The Box

   “The Box” has been there sitting on the sidebar of this blog for a quite time waiting for anyone to open it and hopefully get to download some interesting stuffs in it.

The Box is powered by which provides me 5G of free storage and has so far 8 folders that categorized the files i am sharing. The Box is updated whenever there are new materials available that are worth sharing.

Feel free to download the materials and make use of it in your daily computing. I have some few details about the files in each folder to guide you:


How to Prevent Viruses from Intruding your Computer.doc

USB Drive Auto-Run

Virus & Others


K-Lite Codec Pack 640 Full.exe (It’s an audio codec pack necessary for audio playback)

Digicart PC Set-up.exe (It resembles a professional audio digicart system where audio files can be stored and played instantly from the monitor screen.)

Audio Connectors.odt (List of audio connectors and its descriptions)


Game Serials.doc (Key serials for various games)

Portable (Games include the popular portable Nintendo games)


Batobalani sa Gugma.mp3 (Gozos to Senior Sto. Nino de Cebu)


iCafeClient Set-up.exe ( ;  (

3D (


Photoshop for comics.pdf

Photoshop Tutorial.pdf


Reformatting your Computer using Windows XP.doc

The Windows XP Tutorials.doc

Laptop Troubleshooting map.gif

1000 Windows XP Tips.pdf

How to Speed XP & Vista.pdf

Computer Shortcuts.pdf (

VGA Cabling Simplified.pdf  (Guide to extending the cable for VGA to LCD projector)


Combo Fix.exe  (

PC Repair ( ( (

XP (

Unlocker 1.9.1 (