Too Personal

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“True Love is Unfair and Cruel…”— March 3, 2009

Perhaps you don’t agree with me       True love is unfair

About true love go on crazy                 It may be cruel

If not insanity.                                            For people whose love is real.


“Be A Good Houseband and Stay Fit & Healthy Without Exercising”— Jan. 19, 2009

Exercise and eating moderately are best to stay fit and healthy. But oftentimes the regiment in following proper diet and constant workout is hard to follow. I was thinking of these practical tips, of course with scientific basis, as an alternative to formal workout:


“Break-up….”— Jan. 10, 2009

Dating someone

Other than your spouse

Is a mockery and betrayal

To the highest level.

She kissed him

And kissed each other

But that’s not love

As she claimed.

How could i believe you Baby?


“Mockery and Betrayal”–Dec. 8, 2008

Mockery and Betrayal

Words that never I’d suffered and tried.

Life is not to be mocked

Trust is not to be betrayed.

But lady you’re playing dangerously


Sweet Talks with Him in My Presence“– Dec. 2, 2008

Sensual Chats“– Dec. 2, 2008


One thought on “Too Personal

  1. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when can i read that “Sweet Talks with Him in my Presence “ha? hahhaha pakialamira kay ko ba.. anyways, enjoy kay ko sir read imo mga articles everything kay interesting kaau.. hope to read more esp. sa TOO PERSONAL ha, lol


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