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KNN Season 4 Finalist is BID Challenger

Cris Sapong’s has made it into the finals of this year’s Business In Development (BID) Challenge held nationwide. was paired under the retail/services sector from among the finalists of this year’s competition organized by the Philippines Business for Social Progress. Though, MyTindahan,net didn’t grab a pot from among several awards but Chris Sapong’s experience to present his business plan was good enough.

Kudos to Chris.


Not One But Two More Business Plan in KNN7

Two more Business Plan Seminars shall be conducted this year by the USC-COCAAI for the USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na! This is a turn-around of a previous decision to stick to only one additional seminar this season.

During today’s USC-KNN radio show, KNN Committee member Devin Go announces the plan to reconsider its previous decision as agreed during the last meeting of USC-COCAAI Board of Directors.

Also, one big change in the conduct of additional seminars is the choice of only one sector or category in the industry that shall be given preference for the granting of assistance. For example, the KNN Committee may choose “fashion accessory” as the choice. All interested individuals who are into fashion accessory may attend the business plan seminar and shall be provided with starter kits. The kit shall include materials for a start-up business and the opportunity to participate in other lectures and mentoring by the members of COCAAI and the USC School of Business and Economics faculty.

The additional Business Plan Seminars are on top of the regular season competition which is already on its selection process. 19 business proposals are now in the hands of the screening committee for the determination of the finalists to the KNN Season 7.

USC-KNN Season 7 is On!

The USC-KNN kicks off its regular season for this year with a moderate number of small entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs attending the Business Plan Seminar on April 21, 2012 at the University of San Carlos-Downton Campus.

USC-KNN Committee Chair Carmen Piramide said this year’s attendees are lean and mean with most of them have the potentials to become successful businessmen.

About 60 participants from various places of Cebu came to learn the business planning lecture by some faculty members of the School of Business and Economics of the USC. A participant from Dalaguete, a town South of Cebu came as early as six in the morning at the venue. Other out-of-town participants also came from the town of Argao.

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Jose Cuerquis is USC-KNN Season 6 “Big Winner”

Clad in long sleeve and a tie, Jose Cuerquis was all-ready to accept what an unexpected gift of the night for his family–the BIG WINNER title of the “USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na Season 6″ at the awarding ceremony during the USC-COCAAI Grand Alumni Homecoming Saturday night (Feb. 18, 2012) at the new Convention Center of J Centre Mall in Mandaue City.

USC-KNN @ the Negosyo Expo

Once again, the USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na is taking part in another trade exhibition to expose its beneficiaries to the consuming public. This time, it’s the USC-COCAAI Negosyo Expo at the 3rd level of the J. Centre Mall in A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City.

The trade expo runs from Feb. 10-17 and the activity will be capped by the grand alumni homecoming of the College of Commerce of the University of San Carlos on Feb. 18 at the newly constructed convention center of the mall. On the same day, the Big Winner of the USC-KNN Season 6 shall be announced.

Two of the booths occupied by USC-KNN beneficiaries. At left–Wilhelmina Lapides of Season 5. At right–KNN Season 6 finalists Teresista Ursal and Brenda Batislaong.

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USC-KNN Awards Seed Capital to 14 Small Entrepreneurs

January 28, 2012

It’s been two months since more than 60 people had attended the third business plan seminar of the USC-KNN in November 12, 2011 at the Cebu Technological University. Of the participants, two dozen business plans were submitted for consideration by the USC-KNN for possible granting of seed capital.

Today, the USC-KNN Committee has announced 14 Winners out of the 24 business plans who have been granted with seed capital amounting to P7,000 and P10,000 depending on the proposed business. Take a look at the list below:

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24 Business Proponents Submit Business Plans

December 24, 2011

We’re almost done with our evaluation of the 24 business plans submitted to the USC-KNN Committee for consideration. It comes from those who attended in the third of our Business Plan Seminar series this year held on November 12 during the ABS-CBN Cebu Grand Halad sa Kapamilya at the Cebu Technological University.

