juntar @ Halad sa Kapamilya 2008 juntar @ Busay a stolen shot an avid fan juntar-rockstar juntariman-4-president? juntar @ 13 tour-at-atlas-mining-by-bsit-batch-871 @ DyAB me-my-class point me here... our first ever and only family pic juntar maskara tour-at-atlas-mining-by-bsit-batch-87-3 shot by CJ juntar @ DyAB controls crossing the river juntar-@ the-terrace a pictorial pose tour-at-atlas-mining-by-bsit-batch-87-2 neck-cracking pic hiding someone down there...he..he.. She's betchay pretty Carine cute RC USJR Campus model Gay-Lopez Most Photogenic Fergie Celin happy moment with MRC the Cebu Bloggers abs-cbn-tour-2 with Sweet Christine Arly--niece of my hs classmate Roy Guzman the terrible Ruby test mic... @ DyAR in USJR pretty Antonette KNN Season 1 KNN Season 2 KNN Season 3 with Korina ACFJ class 2006 DSC00485


3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. kuya Jun,

    Kindly advise me on how to connect my laptop computer to my LCD TV screen as my output screen. What are those accessories needed or any configuration?

    Consolacion, Cebu


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