My Quotes (my thoughts, out of the blue!!!)

(Everything herein is mine… just collecting it from past to the present. It’s been updated periodically!!!)

“Life is much better if it has a rewind of the past and allow us to edit out what we don’t want to happen now…” (YM status message/FB status message)

“You struck me from head to foot like a thunder roaring from under and like a lightning sparks my nerves.” (posted @ Kayla Tequila’s wall/Jan. 21, 2010)

“Love begins with a big L: Love, Lust, Lies, Lost… ” (YM status message)

“I have my shortcomings, she has the sins….” (YM status message)

“You have an option in life– go left or right. Left is where you are popular or notorious. Right is where your life is boring.”  (Facebook/Oct.28,2009/3:12am)

“I wish to be like a cappuccino and a toasted bread garnished with cheese… coz everyone loves it…” (Facebook/Oct. 27, 2009/3:37am)

“The tie is becoming thinner and thinner everyday…” (YM status message)

“Don’t look like ANGEL when you’re a DEVIL to her…” (YM status message)

“SHE said you’re not my HUSBAND, you’re not my BOYFRIEND. HE said you’re just my BOARDER.”  (YM status message)

“Sweet talks with him in my presence…” (YM status message)

“It is not the barrel of the gun that extinguishes us from this profession but it is our empty stomach that could force us to leave from media.” (ACFJ Asian Reporters Forum, Manila/2006)


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