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KNN Season 4 Big Winner

This is coming very late but “it’s better late than never” for this post to come out here. I was so preoccupied with other pressing jobs during the election period. Though, i was present during the big night when the Big Winner title was announced. Anyway, i wish to relay here that our Big Winner for the KNN Season 4 is Mr. Roque Brillo and his Kapamilya Palabok House.

This decent-looking man relied in the past his friends and the people around him for orders of his sumptuous palabok. More about Mr. Roque Brillo in this article.

KNN Awards Seed Capital to 20 New Entrepreneurs

The USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na is awarding seed capital to 20 new entrepreneurs after successfully attending the Business Plan-Making Seminar during the “Grand Halad sa Kapamilya” on November 28, 2009 at the USC-Main in Cebu City.

The new entrepreneurs are selected from among the 35 business plans submitted for evaluation by the KNN Screening Committee. The business proponents were among the 88 participants of the seminar.

The seed capital of five thousand pesos shall be awarded to them during the radio show– Kapamilya Negosyo Na over DYAB1512 on Saturday/December 12, 2009.


News Flash: KNN Cooperative?

Finally, the KNN beneficiaries are forming a multi-purpose cooperative to strengthen their cooperation and improve their lives.

Devin Go, President of the USC-College of Commerce Alumni Association (COCAAI) has announced the formation of the USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na Multi-purpose Cooperative after a successful preliminary organizational meeting on Sunday/October 3, 2009 at the KNN’s Stall, 2nd Floor Park Mall in Mandaue City.

There are now 46 KNN beneficiaries from Season 1 to 4…



Mandaue Chamber, KNN Award Seed Capital to Small Entrepreneurs

The Mandaue City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) has awarded the seed capital of ten thousand pesos (P10,000) to ten small entrepreneurs whose business plans had been judged meritorious.

While there were 30 business plans submitted out of the 130 participants of the Business Plan Making seminar on August 15, 2009 at the Park Mall, the 10 winners had convinced the selection panel that their business proposal is worth funding.


KNN Season 4 Winners

KNN has already awarded the initial seed capital to the 10 KNN4 Finalist last Saturday, July 11,2009 at the ABS-CBN Conference Room.

Each of the finalist has received a check worth P10,000 as initial capital. The remaining P5,000 shall be released to them in October in time for the Christmas season.

Cris Sapong


Livelihood Skills Training for OFW

The USC-Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! Season 4 (KNN4) is calling all displaced Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) to avail of the Livelihood Skills Training workshop on May 23 (Saturday) at the Cogon-Ramos Gym in Cebu City.

Various skills and business opportunities are being lined up for this wholeday training (9am-4pm) and free of charge for all OFWs and their families.


Text Choice of the Day in KNN4

Today’s episode of the USC-Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! Season 4 is highligted by the selection of the best opinion from the listening public.

The Text Choice or Best Caller of the Day is chosen based on how the opinion stirred further discussion of an issue during the program.

For today’s episode, a belt bag from the USC-College of Commerce Alumni Association, Inc. is at stake. More of this giveaway and other items shall be won by our radio listeners.



KNN4 Business Plan Making Seminar

About a hundred participants from the almost 200 individuals who earlier signified their interests have joined the one-day Business Plan Making Seminar held over the weekend at the University of San Carlos-Main Campus.



The participants were divided into three groups with each group mentored by a team of faculty from the USC-College of Commerce. The mentors included the teams headed by Dr. Beth Villarin, Dr. Grace Lape and Mr. Jun Dedamo.


KNN Season 4 Kicks Off

There’s no stopping for the KNN committee to launch its 4th season this week with the launching ceremony still held during the Kapamilya Media Forum at SM City Entertainment Plaza on Friday, March 27 and the Livelihood Skills Training the following day at the Cogon-Ramon Gym.

On Saturday/April 4, prospective participants will undergo Business Plan Seminar at Room 438 and 440 of the University of San Carlos-Main Campus.


flash: KNN has another “Big Winner”

We’ve just concluded this evening the Season 3 of the USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na by awarding the “Big Winner” title to another micro-entrepreneur.

The title goes to… (tarannnnn….)



Tomorrow night, we shall choose among our six finalists the “BIG WINNER” for KNN Season 3 at the homecoming of the USC-College of Commerce Alumni Association.

We spend the whole afternoon today interviewing the six finalists at the conference room of the USC-Business Administration department. The final interview capped the final selection process of the “Big Winner” who shall be announced tomorrow.


USC-KNN Season 3 Finalists (revisited)

We’d spent the whole morning ’till about 2pm today (Feb. 15, 2009) visiting our six finalists of the USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na! in time for our selection of this season’s Big Winner.

