How KNN Started?

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How Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! Started?

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

It started when a group of graduates from the University of San Carlos (Cebu City, Philippines) thought of initiating a project with social relevance.

The group, USC-College of Commerce Alumni Association, headed by the young executive of Sulpicio Lines, Inc. Devin Go adopted the idea of initiating an entrepreneurial program. Its target beneficiaries are the talented individuals who have the skills in building a business. The group is giving money but not dole-outs. They’re definite in providing starting capital to those capable individuals.

The USC-COCAAI arranged a meeting with Mr. Leo Lastimosa–Station Manager of DYAB–the local AM radio station of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in Cebu, Philippines–for a possible tie-up of the project.

It was the idea of COCAAI to put media values on the project to entice enterprising individuals to join the project. It was agreed that a radio reality show shall be put up where every step of the project shall be broadcasted. The aim–build a group of new entrepreneurs who shall be mentored all the way through their business operations. The ultimate goal–to find who shall be the most representative from the group to become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

The program, adopted its name from the radio show–KAPAMILYA, NEGOSYO NA!, had invited people to invest time and effort in establishing a livelihood endeavour.

Seasoned-broadcaster Jun Tariman was tapped to handle the radio show from October 2006 until its awarding of the most successful entrepreneur on February 17, 2007.

The Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! had its first activity on October 4, 2006 with a half-day seminar-workshop on various entrepreneurial skills. It was attended by about 200 individuals who were demonstrated with various skills–from juice-making to tocino preparation.

Then, a business-orientation seminar was conducted the next Saturday at the USC-North Campus where more than 200 participants were oriented on the various aspects of conducting business including the business plan drafting.

As part of the radio reality show, the participants were asked to at least attend the business orientation seminar to qualify in the search for new entrepreneurs. Those who were interested joining the competition were asked to submit a business plan proposing their business ideas.

About 100 business proposal were received by the organizers. Out of these business plans, 30 were chosen for interview LIVE on the radio program over DYAB 1512.

A panel of interviewees from the USC-COCAAI conducted the interview during the radio program the whole month of November 2006. It had human touch as the panel listened to the story of each finalist. But no matter how sorrowful their lifestory is, the panel had to judge objectively who shall continue joining the race.

Ten new entrepreneurs were set to be awarded with seed money of ten thousand pesos from USC-COCAAI and will have the opportunity to receive more come February 2007.

On December 1, 2006, ten most promising new entrepreneurs were officially recognized as part of the search. They were:

  • CHRISTOPHER AGUILAR — Kalunasan, Cebu City
  •                         Proposal : Tocino & Meat Processing
  • PRIMO HEREDIA — Poblacion, Samboan, Cebu
  •                            Proposal : Computer & Cellphone Shop
  • TERI CAERMARE — Sabangdaku, Mandaue City
  •                              Proposal : Crochet (Ginansilyo) products
  • YULANDO ALLARSE — Inayawan, Cebu City
  •                                  Proposal : Suman making
  • MA. CRISTINA ROBLE — Laray, San Roque, Talisay City
  •                                     Proposal : Soy Sauce & Vinegar
  •                                     making
  • ROBERTO MIRAVELES — Basak, San Nicolas, Cebu City
  •                                     Proposal : Sari-sari store
  • DIOSDADA NUÑEZ — Babag Dos, Lapulapu City
  •                                Proposal : Juice-making
  • CONSUELO TOLENTINO — Villa Leyson Subdivision,
  •                                        Bacayan, Cebu City
  •                                        Proposal : Sayote Atsara (Sayote
  •                                                        Pickles) making
  • BASILIO LUCERO — Sangi, Lapulapu City
  •                              Proposal : Bakeshop & Snack Inn
  • EDGARDO ESTEVES — Camella Homes, Lawaan II, Talisay City
  •                                  Proposal : Foodstuff (Kusinero ng Bayan)

The 10-winners, as we called them since they already won seed money, had been asked to secure permits and licenses to legalize their business operations.

Professors from the College of Commerce of the University of San Carlos had alternately turned up during the radio program giving lectures to the 10-winners and to the listening public on the different aspects of business– business permit & license requirements, operations and marketing, etc…

The program had brought the Tax Seminar of the Bureau of Internal Revenue into the radio show which was already the equivalent of the regular tax seminar conducted in various BIR offices. The 10-winners were given certificates of attendance which qualify them in registering with the BIR.

The USC-COCAAI had arranged a seminar-workshop on bookkeeping and marketing for the 10-winners held in one of the laboratories of the USC-Main campus.

To assess the actual business operations of the 10-winners, site visits were organized. We had a busy day on February 8 visiting the nine beneficiaries. Moreover, we enjoy travelling south of Cebu the following Sunday to check on Primo Heredia in Samboan, some 150 kilometers from Cebu City.

The 10-winners were also given exposure by requiring them to exhibit their goods during the Market Exhibit of the Commerce Week celebration of the USC on February 12-16, 2007 at the USC-Main quadrangle.

Though, high sales were not expected but generous students and faculty members were buying their products. Among the sellable items were the Shawarma of Edgardo Esteves, Ginansilyo products of Teri Caermare, Sayoteng Atsara of Consuelo Tolentino, and Suman of Yulando Allarse. Roberto Miraveles’ sari-sari store had brought in bottled water, chichiriyas, etc at the exhibit.

Cristina Roble’s Goldee Soy Sauce and Vinegar were not a hit among the students but faculty members have bought some of it. Cristina was undisturbed of her sales. She said she is after of the experience in exhibiting her products. She got some advises from students enrolled in the Business Administration on where she should market her soy sauce and vinegar.

The market exhibit was also an opportunity for the panel of judges to conduct the final interview with our 10-winners inside the USC-Business Resource Center. During the interview, we selected the top three among the 10-winners whom we chose the BIG WINNER–Edgardo Esteves.

The panel of judges believed that Mr. Esteves is the best representative among the group who has the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

We based the selection of the big winner by the following criteria: Business operations(25%), Marketing (25%), Product Development(25%), Seminars & Trainings (15%), and Interview (10%).

Finally, we conferred the title–BIG WINNER or the grand winner to Mr. Edgardo Esteves during the second annual homecoming of the USC-COCAAI on Feb. 17, 2007 at the Casino Español de Cebu. Mr. Esteves received additional capital for his business and a one-hundred-fifty thousand-peso worth of advertisements over the three stations of ABS-CBN Cebu. By way of advertising over DYAB am, DYLS fm and TV 3, Mr. Esteves can now promote his products.

Like Mr. Esteves, the other finalists will also receive tarpaulin printed with the name of their business and their products.

In his response during the awarding night, Mr. Esteves expressed gratitude to the organizers that somehow 10 individuals have been freed from unemployment by providing the opportunity to earn through entrepreneurship.

The radio program–Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! has winded up on March 3. More people are asking, will there be a second season? Only Devin Knows!


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