Advanced SystemCare (one-click computer solution)

Advanced SystemCare is just one of perhaps thousands of computer maintenance utility tools that offer one-click solutions to various computer problems. The last time i used an all-in-one utility tool like this was in 2007 on my PC. On my laptop, i used various tools including the built-in Windows utilities like Disk Clean Up and Defragment Tool.

The Advanced SystemCare has three sets of functions: Maintain Windows, Diagnose System, and Utilities. Each has its own array of tools. Under Maintain Windows, the Advanced SystemCare can remove spyware, Fix Registry, erase browser history and surfing traces and Clean Up junk files to recover space in your hard disk.

Once scan is finished you can click the repair button and see the results in few seconds. Check my own scanning results below:

The Diagnose System of the Advanced SystemCare analyzes performance and security problems by means of System Optimization, Security Defense, Disk Defragment and Security Analyzer.

Here is the result of my Diagnose System scan. The Disk Defragment takes a while but not as longer as the Windows Defragment Tool.

The third set of utility tools in the Advanced SystemCare is the Utilities where tools are categorized into Tune Up, Security, and Admin Tools.

One of the tools under Tuneup is the Disk Cleaner whose function is similar to Windows Disk Cleanup.Unlike the latter, Disk Cleaner prompts the user to select the cleaning method (Backup and Delete files, Remove to Recycle Bin, Delete files permanently). I prefer Remove to Recycle Bin since the files are not permanently erased. You can still restore it from the recycle bin if ever there are errors after the deletion.

Another one-click solution is the Smart RAM which free your RAM when it is best needed. You can also set Smart RAM to work in the background without affecting CPU performance. Pressing Go! gives an option for a Smart Clean or Deep Clean.

Finally, you will be amazed by the optimization result of the Internet Booster tool. You shall be asked to set your bandwidth before optimizing your connection.

There are additional security tools in the Advanced SystemCare for the protection of data and keeping our computer on a state of top security.

Finally, the Admin Tools in the Advanced SystemCare’s utility sets. This includes the capability of the software to automatically shutdown the PC after a predetermined period.

If you have notice, at the lower left of the menu is the Turbo Boost switch which shall turn off unnecessary applications and programs within Windows to speed up the performance of the computer. To know more of the product, click here.

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