There were more than 60 participants attended the seminar but only 24 had able to submit their business proposals for possible grants by USC-KNN. Those who shall qualify will receive seed capital from the USC-KNN ranging from P5,000 to P10,000 depending on the proposed business.

Here are the proponents in alphabetical order:

1- Alao, Virgilia (Carenderia)

2- Amamag, Raul (Lighted Route Numbers)

3- Amamag, Raul (Food Vending)

4- Arnado, Danica (Shirt Printing)

5- Baculi, Theresa (Food Vending)

6- Briones, Edgardo (Food Vending)

7- Castillo, Romeo (Fish Vending)

8- Cose, Elena (Broom)

9- Debuque, Ricardo (Vinegar)

10- Diano, Colin (Mosquito Killer)

11- Engalla, Rubie (Balloons)

12- Flores, Rogaciano (Cow Raising)

13- Mabait, Erlinda (Convenience Store, Fashion Jewelry)

14- Manabat, Estrella (Laundry Service)

15- Manansala, Jonna Dexie (Snacks)

16- Melloso, Rito (Furniture)

17- Musni, Marites (Siomai)

18- Ortiz, Crisostomo (Food Vending)

19- Pitogo, Anita (Food Vending)

20- Ranara, Ramona (Cakes & Desserts)

21- Redondo, Anthony (Fried Chicken)

22- Reyes, Erlina (Needle Work)

23- Rosales, Elenita (Broom)

24- Solomon, Medioline (Food Vending)

USC-COCAAI Celebrates Early Christmas with the USC-KNN Winners

@ LS Oriental Printer on Nov. 24, 2011


USC-KNN Awards Seed Capital to 2nd Batch of Winners

The USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na (KNN) has awarded recently seed capital to another batch of winners who shall join the “Lucky 13″ to vie for the Big Winner title of the 6th regular season.

The awarding was done during the second and final day of the Bookkeeping and Accounting seminar attended by the winners at the University of San Carlos-Main Campus.

Eleven business proponents were chosen down from the 17 earlier selected by the KNN committee. Seven of the 11 winners are given P10,000 each while the rest received P5,000 each.They are:

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USC-KNN Awards Seed Capital to 11 Small Entrepreneurs — October 8, 2011

The KNN Season 6 Committee has just announced the lucky 11 small business proponents who shall receive seed capital for their small businesses.

The winners were part of the participants of the Business Plan Seminar held on September 3, 2011 @ the USC-Main. They were asked to submit their respective business plans/proposals to the USC-KNN for screening and evaluation.

Seven of the winners shall receive P10,000 each while the rest shall receive a consolation prize of P5,000 each. Their names are announced today during the USC-KNN radio show over DyAB1512. However, the details who among them shall receive the P10,000 and P5,000 will be announced next week. Here are the winners:

1- Marion Jaimee AbianChocolate Blossoms

2- Nenita ArnadoBroom Making

3- Rainier Belleza Jr.Rent-a-Thing

4- Mercedez CenizaRubber Floor Mat

5- Jose Cuerquis Clean More, Spend Less

6- Sarah DellosaFish & Banana Vending

7- Isidro Dividina Jr.4 J’s Fabric Conditioner & Detergent

8- Greg Allan PialagoAllan Cell Shop

9- Jessieryl PitogoK’ Hanz Cakes & Pastries

10- Melcan SigneSigne’ture Prints

11- Nonna Karen VelezKaren’s Food Products

FLASH!!!! Free Business Plan-Making Seminar…

Join the free BUSINESS PLAN-MAKING SEMINAR by the USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na on September 3, 2011(Saturday/8am-12nn) @ the USC-Main in Cebu City. For early registration, contact Jocelyn Pugoy @ (globe) 0926-757-6105; (smart) 0920-620-0768 or come early to register at the venue. Open to everyone.

USC-KNN Season 6 “Lucky 13 winners”

For the first time in the USC-KNN, 13 small entrepreneurs are given the chance to compete for the first leg of the competition. Normally, only ten are awarded with the seed capital at the beginning of the season and the rest are given with consolation prizes and shall not compete with the top ten.

