Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!

(This page has been put under archive since my radio show– “Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai” no longer exists over DyAB 1512.)

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 “Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!” is a radio show about science and technology. It is broadcasting over DYAB 1512khz-the local AM radio station of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in Cebu, Philippines.

Its maiden broadcast was on March 2007 and started its podcast in Friendster five months later. Late last year, the show was a finalist to the prestigious KBP Golden Dove Awards’ Best in Science and Technology radio show.

It’s host–Jun Tariman–was also a finalist for the Best in Science and Technology radio show host of the KBP Golden Dove Awards. The radio show becomes an avenue for techies and non-techies Cebuano speaking Filipinos of their queries about science and technology.

The radio show features the following segments:

HEADLINES (Tidbits of the most important items of the episode.)

FEEDDBACK (Providing answers to feedback/queries from the listeners.

TECH-NEWS ( News on information technology, commercial and

industrial technology applications.)

IT PATROL (Information Technology updates–internet basics & updates,

computer applications )

BAG-O NA DAH! (product watch & reviews–latest inventions/ innovations, latest gadgets.)

DO-IT-YOURSELF (A guide to self-repair/maintenance of common house

appliance, sms/letter-senders’ query on defective gadgets, home improvement tips)

FYI (For Your Information)–trivial information on technology

HAAY…TECH!!! (complaints on defective consumer gadgets and actions


INVENTORS’ CHATROOM ( Live interview with local inventors; with  demonstration on pinoy inventions.

HEALTH-TECH (Latest health gadgets to cure/prevent diseases.\

AGRI-TECH (Latest agricultiral invention/innovation)

More segments will be introduced and alternately be featured every episode of the show in the coming days.

For comments and suggestions, you can post it here or email me– juntariman@yahoo.com


105 thoughts on “Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!

  1. sir jun nakapalit thermal paste sa cd-r king pag-apply nako usa ra man ka semana. na-automatic shut off na pod. ako na pod gi-check ang heat sink,wala man mauga ang thermal paste,gabasa ra. Lahi ra sa thermal paste nga ako na scrape nag may pagka sticky gum.Unsa may maayong brand sa thermal paste. Tag pila pod?


  2. Sir Jun, ahak wla kpasar sa validation sa microsoft akng OS nga unta s cumputer store man unta sa tagb. nko gbuy akng PC ng.appear karn ang msgs nga “YOU MAY BE A VICTIM OF COUNTERFEITING” need daw ko mgkuha genuine ng OS, Pls. Sir Jun tbangi ko unsaon pgsolve ani nga prob ky dugay mashutdown akng PC..unsaon pg.upgrade frm XP to Vista? naa man gud installer s vista akng cuzin..tnax much Sir Juntar maminaw ko ugma puhon..


  3. Sir Jun I just wanna ask kay nay nanawag nako +614xxxxxxxx followed by 8 digit ang number nga ni register sa ako cellphone then nag ask ug help naa siya ipa pangita nga taw. should i trust her sir? ma fake ba d i na ang number sir?


  4. Sir Jun, How can i subscribe to packet data d i? Because i tried to use my cellphone as a modem for my pc pero subscribe to packet data man gud. Globe ako gi gamit. Please help me with the settings sir if PC ba ang e set or ang settings sa Cellphone or ang PC suite sa nokia. Thanks daan sir.


  5. Sir Jun! nako g copy nga music sa cd wma ang format ako ta e convert to mp3 pero naman ni suwat drm protected dili ko ka convert. Sir what can you suggest?

    another thing pud sir kanang globe wimax 4g ba nga prepaid pareha rana sa plug it or mas reliable ang connection.


    • It’s protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) system. So, you can’t change it. By the way, why you have to convert wma into MP3? WMA files are also compressed like MP3. If your player can play both the wma and mp3 formats, then you don’t have to convert wma into mp3.

      For 4G, it’s faster than the Globe Tattoo and Smart Plug iT. Though, it’s still not reliable being a wireless modem.


      • You can follow the instructions below from http://www.techsalsa.com for the removal of the virus…. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

        This was the error message faced by one of our readers that when he boots the PC up, the CSRCS.exe error message comes up on the screen. csrsc.exe is a process which is registered as W32.Spybot.CF Virus. DO NOT confuse it with csrss.exe which is an important file used by Windows. The attackers of this virus can access our computer and gain access to some important data remotely. Steps to remove this virus: 1. Scan the system with a good and updated Anti Virus. 2. Open Task Manager, locate this exe (csrcs.exe or csrsc.exe but not csrss.exe), and kill the process. 3. Now type msconfig in the Run box, and then go to startup tab. 4. Locate this exe file, if any, and then remove it from there as well. 5. Now search the file in the C: drive. 6. Permanently delete the file (csrcs.exe or csrsc.exe only) from the computer. 7. Reboot the PC for changes to take place. UPDATE After doing the above steps, you need to clean the registry as well. 1. Navigate toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ 2. On the right side, there is a key named “Shell”, it may be having a value “explorer.exe csrcs.exe”. Just modify it to delete the csrcs.exe from it (not explorer.exe). Restartthe computer The virus should have gone.


        • >unsa ni xa sir?

          After doing the above steps, you need to clean the registry as well. 1. Navigate toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ 2. On the right side, there is a key named “Shell”, it may be having a value “explorer.exe csrcs.exe”. Just modify it to delete the csrcs.exe from it (not explorer.exe). Restartthe computer The virus should have gone.


    • naka start up na mao mugawas kuhaa lng na cya sa ms config pero mas maau imo lang na cya usbon para safe adto ka sa run type ka msconfig then sa start up unchek na cya csrcs.exe


  6. Sir, inig shutdown sa amo PC ba ky mo blue screen of death mao ni ang message

    STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
    The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with
    a status of 0x00000000 (0x00000000 0x00000000).
    The System has been shut down.

    any idea?whats seems to be the problem?
    pls. help


  7. sir gd day..

    im using nod32 antivirus. naa sad ko panda usb vaccine. pag insert nko sa usb of my friend naka detect cya 15 virus and after that gi cleaned sa nod32.. at the same time gi vaccinated sad cya sa panda usb vaccine.
    after that ako nasad gi rescand ang usb and result is negative na cya sa virus..

    pero sir inig open nko sa usb walay file na makita, but kong imo e check ang properties naa cya sud.. and i tried folder option and click show hidden files and folders ang makita nko is only AUTORUN.INF.. DILI NKO MA VIEW ANG MGA FILES OR FOLDERS.. bisag unsaon nko ug properties naa jd cya sud…

    unsaon mana sir na ma view nko ang mga files? na unta negative naman cya sa virus? possible bana na ma view or ma retrieve nko ang mga files???

    tanx sir and more power to HTTB….


    • It’s an application software that is designed to reinstate the previous state or condition of your PC prior to booting up your machine. If ever, during your current session you installed a software but along the way your system got error message due to such installation, you can reinstate your system to its previous good condition by just restarting your PC.
      You can turned off the freezing by unthawing your system through the Deep Freeze application software. For more on Deep Freeze, you can visit http://www.faronics.com.


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