Misleading Net Quiz, Games, etc. Unknowingly Subscribed Your Mobile Phone to a Daily Paid Service

Misleading Net Quiz, Games, etc. Unknowingly Subscribed Your Mobile Phone to a Daily Paid Service— goes the long title of this post today. I had it “kilometric” to get your attention to it and be warned of its effect on you.

For whatever reasons, most of us sometimes don’t bother to read footnotes and user’s agreement (EULA) every time we create online accounts or fill-in some forms on the net. Better read these notes for it contain very important instructions or something that you should agree upon.

There are quiz, games, etc on the net like the one below that entice you to enter your mobile number to get the result of the quiz you’ve just undertook. Then a PIN(Personal Identification Number) Code shall be sent from the site to your mobile number which shall be entered in the box.

Once the PIN code is entered you are automatically subscribed to the various services of the site and you shall be paying P5-10/daily for the service.

If your monitor screen is limited in width, you may not see the footnote like the screen shot above unless you slide down the scroll bar. See the screen shot below with the footnote(written in very small font and light color) stating the conditions on your subscription.

It’s not easy to unsubscribe the service. The site’s  instruction is to text STOP BMC and send to 2474(for Globe) to stop the service. I’d tried stopping it using STOP BMC but the service continued the next day and another P5 was deducted from my load credit. So, i have to get assistance from the network which instructed me to send STOP ALL to 2474 instead.

So, beware!


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