However, this year’s season has a twist. The three consolation prize winners are given the chance to compete with the rest of the top ten finalists. Of the “Lucky 13″ winners, three shall be “evicted” and shall settle for consolation after two months of engaging their respective businesses.

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KNN Season 6 Draws 38 Business Plan Proposals

(April 16, 2011)Today, we started featuring the first batch of proponents in our radio show–USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na! whose proposed business plans are now scrutinized by the KNN Committee.

Click here for the podcast of the radio show and listen to the stories of our small entrepreneurs.

Here is the complete list of our proponents:

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KNN Season 6 is Now Officially On!

The USC-COCAAI (College of Commerce Alumni Association, Inc.) has renewed its ties with ABS-CBN Corporation and other institutions in launching the Sixth Season of the Kapamilya Negosyo Na! (KNN).

The signing of the Memorandum of Agreements was held Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at the Ayala Activity Center by the representatives of the USC-COCAAI, USC-College of Commerce, ABS-CBN/DyAB, and the Department of Labor and Employment.

The MOA extends the airing of the radio show–KNN for another year over DyAB1512 which airs every Saturday, 3-4pm with broadcaster Jun Tariman as the host.

The USC-College of Commerce reaffirmed its commitment for the use of the facilities and faculty in assisting the program. While the DOLE has again extended its financial support to KNN by approving the second grant amounting to P400,000. DOLE had provided almost P900-thousand grant to KNN in 2009 to finance the project for two years.

Those who were present during the signing were Alice Uy for USC-COCAAI, USC-College of Commerce Assistant Dean Chaloner Matero, Leo Lastimosa and Tata Cinco-Sy of ABS-CBN, and DOLE OIC Regional Director Exequiel Sarcauga.

More pictures…

KNN Season 5 Big Winner–Jerry Gloria

The USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na! has just awarded the Big Winner title for its Season 5 to a housewife from Mabolo, Cebu City.

Mrs. Jerry Gloria outshines nine other finalists for the most coveted title for the season as it wraps up Saturday, January 22, 2011 during the COCAAI’s Annual Homecoming.

Mrs. Gloria operates the “Mabolo Bam-i House” as her entry to the KNN Season 5 when the season started June 2010.

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KNN Adds More Beneficiaries

Another batch of beneficiaries were chosen to receive the seed capital of P5,000 each after being selected by the KNN Committee.

However, only eight of the supposedly 20 beneficiaries were selected after their business proposals passed the scrutiny of the committee. KNN Project Chair Carmen Piramide explains that some of the business plans failed to meet the requirements.

The eight successful proponents are the following:

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(Dec. 11, 2010) The KNN Committee has just came out with the KNN Season 5 Monthly Ranking for December:

#1 – Jerry Gloria :73.83%

#2 – Antonio Garcia : 52.50%

#3 – Kadija Khanani : 43.83%

#4 – Wilhelmina Lapidez : 36.00%

#5 – Helen Legaspi : 28.17%

#6 – Jesus Rigor : 25.92%

#7 – Jocelyn Jaque : 24.25%

#8 – Mike Quiachon : 20.00%

#9 – Emilia Tapia : 9.25%

#10 –  Ronit Remulta/Liza : 7.25%

Marie Balansag


(Nov. 6, 2010) The KNN Committee has just came out with the Monthly Ranking for the Season 5 Finalists.

