(You can find here advance information on selected episodes of the radio program–“Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!“. You can also listen to the podcast of the recent and past episodes of the radio show at the Friendster profile page of Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai! and in my personal Friendster account.)

JULY 26, 2009

It’s been a long time i haven’t updated this page. Anyway, i’ll only post important notices in this page from now on. For this Sunday’s episode, here are some topics i would discuss with you:

  • Securing Web Browsing
  • 10 Useful Inventions that went Bad
  • more…

MARCH 29, 2009

  • Conficker/downadup worm to create havoc on April 1?
  • Muziic service stream music from Youtube
  • More…

MARCH 1, 2009

  • Yahoo Briefcase closes March 30, 2009. Back-up your files back to your PC….
  • Nokia to open its online store–Ovi Store
  • Globe Visibility now named Globe Tattoo… same dog, same collar?
  • More…

FEBRUARY 22, 2009

  • Oooopsss… my apology no advisory was posted here….

FEBRUARY 15, 2009

  • USC-Business Administration studes will promote their bracelet-USB gadget named “BAND-IT”
  • Microsoft offer bounty that would lead to the arrest of the conficker worm maker
  • Friendster introduce G-cash money sending feature
  • More…

FEBRUARY 8, 2009

  • Improved Skype Video chat
  • D-I-Y: How to share video in Yahoo Messenger
  • Google’s Latitude Service locate you…
  • Globe broadband service defective
  • more…

FEBRUARY 1, 2009

  • Ooops… i forgot to post here the advance info on our supposed topics for last Sunday’s (Feb. 1) episode… Sorry…

JANUARY 25, 2009

  • Stay fit and healthy by being a good HOUSEBAND…
  • Apple’s iPhone look-alike– hiPhone review…
  • More…

JANUARY 18, 2009

  • No Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai! on Sunday to give way to our Sinulog Parade coverage.

JANUARY 11, 2009

  • ooops… the advisories here were omitted.

JANUARY 4, 2009

  • Tech to prevail in 2009…
  • DIY: How to put your name in the system tray?
  • More…

DECEMBER 28, 2008

  • MyTech Gadgets of the Year 2008
  • Tech Crunch 2008
  • Top tech embarassments in America
  • Internet overtakes Newspaper as news source
  • Ancient battlefield unearthed…
  • More…

DECEMBER 21, 2008

  • Poll Survey result: Are you a victim of “load theft”? Which network?
  • Affordable Tech-Gifts for your loved ones…
  • D-I-Y: Do we need to run our computer 24/7?
  • More…

DECEMBER 14, 2008

  • Poll Survey : Are you a victim of “load theft”? Which network?
  • Transforming your blog site into a social networking site like Friendster, facebook, etc….
  • SanMig Mobile? SanMig Power? What’s more from SanMig?
  • More…

DECEMBER 7, 2008

  • Survey Results (Final  after 2 weeks): Red Mobile vs. Sun Cellular–your choice?
  • DIY: Securing your PC
  • Pinoy engineers invented an interactive TV
  • more…

NOVEMBER 30, 2008

  • DIY: Secrets to Speed Up your PC/Laptop.
  • FYI: Cyber Spying–You Can Do It.
  • My newly refurbished blog site–https://juntariman.wordpress.com
  • Survey Results: Red Mobile vs. Sun Cellular V
  • Expanded YouTube screen
  • More…

NOVEMBER 23, 2008

  • A group of TESDA-trained technicians offer their FREE services to the public by linking through “Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!”.
  • Friendster crashes… Many users lost their friendsters..
  • More…

NOVEMBER 16, 2008

  • Ooops… i forgot to post here the advance info on our supposed topics for last Sunday’s (Nov. 16) episode… Sorry…

NOVEMBER 9, 2008

  • My apology for some items i’d mentioned in the headlines last Sunday’s episode but weren’t aired. I’ll do my best to include those items on Sunday. Some of those items include: (password blocking for limited users, artificial heart, the pros and cons of netbooks, portable eye for the blind, etc….)
  • More features….

NOVEMBER 2, 2008

CBS members with Jun Tariman: Clarence, Kevin, Zenia, Agnes, Xerxes, Michael


3 thoughts on “Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai’s RADIO SHOW ADVISORY

  1. Thanks to the members of the Cebu Bloggers Society, led by Kevin Ray Chua, who visited our radio show last Sunday/Nov. 2, 2008. We discussed about blogging, etc.
    My apology to our listeners for not reading some of the text messages i received during the show. And also, some of the items that were included in the headlines were not aired due to insufficient time.–juntariman


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