Mar Roxas #1 in SWS & Pulse Asia Surveys

Vice-Presidential Candidate SWS SURVEY (Dec. 5-10, 2009)

Mar Roxas : 43%

Loren Legarda : 32%

(respondents:  2,100)

Vice-Presidential Candidate PULSE ASIA SURVEY (De. 8-10, 2009)

Mar Roxas : 39%

Loren Legarda : 37%

(respondents: 1,800)


4 thoughts on “Mar Roxas #1 in SWS & Pulse Asia Surveys

  1. Juntar nganu gud intawn nagpa sponsor kag polotico aning blog nimo??? Mura man pud ka blocktimer nga AC-DC political broadcaster. Di maka stand on its own imong blog without the money coming from politicians nga mga trapo lyk mar roxas?????


    • My blog is apolitical. It doesn’t talk about politics. It doesn’t discriminate anyone.Like a business venture, every sponsor is welcome. Hope you maintain an open mind and dump all those garbage words to the proper bin.


    • Bay kalimot ka sa Cheaper Medicines Act? If your relative is working in a call center, Senator Roxas was mainly responsible in bringing the call centers/BPOs here in the Philippines during the time when he was DTI Secretary…. FYI lang kay mipiyong imong mata sa kamatuoran…


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