KNN Project Committee Chairperson Carmen Piramide announced the ranking during the KNN Radio Program @ DyAB 1512 today. Those who shall remain at the bottom of the ranking after a period shall be evicted. Here’s the ranking as of October 31, 2010:

#1 – Kadija Haroon Khanani                          : 53.66%

#2 – Antonio Garcia                                         : 48.33%

#3 – Wilhelmina Lapidez                                 : 44.00%

#4 – Jerry Gloria                                              : 39.66%

#5 – Helen Legaspi                                           : 33.33%

#6 – Jocelyn Jaque                                           : 24.66%

#7 – Jesus Rigor                                                : 22.83%

#8 – Mike Quiachon                                          : 21.33%

#9 – Emilia Tapia                                               : 19.83%

#10 – Ronit Remulta/Liza Balansag                : 13.16%

The ranking is based on the following performance categories:

  • Reports (updates of the finalist’s operations and activities)
  • Attendance (participation in various activities of KNN to include seminars, fairs, etc.)
  • Marketing (efforts to promote the product)
  • Operations (improvements in the conduct of the business)
  • Finance (financial records including the opening of bank account for its capital fund)
  • Management (how the business in being handled)
  • Media Exposure (presence in the media like guesting, interviews, appearance in KNN Radio Show @ DyAB)

That’s all for now. Until the next monthly ranking…

KNN Online Store @ Facebook

KNN Extends Additional Capital to Selected Previous Winners

Six previous winners/finalists from the KNN Season 3 and 4 have received additional capital for its business expansion.

The amount, ranging from P4,000 to almost P12,000, were distributed during the KNN Radio Program @ DyAB1512 on October 23, 2010 by the KNN Committee.

KNN Project Chair Carmen Piramide explained that the beneficiaries were selected based on the viability of their proposed expansion. The six beneficiaries who were given additional capital are given a month to implement the expansion.

Earlier, the KNN Committee had also distributed the final batch of the capital/seed money to all KNN Season 5 finalists.

The beneficiaries who received additional capital are the following:

Carlito Balag

  • Grain grinding machine (Fil-an Hardware)                          P10,500.00

Roque Brillo

  • 1½ Horsepower rice mill (Ocean Fishing)                            P 7,200.00

Catalina Jacela

  • Haier 3.5 cu. Ft. Chest freezer  (SM Appliance)                  P11,030.93

Glicerio Labura, Jr.

  • Spraygun (Handy Man)                                                        P 1,795.00
  • ½ HP Electric Motor (Atlantic Hardware)                            2,580.00

P 4,375.00

Norman Saluntao

  • ½ HP electric motor copper winding (Cathay Hardware)   P 2,665.00
  • Fixed star gear reducer 1:30 ratio (Cathay Hardware)          5,200.00
  • Polya 16 cm diameter  (Fil-an Enterprise)                                   570.00
  • Polya 12 cm diameter  (Fil-an Enterprise)                                   370.00
  • Polya 6 cm diameter    (Fil-an Enterprise)                                     90.00
  • 6 pcs KYH pillow block  (Cebu Eastern Hardware)                   2,520.00
  • 12 ft shafting ¾ cm diameter (Cebu Eastern Hardware)            456.00


Raymund Sevillano

  • Trisikad  (Sunracer Center)                                                 P 3,850.00
  • Big umbrella   (Gaisano)                                                           299.00

P 4,149.00


KNN @ One Cebu Expo

Starting August 7, 2010

Venue: Cebu International Convention Center

Buy KNN products!!! Also visit KNN Stall @ 2nd Floor, Park Mall

KNN Bookkeeping Seminar

Every Tuesday & Thursday (Aug. 10 & 12, Aug. 17 & 19, Aug. 24 & 26)

Venue: CPA Review Center, USC-Main

Non-KNN finalists are to be charged with P2,500 fee.

Contact: 2545519

KNN Awards Seed Capital to 17 Small Entrepreneurs

July 14, 2010

The USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na has awarded the much-awaited seed capital for the 10 winners and seven consolation prize winners.

The ten winners who shall vie for the BIG WINNER title at the end of the competition received on Saturday (July 10) the first half of the P15,000 seed capital. The second half shall be awarded in November as additional fund for their business. Seven other entrepreneurs were given P5,000 each as financial assistance.

While the ten winners shall compete each other until January 2011, the seven consolation prize winners shall still be monitored by KNN and shall join all other activities of the program with the 10 finalists.

