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1. Market Analysis

1.1 Demand

1.2 Supply

1.3 Supply-Demand analysis

1.4 Marketing strategies

1.4.1 Product (brand and packaging)

1.4.2 Price

1.4.3 Promotions

1.4.4 Distributions

2. Technical Analysis

2.1 Production description

2.2 Production processes

2.3 Location

2.4 Plant size

2.5 Layout

2.6 Major machinery and equipment

2.7 Raw materials and supplies

2.8 Manpower

2.9 Utilities (e.g., water and power)

2.10 Production capacity

3. Management and Ownership Analysis

3.1 Ownership

3.2 Form of business organization

3.3 Present management and staffing pattern

3.4 Compensation of employees

3.5 Relationship with other companies

3.6 Trade associations

4. Financial Analysis

4.1 Financial standing of players in the industry

4.1.1 Capitalization

4.1.2 Profictability

4.1.3 Liquidity

4.2 Industry growth and prospects

4.3 Sources of financing

4.3.1 Sources selected or proposed for both long-term and short-term financing

4.3.2 Alternative source

4.3.3 Amount and terms of financing

5. Conclusion

6. Recommendation

Day 21: January 24, 2009
Topic: “Industry Study”
Discussant: Dr. Grace Lape


1- Make your own Industry Study…

Day 20: January 17, 2009
Topic: “Controlling”
Discussant: Ms. Corazon Anzano


1- What is controlling?

2- What is the difference between coordinating
and controlling?

3- What are the different kinds of control
measures used in the business?

4- Nganong importante nga mogamit ta’g control
measures sa business?

Day 19: January 10, 2009
Topic: “Leadership”
Discussant:Mr. Averell Benbenuti Piramide

1- What is the most important trait of a leader?

2- How are you going to treat fairly employees
of different skill level?

3- When do you start training to be a leader? Is
it learned or natural phenomenon?

4- Charisma–is it natural or can it be

Day 18: December 20, 2008
Topic: “Organizing the Enterprise”
Discussant: Dr. Grace Lape

1- In two or three sentences, explain why someone who wants to grow in business needs to register with government.

2- If you will register your business today, what form will it take? Sole Proprietorship? Partnership? Corporation? or Cooperative? Give your reason for your choice.

3- How do you see yourself as a worker in the enterprise you will put up? What specific responsibilities will you take, aside from being the “proprietor” and the “general manager”?

4- In choosing people to work with you, will you think first of hiring your relatives and friends than strangers? Why or why not?

Day 17: December 13, 2008
Topic: “Planning the Enterprise”
Discussant: Dr. Grace Lape

1- Why do you have to prepare written plans before actually starting a business?

2- If you were to start your own business, what would your product or service be? Why?

3- Try to identify some strengths and weaknesses in the business idea that you have in mind (think in terms of resources). Write them down.

4- Enumerate some factors in the environment that may affect a business in a positive or negative way.How would you protect your own business from the negative factors?

5- What are the basic steps to follow in preparing a business plan?

Day 16: December 6, 2008
Topic: “Introduction to Management”
Discussant: Dr. Beverly Ligan

1- Who are managers? (Kinsa ang mga managers?)

2- What is management? (Unsa ang management?)

3- What do managers do? (Unsay buhaton o trabaho sa managers?)

4- Why study management? (Nganong magtoon kita og management?)

5- How to manage the business? (Unsaon pag-manage og negosyo?

Day 15: November 8, 2008
Topic: “How to Score a Business”
Discussant: Grace Larsena

1- Unsa ang tulo ka klase sa financial transactions sa negosyo?

2- Nganong imnportante gayud nga ang recording sa transaction sa atong negosyo eksakto?

3- Unsay mga characteristics sa usa ka ideal nga financial statement?

Day 14: October 25, 2008
Topic: “Workng Capital Planning”
Discussant:Dr. Grace Larsena

1- Unsa may tinguha o objectives sa pagplano sa working capital?

2- Unsay mga factors nga atong ma-consider sa pagplano sa working capital?

3- Asa ta magsugod sa pagplano sa working capital?

4- Diin gikan ang working capital??

5- Unsa ang pagpabilin o pag-stabilize sa atong working capital?

Day 13: October 11, 2008
Topic: “Workng Capital”
Discussant:Dr. Grace Larsena

1- Unsa ang working capital?

2- Unsa ang mga sources sa working capital?

3- Unsaon pagdala ang working capital?

4- Unsa ang mahitabo kung ma-mismanaged and working capital?

5- Unsa ang mg pagtoo sa pagpadagan sa negosyo?
Day 12: October 4, 2008
Topic: “Quality Control”
Discussants: Engr. Jovenal Arnaiz
Mr. Felixberto Janulgue

1- Unsay ipasabot sa quality?

2- Unsay dimension o anaa sa quality?

