DOWNLOAD: Super Converter 2011

I’ve been using Super Converter since 2008 because of its superb features. It can convert almost, if not all, audio-video formats to various formats including hardware formats (home players.)

Now, i’m updating my copy of Super Converter for the first time to the latest version– time stamped on April 23, 2011. The latest version has the capability to embed watermarks on your video files. More of its features can be found here.

Here are some screen shots of the installation process:

If you have a previous installation of Super Converter just like mine,the set-up wizard will force you to uninstall the previous version. Here, my current version of Super Converter was installed on March 22, 2008.




You have to choose which drive you shall install the Super Converter. In my case, i’d installed it on my Drive E since my system drive’s space is diminishing.




While following the set up process, Super Converter also suggest you to install its recommended player–Real Player.




Just click Next, unless you have to choose another folder where your shortcut will be created.





You may opt to have a Quick Launch Icon and a desktop icon.





You’re done! Reboot is recommended to complete the installation process.






This is now the latest version of Super Converter. Take note of the minor additions in the user interface.




You may download the set-up file of the latest version of the Super Converter at its official site . Happy Super Converting!