All the winners shall undergo series of trainings to be conducted by KNN with the faculty of the University of San Carlos-College of Commerce as mentors.

The awarding of the seed capital was spearheaded by COCAAI President Ben Dapat at the ABS-CBN Cebu Conference room after the KNN radio show. Officials of the Department of Labor and Employment witnessed the awarding of the seed capital. DOLE earlier granted KNN more than 800-thousand peso livelihood fund for distribution to prospective small entrepreneurs through the KNN program.

Congratulations to the winners.


July 3, 2011

ANTONIO GARCIA (A.M. Garcia Rebar & Wire Works)

JERRY GLORIA (Mabolo Bam-i House)

JOCELYN JAQUE (Fish Embutido)

KHADIJA HAROON KHANANI (Yummy’s Choice Tocino)

HELEN LEGASPI (H2iB Mats, Mops, Rags)




EMILIA TAPIS (Mimi’s Catering/Fast Food)



PABLO BEJER Jr. (Bejer Barber Shop)

MILAGROS NICANOR (Mila’s Beauty Salon)


ROSARIO PARAGOSO (Rose Chocolates)



REGINA BATULAN (Barbeque Station)

Congratulations to the winners. Awarding of the seed capital and the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement shall be done on Saturday/July 10, 2010 after the KNN radio show.


Every Tuesday & Thursday/8am-12nn for 3 weeks, August 2010

Venue: Center for Excellence and Lifelong Learning, USC-Main

Open to the public!!!!

Registration for non-KNN Season 5 winners is P2,500

For registration, call 2545519

KNN has been given a Special Citation for Vehicle for Social Transformation in Promoting Entrepreneurship and Developing Individuals. This is the Grand Chamber Award of the Cebu Business Month of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry annually.


June 24 (1pm-5pm) : Interview of all Business Plan Proponents

Venue:  Carmen Piramide residence, Kasambagan, Cebu City

June 23 (5:30pm) : USC-COCAAI Meeting

Venue: Baseline Restaurant

June 25, 2010 : Product Demonstration

Venue: Law & Business School building, USC-Main, Pelaez St., Cebu City

BUSINESS PROPONENTS (Schedule for interview):  June 20, 2010 (1pm-4pm) @ Carmen Piramide residence

(1 pm)

Aballe, Mirope (Mama’s Meat Products)

Azarcon, Pedro Jr. (Goat Raising)

Batulan, Ma. Sarena (D’ Snack Bar)

Batulan, Regina (Barbeque Station)

Bejer, Pablo Jr. (Bejer Barber Shop)

Dumandan, Expedita (4 Angels Pack Lunch & Snacks)

Garcia, Antonio (A.M. Garcia Rebar & Wire Works)

(2 pm)

Gloria, Jerry (Mabolo Bam-i House)

Jaque, Jocelyn (Fish Embutido)

Khanani, Khadija Haroon (Yummy’s Choice Tocino)

Legaspi, Helen (H2iB Mats, Mops, Rags)

Miranda, Alicia (Alicia’s Homemade Products)

Nicanor, Milagros (Mila’s Beauty Salon)

Obregon, Isabelo (Peanut Roll)

(3 pm)

Paragoso, Rosario (Rose Chocolates)

Quiachon, Ma. Leonora (MQ Marketing/Bathroom & Kitchen Soap)

Quiachon, Mike (MAQ Barber Shop)

Remulta, Ronit/Balansag Liza (JIRL’s Bags, Belts & Wallets)

Rigor, Jesus (Feeds)

Sabellana, Jessica (Jess Snacks Vending)

(4 pm)

Tapia, Emilia (Mimi’s Catering/Fast Food)

Deo, Dean Ross (Rug Making)

Cansancio, Marichan (Chai’s Store/Gen. Merchandising)

Samper, Lucio Jr. (888 Computer Services)

Lapidez, Wilhelmina (Mina’s Puto Pao)

Pacana, Ann Eleonor (Orville PC Doctor)

Labus, Anastacia (Anna’s Fruit Stand)


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