KNN Season 3 

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Glicerio Labura Jr.-4

KNN3 Big Winner Glicerio Labura Jr.

Product: Burloloy (Fashion Accessory)

Name of Business Name:

Contact No.: 0910-722-4172 / 0906-614-4024 / 0935-197-2957

Arquilla Gabucan-2

Aquilla Gabucan

Product: Cutflower

Name of Business:

Contact no.: 0917-6296-964

Carlito Balag-4

Carlito Balag

Product: Liniment Oil

Name of Business: Herbs Herbal Product

Contact No.: 0906-874-2906

Cathy Jacela-4

Catalina Jacela

Product : Soya Milk

Name of Business: K & H Homemade Soya Milk and Healthy Foods

Contact No.: 0905-365-8074/ 347-4552

Cristina Glariada-1

Cristina Glariada

Product : Vermicompost

Name of Business: San Isidro Vermicomposters

Contact No.: 0927-552-6284 / 419-3089

Emer Balbona-1

Emer Balbona

Product: Organic Fertilizer

Name of Business: Planter’s Bio Booster

Contact No.: 0922-808-7475


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