Senator Mar Roxas today said cellular phone bills will go down significantly starting next January with the new six second per pulse billing method adopted by telcos and the government.

Roxas, chairman of the Senate committee on trade and commerce, said this means consumers need not pay higher bills for calls that last less than a minute.

Under the per-second pulse billing system, the regular minimum call of one minute would now translate to 60 seconds, the cost of which would be much lower compared to the current rate of 6 pesos for network-to-network calls and 8 pesos for network to other network calls.

Roxas urged the National Telecommunications Commission and the telcos to come up with a template that would clearly indicate the costs of services of each of the three giant telcos, such as their flag-down voice call rate, per-pulse rate and per text rate.

It will be recalled that recently the NTC has issued Memorandum Circular 05-07-2009 mandating a six-second per pulse billing system and is expected to announce next month the new rates under the new system.



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