USC-KNN Season 7 is On!

The USC-KNN kicks off its regular season for this year with a moderate number of small entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs attending the Business Plan Seminar on April 21, 2012 at the University of San Carlos-Downton Campus.

One of the rooms occupied by participants of the Business Planning Seminar

USC-KNN Committee Chair Carmen Piramide said this year’s attendees are lean and mean with most of them have the potentials to become successful businessmen.

About 60 participants from various places of Cebu came to learn the business planning lecture by some faculty members of the School of Business and Economics of the USC. A participant from Dalaguete, a town South of Cebu came as early as six in the morning at the venue. Other out-of-town participants also came from the town of Argao.

The whole day seminar includes topics such as Marketing, Operations, Human Resource and Finance. The topics are covering the aspects that are included in the business plan.

The participants are asked to make their own business plan about their intended business and are given a period to submit the plan to the KNN Committee for screening and selection process. Those who are chosen shall be included in the regular season and shall receive seed capital amounting to about P10,000 or any amount to be decided by the committee.

During the entire regular season, the winners or the finalists shall compete against each other by operating and managing their own business with the seed capital and assistance provided by the KNN program. Part of their participation will be their guesting at the radio program over DyAB1512 where they will be introduced to the public. Aside from it, they will be asked to participate in other activities like trade fair and bazaars.

The "Mentoring Session" every last Friday of the month is designed to assist the USC-KNN beneficiaries. Faculty members from the USC-School of Business and Economics provided free consultancy services to the beneficiaries who may refer or ask questions about their business during the session.

At the end of the season in February 2013, a Big Winner shall be declared and shall be given additional seed money. (Learn more about USC-KNN? Visit here.) Like us in Facebook.

Jose Cuerquis is USC-KNN Season 6 “Big Winner”

Clad in long sleeve and a tie, Jose Cuerquis was all-ready to accept what an unexpected gift of the night for his family–the BIG WINNER title of the “USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na Season 6” at the awarding ceremony during the USC-COCAAI Grand Alumni Homecoming Saturday night (Feb. 18, 2012) at the new Convention Center of J Centre Mall in Mandaue City.

Jose Cuerquis was congratulated by the rest of the USC-KNN winners right after the proclamation of the Big Winner.

Cuerquis’ “Clean More” enterprise was chosen as the most viable business among the 24 winners (finalists) vying for the title this season. It has convinced the panel of judges that his business will have a good future. Clean More produces house cleaning solutions from dish washing liquid to hand soap at a very affordable prices.


Jose Cuerquis belonged to “The Magnificent 11“–the second batch of finalists that formally joined the competition in October 2011. He was prominently featured in Cebu Daily News on the paper’s January 26, 2012 edition. Cuerquis received from USC-COCAAI an additional seed capital of P10,000 cash as his prize.

It was also the first time that the USC-KNN has given special awards to some of its finalists:

  • Promising Entrepreneur Award – Melcan Signe
  • Marketing Excellence Award – Suzette Mayol (read here Suzette’s story in CDN)
  • Product Excellence Award – Teresista Ursal

Some of the previous winners of USC-KNN have also been recognized for their achievement in their respective enterprise and were given the Achievement Award:

Here are the gallery of the products displayed during the awarding night. Hover the mouse over the images to get some details.









USC-KNN Awards Seed Capital to 14 Small Entrepreneurs

It’s been two months since more than 60 people had attended the third business plan seminar of the USC-KNN in November 12, 2011 at the Cebu Technological University. Of the participants, two dozen business plans were submitted for consideration by the USC-KNN for possible granting of seed capital.

The winners are made to sign a MOA with the USC-KNN organizers: DyAB/ABS-CBN, USC-COCAAI,and DOLE. Signing the MOA in the image are Collin Diano and Estrella Manabat with USC-COCAAI President Alice Sim Uy while Carmen Piramide, Anita Gaanan , and Devin Go (hidden) of the USC-KNN Committee look on.

