ATM Withdrawal Charge to increase

ATM Withdrawal Charge to increase

Beginning October 22, 2012 BPI ATM Debit card holders shall pay additional P5 for every withdrawal done in other bank’s ATM (Bancnet, Expressnet, and Megalink). From the present P10, it shall become P15 for every withdrawal. However, withdrawal at BPI ATMs shall remain free.

Payment using the BPI ATM cards using the Express Payment System in stores shall also remain free.


BDO–You SHOULD Find Ways!

I can’t stop but blog this unfortunate if not horrible banking experience of mine these past few days. What is notable in this sad experience is the unfortunate non-use of technology in improving banking service and thus, expedite a simple customer request.


It started when i received on September 29, 2011 an email from BDO notifying its clients that all EPCIB ATM Debit Card should be replaced with a new BDO card.

My account belongs to the BDO-C.M. Recto Branch in Davao City. Ever since, my ATM card had not been replaced and i took good care of it considering how hassle to replace it when i’m already in Cebu.


I started inquiring the process in replacing my ATM card in October 2011 and i was advised by a local branch to contact my Davao branch to get an authorization for me to request for card replacement through a local branch in Cebu. Finally, i’d talked to the Davao branch officer who instructed me to tell a local branch in Cebu to allow me apply for the replacement of the card and send the application to Davao.


Not contented with the way my request had been handled, i wrote the customer hotline of BDO.


This time, it’s the BDO-Davao called me and gave me instruction on the request process through the local branch in Cebu and at the same time the BDO-Davao branch officer sent email to her counterpart here in Cebu to facilitate my request for card replacement. I had complied the requirement and my request was forwarded to Davao for completion and was able to beat the deadline. I was told the whole process will take about more than a week since my new ATM card shall be sent to Cebu.


A week had passed and everyone was busy with the Fiesta Senior celebration.  In the meantime, i’d done over-the-counter withdrawals that cost me P400 for two withdrawals. The P200/withdrawal is a service charge since my account belongs to Davao.

After the second week, I haven’t received info whether or not my new card is already in the local branch. So i decided to go back to the local bank after Sinulog. I visited the branch on January 24 three weeks after my request and got my new card. I have to enter a PIN on the ATM but can’t still use my card until after 24 hours.

Just today (January 25), i was informed by BDO-Davao that i can’t still use my card since it’s not yet connected with my account in the system for security reason. I have to wait for the papers that i signed in Cebu branch when i claimed my new ATM card to reach Davao. Gosh! That’s a week from now!

I’m wondering why in this biggest bank of the country inter-branch transactions are still done the traditional ways. I have other account in the BPI-Magallanes/Jakosalem but very seldom i could be there because the bank is doing “banking anywhere“–you can deposit/withdraw money from other branches and even encash check in any branch.

I could have save P400 for the service charge had BDO implements what BPI has been doing. Why they’re still depending on the snail mail for approval of any transactions when you can do it online and   have the papers to support later. In the meantime, i can’t use my money except for online transactions.

I think BDO SHOULD Find Ways!