Affordable Tech-Gifts this holiday…

I’ve gone into window shopping lately in SM City in search for an affordable tech-gift this Christmas. NO! I’m not buying gifts for anyone. I said–window shopping! It’s for your guide folks!


refillable-lighter-tested        refillable-lighter-close-up        refillable-lighter-gas-tank

However, i bought this kitchen utility tool–REFILLABLE GAS STOVE LIGHTER for my mother’s gas range. I bought this gas range sometime December 1990 and through the years (18 years)  its automatic piezo-electric igniters are unusable already.

I’ve found very tasking looking for a handy lighter or a match stick just to start the fire on the gas stove. So, finally i remembered buying this gadget from Ace Hardware for about P57. It can deliver enough flame by just pressing the pistol-like trigger. It has also a regulator switch to adjust the flame on its nozzle. It has also an on-off switch for protection in case children will play on it.

Most of all, this utility tool is REFILLABLE unlike the previous ones i’d bought before that were disposable after the gas tank had been emptied. You can buy the refill gas butane from a nearby all-lighter products stall, still in SM, across Jollibee.

Buy one for your mother or wife…



lg-cookie          lg-cookie-2       lg-cookie-3


It’s less than half the price of the cheapest touch phone in the market. The LG Cookie is not a high-end phone but it’s the only of its kind in the medium level. The big catch–P11,900/unit. There is no 3g and Wifi connections in LG Cookie but you have a full-touch screen display at 3-inches wide and 3Megapix camera. It can recognize handwriting and has a QWERTY on-screen keyboard. 

The LG Cookie is an amazing gift this Christmas for your teens or young adult.



asus-eee-pc          intel-classmate-pc     netbooks             

The ASUS eee pc sub-notebook series continue to dominate in this new segment of portable PCs. The original eee Pc now cost ranging from P13,000-P15,000. The eee PC 1000 is selling like hotcake though it’s more than P20,000 a piece. 

If you can afford an expensive cellphone, it’s time to rethink your gift idea and revisit netbooks as an option this Christmas.


CHEAP BUT USEFUL MOBILE PHONES                                   



 The LG-KU250 had been adjudged as the “3G for all cellphone” by a group of                                                      telecom operators in the world. It’s only P4,500 but yet it can be used as a modem                                    for the internet.








The Motorola W230 is an MP3 phone. It can support up to 2gig microSD card for your music storage and other files. It has a good sound quality and has speakerphone. It has no camera but it would be a good gift for your young kids. Studies indicate that teens are tempted to use the camera of their cellphone in taking scandalous pictures. I have a W230 which is being used for my PLDT Landline Plus.




Sony Ericsson R300 Radio

Sony Ericsson R300 Radio


The Sony Ericsson R300 Radio is the latest craze among AM radio lovers. This is a must for those want to monitor AM programs. The price is very reasonable–P4,999 considering it’s the first cellphone with an AM tuner. It has a VGA camera and a bluetooth connectivity giving you some sort of convenience that is only available to expensive phones.

Give this phone to your lolo and lola who want to tuck with them a portable radio monitor. I also have a R300 with my Smart sim.




smarts-just-plug-it         globe-visibility          smartbro-globevisibility

Frankly, i’m not recommending buying these gadgets. Either these are duplications to your 3G mobile phones or simply just a waste of money.

However, the price for both Smart PlugIT and Globe Visibility USB 3G wireless modem dongles have plunged to P1,800. If you can spare the amount and planned to use the gadget as a back-up or for emergency purposes, then these gadgets are useful for you.

You can give this as a gift to those who have laptops. The internet fee is P5/15-minute session (Globe) and P10/30-minute block (Smart). There’s also a postpaid subscription.

That’s all folks for now. See you next Christmas.

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