DTI Implements Family Name and Number Coding on Motorcycle Helmet Registration

DTI Implements Family Name and Number Coding on Motorcycle Helmet Registration

DTI Usec Zenaida Maglaya has announced that beginning this month motorcycle owners in Metro Manila can secure their ICC stickers for their helmet according to their family names and motorcycle license plate number. This is implemented by DTI to avoid “last-minute” registration.

However, the coding is optional in the provinces.The registration is only up to November while the month of December is by appointment for corporations and groups.

Here is the schedule according to the first letter of the family name of the motorcycle owners and the ending number of the license plate:

September : A to F
October     : G to O
November  : P to Z
December  : for corporation and groups

Monday : 1, 2
Tuesday: 3,4
Wednesday : 5,6
Thursday : 7,8
Friday : 9, 0

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What is driving the Philippines’ surprisingly strong growth?


Sharing this article from CNN about the strong growth of the Philippines in the first quarter of 2012. Our growth–6.4% has long surpassed the forecast of IMF at 3.5% this year Thanks to the remittances of the OFWs and the sprouting call centers.

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