CD-R King’s Substandard VGA Cable Results to Incorrect Monitor Colors

For the nth time, again i bought a wrong or defective or substandard multi-media item from CD-R King. This time, it’s a VGA cable for my LCD monitor. I had it last December but it is just this week that i had it replaced with a good and working one.

The trouble with the VGA cable i bought from CD-R King @ a cheap price is that it fails to reflect the true colors on the monitor. I noticed the discrepancy the first time i’d used it on my Xenon LCD monitor and my PC last December 2009. Though, the colors from the DVD player and TV are correct but when i shifted to PC, there is no GREEN.The green turns into yellow. The red color is becoming black.

Again, to establish if the cable is really the culprit, i tried another cable from a working PC as my first step in diagnosing the problem. The cable is working–the true colors are being reflected on my monitor. So i bought a new VGA cable from another store and installed it on my PC and LCD monitor. It works.

The COLOR BARS above reflects the correct colors of the monitor while using the appropriate cable i bought for P130 @ a local computer store. Before using the new VGA cable the color green was black.

The VGA cable i bought from CD-R King is long and it’s entirely black in color. While, the new cable is shorter and the plugs are blue in color. Compare the images below:

Click here for more on VGA Cable

As i pointed out here in my blog during my previous posts, a lot of multi-media items sold in CD-R King are below its customers’ expectations. The management have been mum on the customer’s complaints published anywhere on the net because they don’t believe in the media.

The only redress for us disgruntled customers is NOT TO BUY @ CD-R King anymore. I already stopped buying items there after i bought a USB WiFi Adpater dongle that has a conflict with the Windows Log On system and Welcome Screen. My first sad experience with the store was when my MP4 player was damaged and it wasn’t restored anymore because of “NO SPARE PARTS AVAILABLE” from the store.

Join my crusade, go for the STANDARD and durable items!!!!


10 thoughts on “CD-R King’s Substandard VGA Cable Results to Incorrect Monitor Colors

  1. DTI should take action to this problem. CDR king provided a line for complaints for their quick tab:) and other products.
    May I remind all of you there, that CDR king products are all made in china:)
    So, what do you expect?


  2. Holy smokes, I thought I was the only one who have had issues with their VGA cables. I actually intended to use the VGA cable for connecting my CPU to my TV so every movies I downloaded goes instantly pictured on my the TV-screen to cut a long process. Then, when I did so. I actually kind of noticed that there’s some sort of static lines rolling from bottom to top (and this continuously happened) Until I decided to finally do away with this cheap cable. I absolutely agree that no one else should patronize their crappy products!


  3. Same experience with the VGA cable. I guess they are getting products from china? I hate the cable for ruining the colors, and an interference is noticeable on my screen while duplicating the video to your lcd from the projector.


  4. bought 2 avr’s both 500watts so it says, yung una ginamit lng ng 1 month sira na at ng ibalik ko syempre tpos na warranty me service charge daw na halos kasing presyo ng AVR ( ano ito gaguhan o lokohan ) edi inuwi ko knlng tapos yung isa ang specs eh SVR-500 gumagana pero yung PC ko nag o auto-shut off ng buong taon at pabalik balik ako sa gilmore pra pa check ang CPU at hilong talilong na lahat ng Technician pinalitan na lahat ng piyesa at nag-upgrade pa ako at dagdag memory, lagay ng video card na mataas specs,palit ng cables atbp. nag reformat ng paulit ulit nagpalit ng OS ng paulit ulit PERO wala pa din nag o auto-shut off pa din ang PC 3 days from now pinalitan ko ang AVR ng mas cheaper brand then at long last nka bukas lahat ng browser at applications at downloading at 3 days nka bukas ang PC hindi na namamatay o nag o auto shut-off ang CULPRIT eh yang produkto ng p…tng..i…ng CD-R KING na yan na walang kwenta na ang serbisyo pati produkto at kaya pala 2 weeks lang ang warranty kasi cgurado sila na 1 month lng itatagal ng items nila (hindi lahat) pero nasaan ang quality control at proteksyon ng customer-WALA at ipapaayos mo pba kung ang presyo eh konti nlng eh bago na.?!@#%*^”#* sana sa dagat dagatang apoy mapunta ang me ari nito


  5. Don’t know about the others, but IMO, CD-R King has gotten mixed results from me. I’d trust them with simple stuff like keyboards, mice, paper, pens, etc. but I certainly wouldn’t trust them with stuff like multimeters, earphones/speakers, monitors, and VAULTS. That’s right, CD-R King now sells safety vaults. In short: they’re good for simple peripherals but for more complicated stuff, go to other brands.


  6. I am one with you in your crusade NOT TO BUY @ CDR-KING anymore. I had a very bad experience the
    first time I went to that store in SM City Cebu two years ago. I thought that their items were of good quality since looking from the outside, there were so many customers inside, waiting for their turn to be entertained by the sales staff. After waiting for almost an hour, I had my turn and purchased a webcam. When I installed it on my pc, I found out that the resolution was so blurred no matter how I adjusted it. I went back to the store the next day bringing with me the item. Again, after waiting for almost an hour, I had my turn and proceeded to complain about the defective item. At first, they didn’t believe me. I told them to test and see it for themselves to believe. They tested it and found out for themselves that the item was indeed defective. Three hours of testing and tinkering but still they refused to accept the item was DEFECTIVE! They even called the computer technician from their other branch to come. After long hours of waiting, my patience was about to reach the limit and demanded for a refund. They told me their store doesn’t give refunds. Instead, they suggested for a change of item. At first, I agreed, with the condition that they will change the item of the same make and model.But they told me, they have no more stocks for that same item, same make and model. So, I demanded for a full refund. They still have the nerve to tell me that I can’t have a full refund because they have to deduct a percentage of what I have paid for the item. I don’t know for what! I already had enough and almost blew my top talking to the manager! I told the manager that if I don’t get a full refund now, I will call the police and bring the matter to the Department of Trade and Industry. That was when she decided and instructed the cashier to give me my full refund. That was the very first and and the very last I have stepped inside CDR-KING. Up to this day, I won’t even glance at their store in any branch, anywhere! I’ll be looking for the day, CDR-KING and the likes, will be closed by DTI due to bad customer service.


    • Job well done for raising customer rights. Under the law, we are entitled for a refund if the store can not replace the item with similar specifications. The lack of customer relations is prevalent in so many stores of CD-R King nationwide as reported by customers in several blogs and fora.


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