A Decade of Press Suppression–Martial Law

I asked my students in Masscom 8 (Media Laws & Ethics) to find out how the Philippine Press was clamped by then President Ferdinand Marcos during martial law. A series of video clips on a video documentary–BATAS MILITAR: Martial Law in the Philippines can be played in YouTube. Video embedded below is the Part 6 of the “Batas Militar” documentary where it discusses how the freedom of the press was curtailed. (Note: it can only be played on YouTube. Follow the link.) Part 7, talks how ABS-CBN went to a crony of Marcos.

As an introduction to the subject matter, i told the class that Marcos regarded the press during his regime “as a tool of repression and as a means to maintain itself in power”. (Journalist for Change: Development Communication for a Free Press, Richard Shafer, PPI 1991)

Marcos did that as it is his contention that the Philippine Press “was spreading disunity and working against economic growth and development”. The watchdog role of the Philippine Press was reduced just like a propaganda machine of the government during the martial law regime with journalists serving as agents of development as Marcos wants to put it.

UPDATE: Here’s my prezi presentation for my class about the press suppression during the Martial Law period in the Philippines.


10 thoughts on “A Decade of Press Suppression–Martial Law

  1. ….yah…cruel jud kaayo ang marcos regime sir! They paralyzed the media on telling the public about what was really happening in our country…..that’s unfair!!!


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