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Most Requested Singers (Click the links below to listen to our MRS’ and others’ performances)

MARICOR “Loriang” EVANGELISTA (1976-December 15, 2011)

Lorriang-shades lorriang-1 Lorriang-no shade

“It’s Sad to Belong to Someone” by Lorriang

“Please Don’t Ask Me” by Lorriang

I’d Never Been To Me” by Lorriang

“Gotcha by Golly Wow” by Lorriang

“I Need to be in Love” by Lorriang

juntar-cropped juntar-at-busay-21 cropped-100_60061.jpg

“I Wanna Give” by juntar

“Love Letters in the Sand” by juntar (duet with Minda Ocliasa)

“Feelings” by juntar

“Crying Time” by juntar

“Sound of Silence” by Juntar

“Only You” by Juntar

“If We Hold on Together” by Tata Lumapas (duet with juntar)

1_198153392l 1_320736956l 1_750146971l

Hey” by Malou Cabahug

scanned-book-pics0001 scanned-book-pics0002 scanned-book-pics0003

“From Russia with Love” by Chubby

“Pangako Sa Iyo” by Chubby

“Masquerade” by Chubby

“How Deep Is Your Love” by Chubby

“Kung Kailangan Mo Ako” by Chubby

“Michelle” by Chubby

“Till There Was You” by Chubby

“Strangers in the Night” by Chubby

scanned-book-pics0004 noreen-2 noreen-3

“Sapagka’t Tao Lamang” by Noreen

“Yesterday Once More” by Noreen

“Love of My Life” by Noreen

“Annie’s Song” by Noreen

shanti-pantino-1 shanti-pantino-2 shanti-pantino-3

“We’ve Only Just Began” by Shanti Pantino

“Almost Over You” by Loriemae

“Never Been To Me” by Lovely Girl

“What Matters Most” by Juve Villar

“Ocean Deep” by Josie Laurente

“La Bamba” by Doodz Lumapas

Bakit Ngayon ka Lang” by Tata Lumapas & Virgil Villanueva

Baleleng” by Mr. Stephenson King

Where Ever You Will Go” by Vernon Lee

“(title–for verification)” by Barrok2008

“The Winner Takes it All” by Lovely

“Like A Virgin” by Lovely

“To Love You More” by Loriemae

“Love with All of Your Hearts” by Willy


The “Karaokehan” singers (L-R: Ethel Seguisabal, Malou Cabahug, Elgin Jainar, Botsfra, Juntar, Josie Suson, and Unlan) during their visit at the “Karaokehan” sa Merkado Patrol on August 15, 2009. Botsfra went back to Luxemburg on August 28.


9 thoughts on “KARAOKEHAN

  1. Sir Jun,

    Pls upload the following songs in videoke format 1)Walang Kapalit by Rey Valera, 2) Ngayon by Nonoy Zuniga?, 3) Kumusta Ka by Basil Valdez? Tnx boyen


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