“Ang Babaye ug ang Lalake”


“Ang BABAYE! (bow!)”

Ang BABAYE! (bow!): Ang babaye usa ka ispisyal nga linalang;

Kon imong dayegon, ikaw ingnon BAKAKON!;

Kon di’ nimo tagdon, ikaw ingnon WAY SILBI!;

Kon siya nagsulti, ikaw PAPAMINAWON GYOD!;

apan  kon igo ka lang maminaw, ikaw gusto PASULTIHON!;

Kon imong HAGKAN,


Panaad nga Makababaye

Gimahal ko ang BABAYE,

Natingban sa akong pagmahal,

Inahan sa akong mga liwat,

Gihangop ug gitabangan

Aron kusgan, kugihan ug madungganon.

Tungod sa akong paghigugma kanimo,

Sundon nako ang imong gusto,


Loving Someone Else

I’m happy for her instead.
The one who truly cares
Is the one who provides happiness.

I’m happy for her instead.
True love forgets
Willing to give up even her.


Women are irresistible animal. Ambot ngano!

Kon ang babaye na gani ang mosulti,
Maminaw si lalake. Ambot ngano!

Kon ang babaye na gani ang magbuot,
Motuman si lalake. Ambot ngano!

Kon ang babaye na gani ang mopili,
Mosugot lang sab dayon si lalake. Ambot ngano!


A Silent Vengeance

I choose to keep mum today
Though, it’s your important day

My silence is never meant to hurt you
I just give justice to what happened to me and you


A Birthday Letter

I am not supposed to let you see me today
Nor i should see you on this very day.

It’s not that baby i don’t care for you at all
But indeed, i most remember you today above all.

It’s my own way of protesting to myself
Why all these things are happening to you and me.

People may say i’m a fool
That i’m still hosting you after all.


Miss ko si Sir!

Ma-miss nako si Sir

Duha na lang ka semana
Mapupos na ang first semester.

Dili ko na unya makita si Sir
Ang iyang kalantip sa leksiyon
Dili ikalalis.


Of Love, Hate & Relationship (a compilation)

She calls it FREEDOM, he calls it INDEPENDENCE
She calls it QUIT, he calls it a BREAK
She calls it NEW LIFE, he calls it REBIRTH



Sa Pasko
Daghan ang regalo

Sa Pasko
Daghan ang paboto


Beauty and Pretty

Beauty and Pretty
Are equally gorgeous

Beauty is a general statement
Pretty is a personal admiration


“NASUDNONG LANGGAM” (contributed by Erik Abella)

O haring agila hain ka na man,Philippine EaglePhilippine Eagle

Ipakita na kanamo ang imong kaliwatan

Kay sa tanang katawhan ikaw na ang giila,

Nga maoy nasudnong langgam,

I’nay ang langgam nga maya.

Angayan ka gyong himoong nasudnong langgam,Philippine Eagle-2

Tungod sa imong gidak-on ug kaambungan

Kay ang imong gidak-on nagkahulugan

Nga ang problema sa nasod,

Madaog gyud ug mapas-an.



This blog has been receiving various poems from its readers after i re-posted here the immortal “Trees” by  Joyce Kilmer.


“Tree” by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see 3-planting

A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; 3-planting-2
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;


True Love is Unfair and Cruel…

Perhaps you don’t agree with me                   True love is unfair

About true love go on crazy                      It may be cruel

If not insanity.                                     For people whose love is real.



3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I like your poetry, I liked the one about poetry and the tree and God. I wrote similar to that. I found your site by putting in true love. I think that fate is unfair and cruel when it comes to one’s true love, not true love itself. Being fated to love someone who cannot love you with the same passion as you give. Take care.


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