NPA Hitmen Attack a Lone Policeman in the Station“, the video was taken by surveillance cameras outside the Mati Police Sub-Station at the town’s bus terminal in Davao Oriental. A junior police officer was left alone in the station when several armed hitmen attacked him.

Lake Tabok“, is a man-made water basin situated on a 2-hectare lot in Barangay Tabok, Mandaue City. It was the subject of a DENR investigation after a complaint was lodged against the developer of the subdivision nearby where water run-off to the lake came.


27 thoughts on “Expose’

  1. good morning sir,

    ask lang ko regarding sa real estate broker, bahin sa commission, f ever dili ka mahatagan sa commission though nai letter of agreement nga gihimo that state nga makadawat kag commission, unsay may mabuhat nato?



  2. Good day Sir Jun,
    It’s regarding the tabok man made lake at the back of palm heights subdivision, saw garbage truck dumping garbage here, do you have any idea why their doing this, is this a dumping site?

    thank you.


  3. Hi Sir,
    Good day!
    I want to know about free medical assistance,where and how to avail,who are qualify to avail? My father was diagnosed with thrombotic aorta aneurysms and was advice to undergo surgery, I don’t know how much it cost but I assume it’s expensive coz it’s surgery. Hoping for the best.

    Thank you.


  4. Hi, everyone. I’m from cebu I also received a call from a girl named carla tan this afternoon that i have to get my free gifts bla. bla, bla, they gave me a claiming code, etc . . .They’re located at Parkmall cebu. I know that this is scam, i was confused because we didn’t join any contest or raffle but now they called us to claim our prize .what the hell are they doing? . . what do they think of us idiots? . .fuck this people.


  5. Sir,
    Good morning.
    just a while ago a certain Jessa called up telling me I have my reward item to be claim at ARYSTA REDEMPTION CENTER beside LBC ground floor at parkmall and look for efren, she even gave me the redemption number, I asked the caller why I have a reward item when I didn’t even go to parkmall to buy something, she said the reward is sponsored by PNC, for all active landline user be it pldt,globe etc, when I search the net I saw some some blogs regarding the center that it’s scam, Sir, What do u know about this center?



    • Hi, somebody called me too this afternoon…Her name was Carol Santos..She told me that our landline number won a gift to be redeemed within this week..I wonder why she knows that we have internet connection and told me that she got our number while using online games..She told me that 50 telephone numbers have been chosen for their anniversary gift to be given within cebu city and that gift is to be redeem at Parkmall – Arysta Redemption..When I ask what item to be redeem she told me it is a “vacuum cleaner”, she asked also what Id’s should i present, at least two…and she even asked my full name…so, out of curiousity I asked their website and she gave me http://www.ehappy.tv…and searched the name abovementioned Arysta…and I am thankful I indeed found where i could share my experience…I am so thankful I read your letter…I now know it is a scam!..


  6. Sir,
    Good day.
    palihog kog balita aning akong problema, nga c EDWIN XXXXXXX of XXXXX CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, cyay contractor ani, nya wa nya tiwasa among gipa trabaho nya after getting the full amount, ug ang 2 ka numbers dli na nko ma contact…….


  7. Hi Jun,

    I am Luz Cielo Alcano. I am a homeowner at Palm Heights Subdivision. I heard you are too. My brother(Faro Sol Alcano) and his family is living in my house since I am an OFW. I just have a question, can you refer me to somebody who can conduct an investigation on Taft Property Ventures? I have already fulfilled my obligation to them last July 2008, but until now I haven’t received my house title. As a neighbor and somebody from the press, can you please help me?

    Luz Cielo Alcano
    Block 5 Lot 35
    Palm Heights Subdivision
    Tabok, Mandaue City


    • Hi mam… the JUN TARIMAN you’re referring to is the President of the Homeowners association at Palm Heights. He’s also a relative of mine. It’s just so happened we have the same nick name. I’m a broadcast journalist working with ABS-CBN. I was the one who pushed for the DENR investigation and the Ombudsman investigation on “Lake Tabok”–the body of water created by the two subdivisions of Taft Properties.

      I think you have to file a complaint at the HLURB regarding your title….


  8. JUn, unsa mani ang video karera ug moli-moli dha sa pasil ug ermita gahitak man lang na dha. wla may aksyon atong lokal na kagamhanan ani. naa pa shabu dha mura ra ug isda na iladlad dha sa ilang kadalanan


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