Today, the USC-KNN Committee has announced 14 Winners out of the 24 business plans who have been granted with seed capital amounting to P7,000 and P10,000 depending on the proposed business. Take a look at the list below:

1- Amamag, Raul (Lighted Route Numbers)

2- Arnado, Danica (Shirt Printing)

3- Briones, Edgardo (Food Vending)

4- Debuque, Ricardo (Vinegar)

5- Diano, Colin (Mosquito Killer)

6- Engalla, Rubie (Balloons)

7- Manabat, Estrella (Laundry Service)

8- Manansala, Jonna Dexie (Snacks)

9- Melloso, Rito (Furniture)

10- Musni, Marites (Siomai)

11- Ortiz, Crisostomo (Food Vending)

12- Ranara, Ramona (Cakes & Desserts)

13- Pitogo, Anita (Food Vending)

14- Solomon, Medioline (Food Vending)

The funds are provided by the Department of Labor and Employment in Region Seven under its livelihood program. The winners passed several screening processes including panel and radio interviews for the past two months.

USC-KNN Chair Carmen Piramide also announced the holding of a mentorship program for all previous KNN winners. It shall be held on February 14-15, 2012 (1:30pm) at the USC-Main Campus.

Each KNN winner is paired with two faculty members from the School of Business and Economics of the University of San Carlos. The mentors are expected to provide professional advice to the winners regarding the progress of the latter’s business.

Piramide stressed the program aims to raise the winners to a different level as an entrepreneur.

USC-COCAAI President Alice Sim Uy also invited all KNN winners to display their wares during the USC Commerce Week celebration on February 10-17 at the J Centre Mall in A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City.

The announcement of the Big Winner for the KNN Season 6 shall also be held at the same mall on February 18 during the USC-COCAAI alumni homecoming. Twenty four small entrepreneurs are vying for the title this season.

USC-KNN Season 6 “Lucky 13 winners”

For the first time in the USC-KNN, 13 small entrepreneurs are given the chance to compete for the first leg of the competition. Normally, only ten are awarded with the seed capital at the beginning of the season and the rest are given with consolation prizes and shall not compete with the top ten.

However, this year’s season has a twist. The three consolation prize winners are given the chance to compete with the rest of the top ten finalists. Of the “Lucky 13” winners, three shall be “evicted” and shall settle for consolation after two months of engaging their respective businesses.

Front: Hisel Camacho, Manuel Gerald Abella; 2nd Row: Joel Quijano, Brenda Batislaong, Teresista Ursal, Loreta Colina, Maila Tuazon, Emmy Daligdig; Back: Suzette Mayol, Bonifacio Arellano, Consolacion Elma, Linda Berdon, Jonathan Villahermosa


All of the “Lucky 13” were awarded with the initial seed capital of P8,000 yesterday during the USC-KNN radio show over DyAB1512. The top ten shall receive additional P7,000 and P2,000 for the three consolation prize winners after two months of competing in the season. This is the first time the USC-COCAAI has awarded P15,000 as seed capital to the ten winners and first time to award P10,000 as consolation prize. This is an improvement to the previous seasons where the seed capital is limited to P10,000 while the consolation prize was limited to P5,000 only.

The P10,000 is given by the Department of Labor and Employment as part of the DOLE’s livelihood program while the rest of the seed capital is given by the USC-COCAAI.

As usual, the seed capital is not a loan but not a dole out because the participants have to work hard for it and compete for the “Big Winner” title at the end of the season in February 2012.

