Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai’s CALENDAR

(Here you can check the schedules of any forthcoming event outside of the radio show–HI-Tech ‘Ta Bai!)


Ooops… i hadn’t posted it here earlier the Globe Telecom’s early Christmas Party for selected members of the Cebu Media at the Kaona Grill along the food-street avenue–A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City– Thursday night (Nov. 6, 2008).

The theme was pure “Bisaya”–from food to entertainment. We had this rare time of singing all-Visayan songs. I joined the singing contest but end up one of the consolation prize winners (he..he…).

DYAB’s Desk Editor June Perez had a lucky night winning an 8-gig iPod Nano and a 1-gig USB customized-design flash drive.

Pics will be posted here as soon as it’s available… (from jonjie).



CEBU CITY, Philippines.  The soft launching of Defcon Philippines
(DefconPH) on December 20, 2008 will bring together IT Security
Professionals and Hackers to discuss their solutions, exploits and
experiences in this complicated and critical field of IT Security arena.
Attending this launching puts you one step ahead in preserving your
company’s reputation, keeping your company solvent, and showing your value
to your employer.  DefconPH is a registered Defcon Group International as

This half-day power packed event will cover the latest topics in IT
security, hacking and protection. Learn how to avoid embarrassing and
expensive data breaches, protect valuable information, and many more.
DefconPH stands firm on “No InfoCommercial and No Product Endorsement.”
Launching of this organization will commence in Handuraw, 460 Gorordo
Avenue, Cebu City from 1PM to 6PM
. For more details visit the official
website at http://www.defconph.org, http://forum.defconph.org,
http://blog.defconph.org or email maxtor@defconph.org now.


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