Ang Gugma ug ang Teknolohiya

Ang gugma ug teknolohiya managsama
Dunay kinutoban, warranty may kataposan

Ang gugma kailisan
Ang teknolohiya nagdagan

Ang gugma dili molungtad sa uban
Ang teknolohiya may life span

Ang gugma usahay dili masabtan
Ang teknolohiya mokagar bisan kanus-a

Ang gugma mamili
Ang teknolohiya sa uban dili mogana

Ang gugma usik usahay sa kuwarta
Ang teknolohiya makabuslot og bulsa

Ang gugma makahimugso og bata
Ang teknolohiya motagna unsa ang bata

Ang gugma maampingon
Ang Nokia “cares”

Ang gugma sa tawo mohiusa
Ang Nokia “Connecting People”

Ang gugma daghan huna-hunaon
Ang Samsung “Imagine”.

Ang gugma buta
Ang Globe “go lang ng go”

Ang gugma makaboang
Ang Apple “Think Different”

Ang gugma adunay mansanas
Ang Apple ang sikat karon sa teknolohiya

Ang gugma daghan og hitsura
Ang cell phone models pwerteng daghana

Ang gugma usahay dili katalikdan
Ang cell phone balikon kon mabiyaan

Gugma Nga Wa’y Kinutoban

bisan motulo pa ang ulan
ako dili kabahaan
kay ako nagpayong daan
sa luha man ako lunopan
aduna gihapoy kabutangan
ning kasingkasing samaran.

hangtod hayag pa ang buwan
magdilaab kining dughan
moawop man ang VECO
dili ang gugma ko kanimo

unlimited kining pagbati
dili mapupos, dili madali-dali
text man o call
ako dili magdumili
bisan kadlawon wa’y pili.

sa lubnganan man
ang akong padulngan
dili nako ka kalimtan
panagsa ikaw akong bisitahan!

Loving Someone Else

I’m happy for her instead.
The one who truly cares
Is the one who provides happiness.

I’m happy for her instead.
True love forgets
Willing to give up even her.

I’m happy for her instead.
That she found happiness
In the arms of somebody else.

I’m happy for her instead.
Call it love heroism.
If not insane.

I’m happy for her instead.
Love knows no fairness
Love waits. Love persevere. Love hurts

I’m happy for her instead.
Love is Often Vulnerable but endures the pain.
Those who is failed and endured pain is in love.

I’m happy for her instead
Those who think of vengeance is evil.
Keep mum and you’ll have a silent revenge.

Love is a surprise in itself. Just wonder afterwards.

Beauty and Pretty

(Repost from my Facebook Note on December 23, 2010)


Beauty and Pretty
Are equally gorgeous

Beauty is a general statement
Pretty is a personal admiration

Beauty is a moon
Pretty is a star

Beauty lights your way
Pretty brightens up your day

Beauty awakes you
Pretty makes you smile

Beauty says “hello”
Pretty says “hi”

Beauty catches the eyes
Pretty grabs the heart

Of Love, Hate & Relationship (a compilation)

(Repost from my Facebook Note as compiled on June 6, 2011)


June 6, 2011 at 10:56 pm

She calls it FREEDOM, he calls it INDEPENDENCE
She calls it QUIT, he calls it a BREAK
She calls it NEW LIFE, he calls it REBIRTH

Long before…

She said: You’re not my husband, you’re not my boyfriend,
He said:You’re just by boarder!

By the way, it’s about break-up….


May 11, 2011 at 10:48 am

I may close my heart @45
Open my eyes to reality
Move on to what i should be

Release all pain
Stay away with resentment
Don’t think of vengeance
Forget everyone who caused pain

Start anew @45
Thank the Lord for the chance to live
And stay with my family until this day


Thank You For Having Me for a While
April 4, 2011 at 12:29 am

I am so thankful that you made me smile for a while

I feel great that i shared your life for a quite time

I had tried listening while you shared your ill-feelings

I offered many times my support to show my love on you

I crossed the line of professional ethics because you are priceless

I can still find my fortune in other times but i can’t have you any time

I respect your decision when you chose to leave

I never complained that you made me believed on you the whole time.

I am still grateful that i met you.

Thank you for having me for a while.


Faith, Hope, and Love
January 22, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Gary Chapman wrote: “There are three things will last forever– faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.”

There are five basic languages of love:

WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: using positive words to affirm the one you love. (How many times you’ve said she’s pretty?)

GIFTS: giving thoughtful gifts to show you were thinking about someone.(It’s not about the price of the gift but it’s the gesture that you’ve have shown.)

ACTS OF SERVICE: doing something that you know the other person would like. (It’s not that you have to be a whipping cub but offering something to work on would be appreciated.)

QUALITY TIME: giving your undivided attention. (You may stop working for a moment and give a little time to someone who is just waiting you to come over.)

PHYSICAL TOUCH: holding hands, kissing, embracing, putting a hand on the shoulder, or any other affirming touch. (Sex is not listed because it’s sometimes lust!)


A Unique Connection
January 2, 2011 at 8:44 am

Relationship is not a Facebook that requires us to follow the terms and conditions set forth by the site before we shall have that unique connection.

Relationship is proven by exchange, not just of pictures and messages, but of thoughts and ideas for the betterment of each other.

Relationship is not about status but of what is real in you.

Relationship is not only in walls but all over… walls, notes, discussion board, comments, albums and outside Facebook.