wanna eat? Pizza? Crazy Bliss? Hungarian Sausage?

Craving for pizza? Want the taste of the great Hungarian sausage? Or a brownie with an ice cream as your dessert? wanna eat!

wanna eat! is a place for everyone who loves pizza, fastfood, and coffee. It’s a restaurant where a pizza parlor, a fast food, and a coffee shop are housed into one destination.

I was invited to taste and test what wanna eat! can offer. wanna eat! has its first outlet at the Asia IT Park in Cebu City. Being there to write about the store made me more observant and curious about it. Honestly, it was my first time to do such article writing–eat-to-blog!

My first discovery–the logo of MyJoy(McJoy) hanging near the front door behind the glass walling of the place. Having a memorable experience with the former McJoy (across Basilica del Sto. Nino de Cebu) back in the late 80s and early 90s, my reporter’s instinct started to roll.

Post your experience while dining at the former McJoy on the comment box below. The first ten readers to post shall get FREE ICE TEA SHAKE when you visit wanna eat! Leave your complete name at the end of your post and present your ID at the store.

wanna eat! Marketing Manger Ingrid Espina was quick to explain how come and why MyJoy is there! In fact, MyJoy is not alone. The place also houses the pizza parlor–Brasco Pizza and the coffee shop–Butterbean.

wanna eat!‘s concept is to accommodate the crave of their customers for anything–from fast food to pizza and of course–coffee by housing their three firms–MyJoy, Brasco Pizza, and Butterbean in one place.

So… the taste test begun!

Brasco Pizza @ P235 for 3-4 persons

The Great Hungarian Sausage Sandwich @ P70

MyJoy's Pork Belly @ P69

Avocado Shake


My Cataract Surgery

Your cataract is difficult to operate since it’s white“, my eye surgeon told me as i was lying yesterday on the operating table. OMG! was my silent reaction. I wasn’t afraid nor tense but i felt apprehensive upon hearing what my surgeon was telling me.

All through out the procedure i was awake and knew every step executed on my right eye. There was no pain because of the topical anesthesia applied every now and then to my eye but there were times i had to hold the bed because of the tingling and sensation i felt.

When my cataract lens was removed i started seeing object and even saw the artificial lens being replaced into my eye. As soon as the lens was put in place, my vision is becoming clearer. When the cloth covering my face was removed, the surgeon asked if i could already see things. I said, YES!!!!

I was made to wear a protective clear goggle as soon as i went out the operating room and told not to remove it during the recuperation period. Later, i discovered the protective eye gear is a clear-plastic “Lacoste” eye wear made in Italy with a name of the surgeon. It was a nice souvenir.

The procedure only took less than an hour. I spent thousands of pesos for the lens alone. Whew!

I’d been preparing the surgery for about a week. A medical clearance from an internist-cardiologist was needed before i could set a schedule for my surgery. It was like i was taking an executive check-up having an ECG and 2D-Echo among others.

Practically, i was one-eye blind since October because my right eye could no longer see objects. It was all light that i could sense on my right eye. It was not easy because it’s very hard to estimate the distance between objects. I had to hold the rail when i went up and down the stairs. I couldn’t drive anymore because of the poor vision in my right side.

I looked up the net about cataract and i’d learned that the only way to restore your vision is to remove the cataract lens and replace it with an artificial lens. There is no confirmed reason for cataract. Your lens must be clear for the retina of our eye to receive sharp object. Cataract is the progressive clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Click the image for a linked article.

Thanks everyone who prayed for me…

The Science Behind Cooking with Beer

beer cooking-2

I had attended the Cooking Demonstration at the 1521 Penthouse of San Miguel Corporation during the Press Freedom Week celebration on September 26, 2009.

Beer cooking-1

What is unique with the food demo was that the dishes prepared were flavored with San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer. What is in the beer that suits for cooking food? Culinary expert Padie Suico of the Mandaue City’s Enterprise Development Program hinted it is the main ingredient of beer such as wheat, malt, etc made it best for cooking food.

beer cooking-3

Fried tocino flavoured with SMB Pilsen. It’s sweet with a contrast of Beer-taste.

I have scanned the pages in the net for materials that would answer my thirst for info about adding beer in our food. I’ve found “PRINCIPLES OF BEER & FOOD MATCHING” of the Brewers Association site.

It says “The grain-based nature of beer makes it a food in itself, and the huge range of flavors, aromas and textures makes it a perfect match for nearly any kind of food, from a handmade sausage to the most luxurious gourmet dish.

The ingredients of beer are water, barley, malt, hops, and yeast. Water comprises more than 90% of beer. Barley is a basic cereal grain and it’s great for beer. Malted barley mixes its roaster flavor to the beer. Hops balance the sweetness of the malt by adding bittering hops and aroma. Yeast converts sugars in beer into alcohol.

Someone taught me how to cook aftritada with its meat to be tendererized by beer pale pilsen. I’ll tell you later how it taste good and i’ll share here its preparation.