No Tsunami Alert in RP After Aceh 8.7-Quake

BREAKING NEWS/April 11,2012: No Tsunami Alert in RP After Aceh 8.7-Quake

The Philippines is not included in the list of Tsunami Watch by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center that listed 28 countries including Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.


However, PhiVolcs‘ Renato Solidum says they are monitoring the situation. The PTWC says similar quakes “have the potential to generate a widespread destructive tsunami that can affect coastlines across the entire Indian Ocean basin.

The quake is traced 30 kilometers under the sea near Aceh–the place in Indonesia where 200,000 people were killed during a tsunami in 2004.

Filing of Income Tax Returns is Extended!!!

April 11, 2012/Filing of Income Tax Returns is Extended!!!

There is no need to hurry this weekend as the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) extends the deadline of the filing of the annual Income Tax Return (ITR) for the private sector up to Monday because April 15 this year is a Sunday.

BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto Henares also assured that all offices of the BIR, including all Authorized Agent Banks (AAB) nationwide shall remain opened until 5pm on Saturday. AABs that normally close at 3pm are likewise asked to extend banking hours up to 5pm on Saturday.

At the BIR District Office in Mandaue City, Cebu today it’s been observed that income tax filers are not that many.Filers are usually cramming at the last day of the filing of the ITR.

This year, the BIR is using an expanded form with more personal details of the filer at the first page of the three-fold form that consists of 6 long pages in a landscape format. The personal details now includes the email address and contact number of the filer.


The new Income Tax Return form 1701 is a three-fold long sized paper with 6 pages. Spreading it would appear the form is longer than the height of a big picture frame.

However, the form like that of the ITR form 1701 above is described as more “computer-friendly” but very complicated to comprehend to many individual taxpayers. There are so detailed entries and are not in sequence unlike in the old forms that everything is summarized in the front page–from the gross compensation, taxable income, exemption, tax withheld, and up to tax due/to be refunded.

This blogger took about 2 hours to accomplish a set of three copies of the ITR 1701 form. 😦

BREAKING NEWS: Horizons 101 Condo Construction Site Cave-in

BREAKING NEWS(April 10, 2012): Horizons 101 Condo Construction Site Cave-in

A resident near the construction of the proposed Horizons 101 Condo project in General Maxilom Avenue in Cebu City reported that at least 4 houses are now in danger of collapsing after the construction site has caved in.

One house, according to the resident who ask for confidentiality, is now in a falling position to the construction site while at least one electrical post has collapsed.

The Horizons 101 Condo is a project of the Taft Property Ventures and Development Corporation. In the past, the fence of a subdivision project of the company in Lahug had also collapsed. In 2005, the DENR has ordered the suspension of the farther development of its subdivision project–Palm Heights in Tabok, Mandaue City after it caused the formation of a large water basin nearby.

Angelo Castro Jr, 1945-2012

Angelo Castro Jr, 1945-2012

ACJ was our first mentor in TV Patrol Cebu. While visiting Cebu City in 1989 with Jing Magsaysay, he taught us the TV News script formats adopted by ABS-CBN News from international news organizations. It’s a great honor to work with him.