Civic Journalism

64 out 88 Water Refilling Stations in Mandaue City Sans Sanitary Permit!!!

It was not totally surprising to me that only a few of the water refilling stations in Mandaue City has the mandated sanitary permit.

In her appearance before the Mandaue City Council last Wednesday, Assistant City Health Officer Dr. Dominga Obenza cited their sanitary inspectors’ report that only 24 out of the 88 water refilling stations in the City has complied the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.


Revisiting “Lake Tabok”…

I had a chance roving around the vicinity of “Lake Tabok” in my beloved barangay–Tabok, Mandaue City this afternoon  on board my mountain bike.

My gosh!!! The water is still there and it’s no longer waist-deep but it’s already more than 5-feet deep. I see people swimming in the deep but dirty water while others are still there going fishing.












A law enforcer, who i caught on my cell phone cam, flagged down the jeepney that i was boarding last Saturday (Nov. 15, 2008) along the national hi-way in Subangdaku, Mandaue City.



“LAKE TABOK”, is yet to be included in a cartographer’s map. But its size is enough to be considered as a body of water more than what is flowing in a biologically-dead Butuanon river in Mandaue City.

“LAKE TABOK”, is a product of man’s neglect of his environment and a very tangible piece of evidence of the government’s laxity and dereliction of duty.

“LAKE TABOK”, is a man-made water basin situated in a 2-hectare low-lying idle land privately owned by some families in Tabok, Mandaue City.

The water started to rise in the place in June, 2005 until it reached waist-deep. The water is a collection of the rainwater runoff and the wastewater from the two subdivisions—Palmas Verdes and Palm Heights.



9 thoughts on “Civic Journalism

  1. btaw nganu kahang wa tagda nga dugay nman ni kaayu…..unsa kahay nahitabo nga wa man gihapon ni subside ang tubig nga naa nman kahay drainage gi construct ang DPWH under the program of Congresswoman Neri Soon-Ruiz……


  2. I have to correct myself… the construction of the drainage system from Palm Heights/Palmas Verdes in Tabok, Mandaue City is NOT DONE by the developer but by the DPWH under the program of 6th District Congresswoman Neri Soon-Ruiz. I’ll be posting the picture of the on-going construction within the week.


  3. In fairness to the subdivision developer–Taft Property Ventures– the construction of the drainage from their subdivision to the Butuanon Rive is underway…


  4. i saw that lake tabok in tabok mandaue, dapat tagdon nana sa mga opisyal oi sa mandaue oi, dugay naman na kau., mao tingali wa na nila tagda kay diha tingali mamasol mga opisyal og tilapya.. hehehe


  5. Not really photography but documentary… I initiated the filing of the complaint against the subdivision developer for the mess they created in their sorroundings…


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