3- Nganong magkinahanglan ‘ta og quality o
kalidad nga produkto?
Day 11: September 27, 2008
Topic: “Buy Back Center” (discussant: Engr. Janet Pontevedra
“Location, Capacity, Laoyout” (Discussant: Larry Silapan)

1- Unsa ang “Buy Back Center”?

2- Unsa ang segregation?

3- Unsay tuyo ug tumong sa “Buy Back Center?

4- Unsa ang duha ka paagi pagsukod sa capacity?

5- Unsay mga rason kung mopalit o mobuhat sa usa ka produkto?

6- Unsay tumong sa pag-desinyo sa layout sa usa ka patigayon?

7- Kung usa ka service or retail store/firm provider, unsay major factor nga imo i-consider?

Day 10: September 20, 2008
Topic: Personality Development
Discussant: Dr. Alice Villar

1- How can we assess personality?

2- How do we describe or classify different personality?

3- What trait “dimension” describe personality?

4- How can we assess traits?

5- What we think about our situation affects our behaviou

Day 9: September 13, 2008
Topic: Forecasting & Production Planning
Discussant: Engr. Pepito Echavez
Engr. Felixberto Janulgue

1- Unsay definition sa forecasting?

2- Unsay gamit sa forecasting?

3- Unsa ang nagkalain-laing paagi sa forecasting?

4- Unsay definition sa production?
5- Unsay mga objectives sa production?

Day 8: September 6, 2008
Topic: Environmental Management
Discussant: Engr. Francisco Valenzona

1- What are the concerns of environment with respect to the factory?

2- What are the environmental concerns inside the factory?

3- What are the types of pollution?

4- What are the classifications of solid wa

Day 7: August 30, 2008
Topic: Sales Promotion Objectives; Major Sales Promotion Tools
Discussants: Dr. Alice Villar
Cora Anzano

1- What is the meaning of sales promotion?

2- Why do we use sales promotion?

3- What are the two kinds of sales promotion?

4- Give an example of customer-oriented promotion.

5- Give an example of trade-oriented promotion.

Day 6: August 23, 2008
Topic: Personal Selling-Part 2 & Customer Relations Management ; Evaluating Sales People & Personal Selling Process
Discussants: Dr. Alice Villar
Dr. Ricardo Matulin

1- Kinsay angay pangutan-on kon pila ang halin sa kompaniya matag adlaw?

2- Unsay rason nganong i-monitor ang mga lihok sa mga tawo nga nagbaligya sa produkto?

3- Unsay timailhan nga ang customer mopalit sa imong produkto?

4- Isip ahente sa kompaniya, unsay pamaagi aron modako ang imong halin?

5- Unsay buhaton aron ang customer o suki magbalik-balik og palit sa imong produkto?

Day 5:August 16, 2008
Topic: Personal Selling and Managing the Sales Force

1- Aduna bay epekto ang personal appearance sa pagnegosyo?

2- Unsa may mga tips nga imong ikatampo aron molambo ang negosyo?

3- Kung daghan ang kompetensya, sama sa pagbaligya og sud-an, unsa may strategy nga imong buhaton aron makalabaw sa uban?

4- Unsa may imong buhaton aron ma-train ang imong staff kinsa ang uban nila kutob ra sa elementarya?

Day 4:August 9, 2008

1- What comprises the price of the product/services?

2- What is product bundle pricing?

3- Give an example of psychological pricing.

4- Unsay buot ipasabot sa Market Skimming Pricing ug Market Penetration Pricing?

5- Nganong importante man ang price para sa mga negosyante?

Day 3
Topic: Marketing Plan
Discussants : Salvador Loyola Jr.
Lolita Velita


1- Unsa ang proseso o paagi sa pagbaligya?

2- Ngano nga adunay mamalit sa imong baligya?

3- Nasinati ba nimo kinsa ang imong kaatbang o kompetensya?

4- Unsa ang nakalahi kanimo gikan sa kaatbang?

5- Unsa ang imahe o image o panghuna-huna sa mga tawo sa imong palibot mahitungod nimo ug sa imong negosyo?


1- Unsay buot ipasabot sa Market Place?

2- Unsay kalainan sa NEEDS ug WANTS?

3- Unsay mga nag-unang panginahanglan sa usa ka tawo?

4- Unsay buot ipasabot sa Marketing offers?

5- Unsay example sa BASIC PHYSICAL NEEDS?

TOPIC: Mindset of an Entrepreneur
LECTURER: Maris Puche

QUESTIONS (for enrollees only):

1- Is an entrepreneur born or made?
2- Do you have the mindset of an entrepreneur?
If yes, why?
3- If your brain dominance is Quadrant A, how
would you think?
4- How would you think if you are a Quadrant B
5- What is the mindset of a Quadrant C person?


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