The finalists will be grilled once more in a panel but off-air interview on Thursday (Feb. 19, 2009) to determine who should get the title of a Big Winner and shall get an additional seed capital for their business.

Here’s our pics of today’s visit:


KNN Winners @ the USC’s “Market Bazaar”

For the third time, our KNN winners have joined the “Market Bazaar” during the Commerce Week celebration of the University of San Carlos.

Click here for the pics…

KNN’s School-on-the-Air Graduates

We’ve just awarded certificates of completion to some Kapamilya listeners who have successfully completed the four-module “School-on-the-Air” of the Kapamilya Negosyo Na! over DYAB 1512.

The awarding rite was held Tuesday (Feb. 10) at the Buttenbrach Hall of the University of San Carlos-Main during the appropriate program hosted by the students under the Community Extension Service.


KNN’s OFW Entrepreneurial Seminars

knn-ofw-seminar-registration-formThe Kapamilya, Negosyo Na (KNN) will start registering displaced Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) for its OFW Entrepreneurial Seminars on February 9 – 14, 2009 during the “Commerce Week” celebration of the University of San Carlos.


Displaced OFW to be assisted by KNN…

Another leap-frog for the KNN this year would be its program assisting the displaced Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

KNN’s pioneering head, Carmen Piramide announced this on Saturday(Jan. 24, 2009) as she provided the advance information of the program.


Day 1 Self-Assessment Questions (Mindset of an Entrepreneur)

July 19th, 2008 by kapamilya-negosyo-na


Take a piece of paper. Make 4 columns. First column, put the numbers 1-12; on the 2nd column, nos 13-24; on the 3rd column, nos 25-36, and on the 4th column, nos 37-48.

Then answer the questions that we will ask you as quickly as possible (no mulling on the questions) in the following manner:

very much/yes           means yes

Somewhat/not at all  means no


SCHOOL-ON-THE-AIR sa Kapamilya Negosyo Na!

Klase na!!! Welcome to KNN’s “School-On-The-Air”, the first of its kind in the Province of Cebu.

We have at least a hundred listeners enrolled in the class who are coming from various strata of our society–from ordinary persons to successful small entrepreneurs.

We started the course today, July 19 with Ms. Maris Puche, President of the USC-College of Commerce Alumni Association, as the lecturer.

Today’s topic is “Mindset of an Entrepreneur”. Listen to the podcast for the recording of today’s episode of the radio program.


KNN Season 3 Na!

The Season 3 of the Kapamilya Negosyo Na is now on. We are expecting a lean but mean participants across the Province of Cebu who shall compete for the most coveted title of a Big Winner.

The formal launching of the KNN has been held during the Kapamilya Media Forum usually being pretaped at the Entertainment Center of SM City Cebu (see the video at the profile page).

However, this year’s Forum and KNN’s launching is done at the new Law & Graduate school building of the University of San Carlos- Main Campus along Pelaez Street, Cebu City.



LUCIL BARBIEROS, a former high school teacher at the University of the Philippines, is the BIG WINNER of the Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! Season Two.

Barbieros, who owns Lucille’s Specialty in Carcar City, Cebu, is adjudged as the best entrepreneur among the 10 finalists during the awarding rite held at the 3rd Grand Homecoming of the USC-COCAAI on February 16, 2008 inside the modern Cebu International Convention Center.

She received additional seed money from the University of San Carlos-College of Commerce Alumni Association, Inc. and an advertising contract worth P150,000 from ABS-CBN Cebu.

Her unrelenting efforts in tapping resources and the courage to face difficulties in managing her business convinced the panel of judges.

Lucille’s Specialty revolutionalizes…


KNN Season 2 Winners (10 Finalists)

Kapamilya, here are the 10 Finalists of the Kapamilya, Negosyo Na Season Two who have been awarded with the seed capital for their individual business:


Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! Season 2





June 23, 2007, Saturday, 8am to 4pm


Venue: Cogon Ramos Sports Complex (near Ramos Market)




KNN SEASON-2 (LEVEL-UP!) The “KAPAMILYA, NEGOSYO NA!” will quantum leap in its second season soon.

The new members of the board of the University of San Carlos-College of Commerce Alumni Association, Inc. had adopted this one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial project as its flagship project.

“It created a stir in the community”, the USC-COCAAI observes. Both the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Cebu and the Sangguniang Panlunsod of Cebu City passed resolutions commending the program.

In its Evaluation and Planning Session held on March 25, 2007, finer points have been agreed upon to raise the project one-level up.

Among the changes to be expected in the second season of KNN are the following:



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