found in the internet because of the inability of the PhiVolcS to upload it to the cyberspace for some reasons.

One fact that stands out in the manual is the Tsunami map where all of the 27 local tsunamis from 1603 – 1975 are plotted. The map proves the claims of non-experts that tsunamis occur only in open seas are indeed WRONG. The map shows several places in the Philippines with inland seas that were hit by tsunamis. One of which is the coastline of now the Metro Cebu area as indicated in the map. The exact date of this tsunami that hit Cebu once-upon-a-time is not indicated in the map.

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Loving Someone Else

I’m happy for her instead.
The one who truly cares
Is the one who provides happiness.

I’m happy for her instead.
True love forgets
Willing to give up even her.

I’m happy for her instead.
That she found happiness
In the arms of somebody else.

I’m happy for her instead.
Call it love heroism.
If not insane.

I’m happy for her instead.
Love knows no fairness
Love waits. Love persevere. Love hurts

I’m happy for her instead.
Love is Often Vulnerable but endures the pain.
Those who is failed and endured pain is in love.

I’m happy for her instead
Those who think of vengeance is evil.
Keep mum and you’ll have a silent revenge.

Love is a surprise in itself. Just wonder afterwards.

Recording a Radio Show on a Mobile Phone

myphone T23 Duo has a good sound recorder.

Finally, i have tried in full myphone T23 Duo’s sound recorder during my coverage with the business plan making seminar of the “Search for W.I.N.N.E.R.s” yesterday at the USC-SVD Study Mission Center.

All the voice recordings were used in yesterday’s episode of my radio show–“USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na” over DyAB1512.

The result was amazing considering most cellphones have omni-directional microphone. Omni-directional microphones pick up sounds from all directions as its pick-up pattern.

Omni-Directional microphone picks up sounds from all directions.

Cardioid pick-up pattern is a heart-shape. The microphone picks up sound more at the front than its sides.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia: A cardioid generated by a rolling circle

The manual of the T23Duo doesn’t speak about its pick-up pattern characteristic whether it is omni-directional or cardioid which is widely-used in broadcasting. My suspicion, based on the way it picks up sounds during my recording, T23Duo has a cardioid microphone.

I have to convert first the AMR files into another format suitable for editing in my audio editing software.

Since the recording audio format was in compress and lossy format AMR, the recorded voices are a little dull. The Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) is common in GSM and UMTS mobile phones because of its speech format. But its sampling frequency is 8khz at 13-bit which is equivalent to the sound of a land line telephone–considered the lowest audio sampling quality.

Hence, i made a little audio enhancement on the recording using Adobe Audition to improve the quality. The tone is adjusted by lowering the low-band frequencies while increasing the mid-range and high frequencies using the graphic equalizer on my audio editing software.

The final result was amazing. It’s of broadcast quality. As if, i am using a professional voice recorder for my entire coverage of the event.

“Hidden Cam” and “Hayden Cam”

note: this post has been updated!!!!

“Hidden Cam”

We used to label news footage taken without the knowledge of our news sources as “Stolen Shots”. But since the phrase has a negative connotation being the shot a stolen one—the newsroom had decided to rename it to “Actual Shots”.

The footage in coverages that are planned to be taken with cameras hid from the people around the location shoot was named as “Hidden Cam” shots.

Various TV news organizations have its own rules about “Hidden Cams” for reasons of appropriateness and ethics. (Click ABS-CBN policy on Hidden Cam). Bob Steele of the The Poynter Institute wrote the “High Standards for Hidden Cameras“.

In my Investigative Journalism class at the University of San Jose Recoletos, I imparted to my students the following lessons about hidden camera taken from various sources.

Hidden Camera always refers to the covert use of a video camera in documenting a story. Actual shots are very essentials to a broadcast story. It tells life and reality.

The use of a hidden camera connotes malicious act committed by journalist. That’s why, broadcast news renamed “hidden camera” to actual surveillance shots.

In so conducting actual surveillance shots or using hidden camera, deception or employing false identity is also present.


  • Possible violation of the Anti-Wire Tapping Law
    • Recording of voices without the consent of both parties involved in the conversation is illegal.
  • Possible invasion of the privacy of individuals


  • When the information obtained is of profound importance. It must be of vital public interest, such as revealing great “system failure” at the top levels, or it must prevent profound harm to individuals.
  • When all other alternatives for obtaining the same information have been exhausted.
  • When the journalists involved are willing fully and openly to disclose the nature of the deception and the reason for it to those involved and to the public.
  • When the individuals involved and their news organization apply excellence, through outstanding craftmanship as well as the commitment of time and funding needed to pursue the story fully.
  • When the harm prevented by the information revealed through deception outweighs any harm caused by the act of deception.
  • When the journalists involved have conducted a meaningful, collaborative, and deliberative decision-making process.


  • Winning a prize
  • Beating the competition
  • Getting the story with less expense of time and resources
  • Doing it because “the others already did it”.
  • The subjects of the story are themselves unethical.

“Hayden Cam”

Actress Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho dancing in this video recording.

As regards to the sex video recordings of Dr. Hayden Kho with at least three of his former girlfriends—psychologists consider it as sexual voyeurism.

Kho who is a celebrity doctor could not be guilty of it (sexual voyeurism) due to the absence of a law defining such activity as a crime. However, laywers of actress Katrina Halili who was one of those who performed sex acts with Kho in the sex video recording found a law (on violence against women and children) that could possibly put the celebrity doctor to jail for six years.


