KNN Season 2 

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KNN 2 Big Winner Lucil Barbieros

Product: Ampao & Carcar Delicacies

Name of Business:

Contact No.: 0916-950-5708

Dominic Perez

Dominic Perez

Product: Cellphone & Computer Repair Services

Name of Business: We Fix 8

Contact Nos.: 0918-573-3007 / 414-0143 / 0927-978-1791


Juan Cabras

Product: Disposal Rugs

Name of Business:

Contact No.:


Belinda Salcedo

Product: Food

Name of Business: Bel’s Food Products

Contact No.: 581-6863 / 0932-683-1620


Raul & Marietta Figeuroa

Product: Banana Chips

Name of Business :

Contact No.: 0919-787-8004


Al Aban

Product: Hand-painting clothes

Name of Business:

Contact No.: 0923-226-1925 / 413-7311


Eda Rivera

Product: Party Give-aways

Name of Business:

Contact No.: 233-8785 / 0939-426-3391


Nenita Gabutina

Product: Beauty Care

Name of Business: Ascend Beauty Products

Contact No.: 0920-712-8569


Joey Lopez

Product: Siomai

Name of Business:

Contact No.: 0923-279-7640


Francisco Basan

Product: Floorwax

Name of Business: Floormate Floorwax

Contact No.:

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