Roxas Seeks Probe Into Reyes’ Power ‘Doomsday’ Scenario

Senator Mar Roxas today called for a legislative inquiry into the alleged impending power shortage situation in 2010.

Roxas has filed Senate Resolution No. 1375 urging the Senate committees on trade and commerce and energy to look into the “doomsday” power crisis scenario painted by Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes.

The Visayan senator noted that Reyes’ pronouncement sends the wrong signals to private corporations and consumers, since power supply is a sensitive parameter for investors.

Reyes claimed that a power shortage might occur in the country next year because committed power generation projects are expected to produce only 1,020 megawatts, falling short of the required additional capacity of 4,100 MW.

The Energy Secretary said there might be a need to grant emergency powers to President Arroyo to deal with this crisis for it would affect the 2010 synchronized elections.

Roxas considers the grant of emergency powers to Mrs. Arryo as unnecessary and uncalled for.

The Philippine Independent Power Producers Association denied Reyes’ claim, insisting there would be enough power supply next year, especially in the Visayas because of the expected commercial operation of two coal-fired power plants in the area.



One thought on “Roxas Seeks Probe Into Reyes’ Power ‘Doomsday’ Scenario

  1. nana sad ni si reyes nagpasumbingay nasad, naa jud ni sila plano da.., plan b nila kung kapildihon ila manok nga si gibo…, angayan tang mgbantay ani….


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