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“Hidden Cam” and “Hayden Cam”

note: this post has been updated!!!!

“Hidden Cam”

We used to label news footage taken without the knowledge of our news sources as “Stolen Shots”. But since the phrase has a negative connotation being the shot a stolen one—the newsroom had decided to rename it to “Actual Shots”.

The footage in coverages that are planned to be taken with cameras hid from the people around the location shoot was named as “Hidden Cam” shots.

Various TV news organizations have its own rules about “Hidden Cams” for reasons of appropriateness and ethics. (Click ABS-CBN policy on Hidden Cam). Bob Steele of the The Poynter Institute wrote the “High Standards for Hidden Cameras“.

In my Investigative Journalism class at the University of San Jose Recoletos, I imparted to my students the following lessons about hidden camera taken from various sources.

Hidden Camera always refers to the covert use of a video camera in documenting a story. Actual shots are very essentials to a broadcast story. It tells life and reality.

The use of a hidden camera connotes malicious act committed by journalist. That’s why, broadcast news renamed “hidden camera” to actual surveillance shots.

In so conducting actual surveillance shots or using hidden camera, deception or employing false identity is also present.


  • Possible violation of the Anti-Wire Tapping Law
    • Recording of voices without the consent of both parties involved in the conversation is illegal.
  • Possible invasion of the privacy of individuals


  • When the information obtained is of profound importance. It must be of vital public interest, such as revealing great “system failure” at the top levels, or it must prevent profound harm to individuals.
  • When all other alternatives for obtaining the same information have been exhausted.
  • When the journalists involved are willing fully and openly to disclose the nature of the deception and the reason for it to those involved and to the public.
  • When the individuals involved and their news organization apply excellence, through outstanding craftmanship as well as the commitment of time and funding needed to pursue the story fully.
  • When the harm prevented by the information revealed through deception outweighs any harm caused by the act of deception.
  • When the journalists involved have conducted a meaningful, collaborative, and deliberative decision-making process.


  • Winning a prize
  • Beating the competition
  • Getting the story with less expense of time and resources
  • Doing it because “the others already did it”.
  • The subjects of the story are themselves unethical.

“Hayden Cam”

Actress Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho dancing in this video recording.

As regards to the sex video recordings of Dr. Hayden Kho with at least three of his former girlfriends—psychologists consider it as sexual voyeurism.

Kho who is a celebrity doctor could not be guilty of it (sexual voyeurism) due to the absence of a law defining such activity as a crime. However, laywers of actress Katrina Halili who was one of those who performed sex acts with Kho in the sex video recording found a law (on violence against women and children) that could possibly put the celebrity doctor to jail for six years.


Dr. Hayden Kho with a Brazilian model. The shot is a little bit of out-of-frame.


Dr. Hayden Kho with actress Katrina Halili. The shot was taken with low lights.


Dr. Hayden Kho with model-actress Maricar Reyes. The shot is out-of-focus or the focusing lens of the camera was not properly set.

The reason why TV news teams use hidden cam in the pursuit of their practice is for the public to know the truth. Dr. Hayden Kho’s sex video recording is somewhat private but gone public.



Q: Ano ang shampoo ni Katrina Halili?

A: e di, the world’s number 1 anti-dandruff shampoo–HAYDEN SHOULDERS!

(Careless Whisper–rewritten)

Katrina never gonna dance again

Guilty Hayden got no rhythm

And it’s easy to pretend,

She knows Hayden’s not a fool

Should have known better

Than to hide the cam,

The wasted chance

Hayden’s been given…

So Katrina never dance again,

The way she danced with Kho…

Ooohh… ooohh…

UPDATE 2!!!!

I was wondering why Maricar Reyes has been silent until now about the more vivid video sex scandal involving her and Dr. Hayden Kho.

My question is answered when i saw the other video recording of Maricar and Dr. Kho in a closer shot and more crisp footage. Apparently, the recording had the consent of Maricar as seen in this frame:


Dr. Hayden Kho with Maricar on his lap is adjusting the cam with Maricar appeared consenting it.


This is the beginning of a more torid and vivid shots… Sorry can’t share it here!!!! 🙂 Click here for the vivid clips.

UPDATE 3!!!!!

This FAKE  “ABS-CBNnews update” has been circulating for several weeks now when curious people started looking up the net of more video scandal involving Dr. Hayden Kho.

I received this in an email attachment and it’s funny.



Ha…ha… enjoy!!!

UPDATE 4!!!!!

House passes bill penalizing photo and video voyeurism

Salient points of HB(proposed “Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009“):

  • imprisonment ranging from six months to six years and a fine of P100,000 to P500,000.
  • if a violator is a juridical person– penalty includes automatic revocation of his license or franchise and its officers will be deemed liable
  • if a violator is the editor and reporter (print media) and the station manager, editor and broadcaster (broadcast media)–also deemed liable
  • If the offender is a public official or employee, or a professional– will also be held administratively liable.
  • If a foreigner guilty of the act– subject of deportation proceedings after serving his sentence and payment of fines.

The Senate version of the proposed law is also on the offing and shall be consolidated with the House version before it will be crafted into law and to be signed by the President.


UPDATE 5!!!!!

Video Encryption Saves You from a Voyeurism Case!!!!

I’ve got a good lesson from a voyeurism case in Australia involving a 39-year old man who set-up a sophisticated camera network in his flat to record secretly his flatmates’ private moments.

But Rohan James Wyllie escaped jail sentence after a Southport District Court judge ruled there was no enough evidence to pin down the accused. The reason–the video of his voyeurism acts is encrypted and the police failed to crack it.

Under the Fifth Amendment, Wyllie can not be compelled to open the video as it will give evidence that will incriminate him. In the Philippines, it is our constitutional right against self-incrimination.

Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. should have had his voyeurism video encrypted to avoid similar case. 🙂 This is a lesson for future voyeurism. Encryption is your friend.

UPDATE 6!!!!!

Republic Act No. 9995 – Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act

This law, passed on February 15, 2010 puts an end to adventurers whose urge to document private moments are now considered crime.

Anyone who is found guilty of the crime shall be meted with at least three years but not more than seven years imprisonment and/or fine of not less than P100,000 but not more than 500,000.

Though, you can record your sexual acts if both of you are consenting to the recording. However, the law says even if your partner or the person concerned is consenting the recording, anyone is prohibited from copying, reproducing, selling, distributing, publishing and broadcasting such recording.

So, think twice if you are planning sinister. 🙂