Senator Mar Roxas today cautioned the public against using defective or substandard Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanks as he vowed to pursue illegal refillers and manufacturers of faulty cylinders.

Roxas vowed to fast-track committee discussions and approval of the proposed LPG bill, which the House of Representatives has approved and transmitted to the Senate that seeks a stronger government campaign against defective or fake LPG tanks.

As a testimonial for the urgent passage of this bill, a fire victim, Abigail Eugenio has approached Roxas and sought medical assistance for minor burns she sustained when the LPG tank at a “lugawan” where she and her boyfriend were eating exploded last June 21.

The Liberal Party president said, because of the injuries she sustained, Ms. Eugenio lost the opportunity to work abroad after she missed a final interview for the job she was applying for.

Roxas said he will run after those who sell fake and defective LPG tanks because he will not let Filipino family’s dreams to turn into ashes and that the guilty party should be punished.


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Roxas urged the public to meticulously check cylinders they buy from refilling stations and listed tips on how to detect substandard tanks:  1) No embossed brand name in the tank’s body; 2) Improper painting and is rusty; 3) Corroded foot ring and bottom cap; 4) Tampered serial number, date of manufacturing and has no “quality seal” from the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) of the Department of Trade and Industry; 5) Leaking valve and dents;  6) No “ring” collar; and  7) Light in weight and bought from suspicious refilling station.

The Philippine Association of Cylinder Manufacturers has said 12 million LPG tanks are being sold in the local market, of which 3 million are for scrapping because they could not be fixed anymore, while another 3 million are for pre-qualification or for inspection and certification by the DTI.

LPGIA and Bureau of Fire Protection records show almost 1,700 fires due to defective or fake LPG tanks since 2001 until last year.


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