New Four Species of Fresh Water Crabs Found in the Philippines

New Four Species of Fresh Water Crabs Found in the Philippines

Photo by AFP

The AFP reports didn’t however include “crab mentality” of the Filipinos. lol

The four new species were found in the forest of Palawan. By the way, today is Earth Day. Let’s help “Mobilize Earth“. Here’s a video from EartDay.Org:

How to Minimize Toxic E-Waste

Environmental groups expect a rise on consumer electronics spending as classes shall resume in a couple of days.

However, the E-Waste Coalition identified some toxic chemicals that are added to various parts of electronic products that has potential damaging effect on our health ranging from liver, lungs and kidney diseases to cancer.

These chemicals, according to Richard Gutierrez, Executive Director of Ban Toxics, include Phthalates. Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which are often added to gadgets’ plastic housing and electrical housing.

The E-Waste Coalition recommends the following steps for consumers to minimize e-waste:

  • Know which companies produce safe and environmentally sustainable electronic gadgets.
  • Purchase electronic items that have “RoHS” logo or the logo at the side of this article. It represents that the product is free from the common toxins.
  • Buy energy-efficient electronic products. Look for the Energy Star or the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Look for brands with good warranty and take-back policies.
  • Go for quality, not quantity! Avoid buying cheap items in bulk. Most of these items will wear out after a few months. Also, the EcoWaste Coalition’s Project PROTECT has found that 6 out of 7 cheap toys from bargain centers contain toxic plastic.
  • Look for electronics with rechargeable rather than disposable batteries.
The E-Waste Coalition launched today in Cebu City its short film entitled “The Vanishing E-Wastes of the Philippines“, that talks about the e-waste problem in the country.


JUNTARIMAN @ BlogAction Day 2009

blogaction day badge

This is what my homepage looked when i had the Blog Action Day 2009 badge on Oct. 14-16, 2009. I also had this post–“Blog Action Day 2009” since the very first few minutes of October 15.

Below is the Bloggers Kapihan rounding up the blog posts from the Philippines on Blog Action Day 2009. There were thousands of blogs from 150 countries around the world discussing about climate change.

Bloggers Kapihan

My blog site is mentioned in the list below linking to the post i have created on Blog Action Day 2009. As i promised, i’ll be updating the post once i got hold of some sci-tech innovations here in Cebu about preserving and protecting the environment.

juntar on blogactionday