Dr. Hayden Kho with a Brazilian model. The shot is a little bit of out-of-frame.


Dr. Hayden Kho with actress Katrina Halili. The shot was taken with low lights.


Dr. Hayden Kho with model-actress Maricar Reyes. The shot is out-of-focus or the focusing lens of the camera was not properly set.

The reason why TV news teams use hidden cam in the pursuit of their practice is for the public to know the truth. Dr. Hayden Kho’s sex video recording is somewhat private but gone public.



Q: Ano ang shampoo ni Katrina Halili?

A: e di, the world’s number 1 anti-dandruff shampoo–HAYDEN SHOULDERS!

(Careless Whisper–rewritten)

Katrina never gonna dance again

Guilty Hayden got no rhythm

And it’s easy to pretend,

She knows Hayden’s not a fool

Should have known better

Than to hide the cam,

The wasted chance

Hayden’s been given…

So Katrina never dance again,

The way she danced with Kho…

Ooohh… ooohh…

UPDATE 2!!!!

I was wondering why Maricar Reyes has been silent until now about the more vivid video sex scandal involving her and Dr. Hayden Kho.

My question is answered when i saw the other video recording of Maricar and Dr. Kho in a closer shot and more crisp footage. Apparently, the recording had the consent of Maricar as seen in this frame:


Dr. Hayden Kho with Maricar on his lap is adjusting the cam with Maricar appeared consenting it.


This is the beginning of a more torid and vivid shots… Sorry can’t share it here!!!! 🙂 Click here for the vivid clips.

UPDATE 3!!!!!

This FAKE  “ABS-CBNnews update” has been circulating for several weeks now when curious people started looking up the net of more video scandal involving Dr. Hayden Kho.

I received this in an email attachment and it’s funny.



Ha…ha… enjoy!!!

UPDATE 4!!!!!

House passes bill penalizing photo and video voyeurism

Salient points of HB(proposed “Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009“):

  • imprisonment ranging from six months to six years and a fine of P100,000 to P500,000.
  • if a violator is a juridical person– penalty includes automatic revocation of his license or franchise and its officers will be deemed liable
  • if a violator is the editor and reporter (print media) and the station manager, editor and broadcaster (broadcast media)–also deemed liable
  • If the offender is a public official or employee, or a professional– will also be held administratively liable.
  • If a foreigner guilty of the act– subject of deportation proceedings after serving his sentence and payment of fines.

The Senate version of the proposed law is also on the offing and shall be consolidated with the House version before it will be crafted into law and to be signed by the President.


UPDATE 5!!!!!

Video Encryption Saves You from a Voyeurism Case!!!!

I’ve got a good lesson from a voyeurism case in Australia involving a 39-year old man who set-up a sophisticated camera network in his flat to record secretly his flatmates’ private moments.

But Rohan James Wyllie escaped jail sentence after a Southport District Court judge ruled there was no enough evidence to pin down the accused. The reason–the video of his voyeurism acts is encrypted and the police failed to crack it.

Under the Fifth Amendment, Wyllie can not be compelled to open the video as it will give evidence that will incriminate him. In the Philippines, it is our constitutional right against self-incrimination.

Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. should have had his voyeurism video encrypted to avoid similar case. 🙂 This is a lesson for future voyeurism. Encryption is your friend.

UPDATE 6!!!!!

Republic Act No. 9995 – Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act

This law, passed on February 15, 2010 puts an end to adventurers whose urge to document private moments are now considered crime.

Anyone who is found guilty of the crime shall be meted with at least three years but not more than seven years imprisonment and/or fine of not less than P100,000 but not more than 500,000.

Though, you can record your sexual acts if both of you are consenting to the recording. However, the law says even if your partner or the person concerned is consenting the recording, anyone is prohibited from copying, reproducing, selling, distributing, publishing and broadcasting such recording.

So, think twice if you are planning sinister. 🙂

Mga Matahom nga Pulong Binisaya

Photo Courtesy: This is Cebu FB page

Dihang akong nadunggan BANSAGON mo
Mipakita na lang ang BIDLISIW sa adlaw
Sama na ko sa manok nga nagDANGUYNGOY sa wa’y tu’og.

NagDAHOM ko nga kadlawon pa
Apan dihang migimaw ang kahayag tunga-tunga sa GIHAY sa kurtina
Ako nang nadungog ang pagsugod sa HAGAWHAW sa mga silingan.

HAGIP-OT ang atong panahong duha
Hangtod karon maHANDURAW ko pa ang kasadya ta
Usahay magHINUKLOG ako 
Paghandom sa HUDYAKA nga gisaw-an ta.

Ako gihapong makita imong KAANYAG
Nga nagpabilin sa akong KAHILADMAN
KAHINAM kaniadto dili matupngan
Bisan pa hangtod sa KAPUNAWPUNAWAN
ug sa KINAUYOKAN sa akong dughan.

Dili nako igsapayan ang oras sa atong KULUKABILDO
Baya, MABULOKON kadto.
MUGNA sa atong pagsinabtanay

Sama ako anaa sa PANGANOD
PANUMDOMAN usahay makalimtan
tungod sa pagSANDUROT sa kahigayonan.
SAPUPO nako imong pag-atiman
Ug giSILSIL ko na kini sa akong alimpatakan.

SUKWAHI sa akong pagtoo
TULUMANON ra diay nimo ang tanan
TUNHAY ka gyod nga nagserbisyo…

Salamat Nurse!

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