The “Big Ticket Service” NetSpeed

I’m testing my “Big Ticket Service” subscription with PLDT WatchPad in preparation for the Pacquiao-Mosley Fight on Sunday/May 8.

Here’s Test #1 via Amazing result: Download-2.67Mbps, Upload-0.72Mbps, Ping-38ms.

Aside from being able to watch the fight, according to PLDT, connections to other local sites like Facebook will also be enhanced. The speed for WatchPad will be accelerated to 1.2Mbps. The tag is an additional P150/mo. to my ordinary P990 landline-DSL bundle subscription. However, there is no lock-in contract. Thus, you can opt to discontinue the Big Ticket Service subscription anytime.

Here are more speed tests with servers in Tokyo, Davao City, Pasig, and Baguio:



It seems the connection is faster if i connect to some sites nearer or within Makati City. Here’s another try for the same server in Makati.

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