Facebook Newspaper

PostPost converts the news feed from your contacts on your Facebook’ s home page into a newspaper layout.

It saves you time scrolling down for earlier updates hence updates are arranged like your daily paper where you can read the items side-by-side.

It’s not only text but also pictures and videos are on the same page. You can even play two video feeds at a time (Left frame is Dante Luzon’s feed and right frame is an NBA feed).

Aside from it’s easy to navigate PostPost FB news feed, it has bigger image sizes. By the way, PostPost page will open in a separate tab/window outside FB.

The only drawback for PostPost FB newsfeed page is that you’ll open another tab and the page will not automatically refresh for new feeds. You’ll have to refresh the page to check for updates from your contacts.

Of course, you’ll have to allow PostPost for the app to work for your FB account. Check the video introduction of the PostPost app on this blog’s homepage. Go to PostPost to open your FB newspaper.