The Season 6 “Lucky 13” are the following:

1- Bonifacio Arellano, Escario St., Cebu City (Business: T-shirt printing)

2- Manuel Gerald Abella, Basak-Pardo, Cebu City (Business: Cleaning solutions)

3- Linda Berdon, Lapulapu City (Business: Wellness Services training)

4- Consolacion Elma, Pardo, Cebu City (Business: Peanut Butter & Pickles)

5- Suzette Mayol, Canduman, Mandaue City (Business: Cake baking)

6- Brenda Batislaong, Lutopan, Toledo City (Business: Decorative & Scented Candles)

7- Hisel Camacho, Paknaan, Mandaue City (Business: Electronic load)

8- Joel Quijano, Carcar City (Business: Sandal Making)

9- Emmy Daligdig, Cebu City (Business: Piso-piso Water Dispenser)

10- Jonathan Villahermosa, Basak-Pardo, Cebu City (Business: Food vending)

11- Maila Tuazon, Lapulapu City (Business: Squash Macaroons)

12- Loreta Colina, Mabolo, Cebu City (Business: Combo Meals)

13- Teresista Ursal, Cebu City (Business: Rosary making)

You may listen to last Saturday’s episode of the USC-KNN radio show here.

The USC-KNN project is a joint undertaking by the USC-College of Commerce Alumni Association (COCAAI), DyAB/ABS-CBN Corporation, Department of Labor and Employment, and the University of San Carlos School of Commerce and Economics.

KNN Season 6 Draws 38 Business Plan Proposals

Today, we started featuring the first batch of proponents in our radio show–USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na! whose proposed business plans are now scrutinized by the KNN Committee.

Click here for the podcast of the radio show and listen to the stories of our small entrepreneurs.

Here is the complete list of our proponents:

Maila Tuazon (Pumpkin Haus; product– Squash Enriched Food)

Linda Berdon (Ginintuang Kamay; service–Wellness Services)

Lucia Sibonghanoy (Inday Lucia Special Puso; product–Puso)

Susana Suron (Neneng Little Store; service–Sari-sari Store)

Tocelda Pongase (Sari-sari Store)

Loreta Colina (FLA Enterprises; service–Food Vending)

Jonathan Villahermosa (Lunch & Break; product–Food Vending)

Bonifacio Arellana (Goodprint; service–T-Shirt Printing)

Hisel Camacho (Electronic Load Retailing; product– eload)

Chie Toledo (product–Empanada)

Eva Marie Noya (product–Rugs & Pillow cases)

Epefania Aromin (service–Trisikad)

Manuel Gerald Abella (A-Solution Trading; product–Cleaning Solutions)

Edgar Timtim (product–Cleaning Solutions)

Brenda Ong (product–Candle)

Christine Tabigne (Pingga Gasoline Station; product–Gasoline)

Ellen Rebusit (VFR Food Express; product–Food Vending)

Jumyl Maypa (; service–Internet-Based business)

Esmeralda Ycong (Cut Corners Lechon; product–Lechon)

Rogelio Romares (Junk Shop)

Gerry Ada & Monalisa Patillo (MG’s Special Fried Delight; product–Food Vending)

Teresita Ursal (St. Anthony Religious Articles; product–Rosary)

Henry Labadia (Luz Kan-anan & Catering; product–Food Vending)

Suzette Mayol (Sweets & More; product–Cake)

Lucena Satorre (Siomai sa Tagonol; product–Siomai)

Venancio Oposa (VNV Foods & Catering Services; product–Food Vending)

Anecita Jumao-as (product–Binangkal)

Ike Secretaria (Crispy Fried Chicken; product–Food Vending)

Marcelino Dahid (Native Chicken Carenderia; product–Food Vending)

Merlinda Patindol (product–Rice Selling)

Chona Porio (product–Food Vending)

Joel & Jeralphy Quijano (J & J Footwear)

Emme Daligdig (Pheremme’s H2O Piso-Piso; product–ATM water)

Glenda Omilgo (product–Rug Making)

Norma Saraum (Pritong Manok ug Tuba)

Consolacion Elma (Pickles & Peanut Butter)

Darcy Paulo Calvo (Krunchy Native Nuts; product–Pinoy Nuts)

Jorge Panuncillo (Lita Special Tocino; product–Tocino)

Criteria in Evaluating the Business Plans:

  • Clarity (30%)
  • Viability (30%)
  • Potential (40%)
Criteria for Interview Evaluation:
  • Passion (25%)
  • Character (25%)
  • Attitude (25%)
  • Willingness (25%)