“Spying” Softwares and others…

There are so many “spying” softwares available somewhere in the net–both free and paid premiums. Some are considered as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) by most anti-virus programs and will be automatically deleted from your system, unless you will configure your anti-virus programs to exempt it from scanning.

I’ve personally collected some of these “spying” softwares and been using it once in a while. Of course, for good purpose not what you think.

I’ve been monitoring my own laptop though i’m the only one who, most of the time, uses my Asus F3H series unit.

Here are some of the “spying softwares”  i’ve been using:

McGRUFF safeguardmcgruff

It monitors internet activities of any computers and reports to you via email if the monitored PC has violations such as visiting an adult site or a chat message containing words like “sex” or any banned words you have identified earlier.

It comes with a free version with some useful basic features such as chat monitoring access for limited period while its paid version enable registered users to access several dates of monitored activities.

You can try the software by registering at http://gomcgruff.com.


It’s a stand-alone softwares packed into one folder that can be managed from a USB flash drive itself. You don’t have to install the more than 30 softwares in it unto your computer. It can operate from the flash drive itself.

The USB PC Repair System is one of the software packages i have included in our hi-tech-cd-3PC Utility Tools Collection CD.

Some of its softwares are considered hacker tools due to its nature and capabilities. Here are the softwares:

  • PRODUCT KEY — This software can copy the license keys of your Windows OS and Microsoft Office application software. It is very useful when you are reinstalling your system.
  • SIW (System Information for Windows)— This software has the capability of retrieving “auto-complete passwords” remembered by your browser. In short, you can steal the passwords of others. It’s not only this tool gets the entire information of your system but including some secrets. You can read the passwords by selecting  “secret” in the left panel.
  • RESTORATION— Maybe, you have heard that Federal agents in the United States and even our intelligence agents here in our own country can still retrieve deleted files in our PC even if it’s no longer in the Recycle Bin. This is true considering the magnetic nature of the hard drive. Some deleted files are still intact in the magnetic disk. These can only be erased after several overwriting attempts. This software will try retrieve these files from our magnetic drive. The software can also make the deleted files permanently erased in the drive.
  • LSA SECRETS VIEW— My default password on my laptop has been recorded by this tool. This is a password-recovery tool by Nirsoft.net.


FriendFinder and WIS  are the locator features of Globe Telecom and Smart Communcations respectively. It can estimate the whereabouts of someone whose cellphones are on and has allowed to be tracked by someone else. Using the so-called “triangulation” method… the location of the cellphone user who is being tracked can be estimated by locating the intersection of the signals coming from the three cell sites that received the System Identification Code of the monitored cellphone.

For Smart, you type the text “WIS” (name of the cellphone you’re going to locate) then send to 386. Here’s an example of the message from WIS:

“JUAN” is in the vicinity of Cebu North Hagnaya Wharf Rd, Brgy, Yati, Liloan, Cebu….”

This means that Juan is somewhere in Barangay Yati in the town of Liloan, Cebu.

How much do you pay for this service?–P5/successful attempt.


Some cellphones are capable of recording voice conversation. Some have auto-answer feature. These features can be used in spying by recording the conversation of the people you are monitoring.

Put the mobile phone  somewhere near the person you are monitoring. Set the phone in silent mode or completely turn off the ringer and set the auto-answer feature before you hide it near the person. Dial that phone and listen to the conversation or record it in your receiving phone. The microphone in our cellphone is too sensitive and omni-directional that it can hear the sounds from any directions.

Of course, recording the conversation of others without the consent of both parties is a violation of the Anti-Wire Tapping Law. So, proceed with caution and be ready to be jailed.

That’s all for now.. try it and tell me what happen?

2 thoughts on ““Spying” Softwares and others…

  1. I’m thinking about keylogging… It’s not in your list. But it’d be pretty useful to record and replay keystrokes and mouse movements, especially if someone else does get around to using your laptop.


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