The Cebuano Alphabet


Ang Gugma ug ang Teknolohiya

Ang gugma ug teknolohiya managsama
Dunay kinutoban, warranty may kataposan

Ang gugma kailisan
Ang teknolohiya nagdagan

Ang gugma dili molungtad sa uban
Ang teknolohiya may life span

Ang gugma usahay dili masabtan
Ang teknolohiya mokagar bisan kanus-a

Ang gugma mamili
Ang teknolohiya sa uban dili mogana

Ang gugma usik usahay sa kuwarta
Ang teknolohiya makabuslot og bulsa

Ang gugma makahimugso og bata
Ang teknolohiya motagna unsa ang bata

Ang gugma maampingon
Ang Nokia “cares”

Ang gugma sa tawo mohiusa
Ang Nokia “Connecting People”

Ang gugma daghan huna-hunaon
Ang Samsung “Imagine”.

Ang gugma buta
Ang Globe “go lang ng go”

Ang gugma makaboang
Ang Apple “Think Different”

Ang gugma adunay mansanas
Ang Apple ang sikat karon sa teknolohiya

Ang gugma daghan og hitsura
Ang cell phone models pwerteng daghana

Ang gugma usahay dili katalikdan
Ang cell phone balikon kon mabiyaan

Mga Sayop sa Pagsulat ug Pagsibya sa Cebuano

This powerpoint presentation is part of my lessons in my mass communication class at the University of San Jose-Recoletos in Cebu City where i had been a part-time instructor for five years. The audio files in the original presentation can not be played in the slides below. However, i painstakingly discuss each slide after the presentation.


My apology for not updating this presentation. It’s been a while i haven’t touch this piece worth of sharing to all of you. Thanks. ILY all. 🙂

Common Broadcast Terms

It’s been a while i am not in a classroom. I miss the noisy class. I miss presenting what i had invested much time just to provide good insights to the class. It’s my power point presentations and Prezi presentations that are found in a “secret” place on this blog. I had provided passwords to my students to get access to that secret place.

Here’s one of my presentations that is worth sharing to all students who are interested in the broadcast industry. It’s the Common Broadcast Terms that you can hear from broadcasters and technicians in TV and Radio stations. I compiled it from my own experience in the broadcast industry and from a US-published handbook on TV Production.

WARNING! Fake ICC Stickers on Motorcycle Helmets

The Department of Trade and Industry has warned the public of some motorcycle helmets with FAKE ICC Stickers on it. In its post on their official website, the DTI says  it has discovered the fake ICC stickers on some motorcycle helmet brands that were sold in UNITOP General Merchandise in Dumaguete City.

The said helmets were distributed, according to the DTI’s investigation, by the Double E Trading with address located at #525 Femii Building, A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros, Manila. Based on the records of the Bureau of Product Standards, Double E Trading has distributed the following brands: BEN 2, KH, NSS, Oscar, Cobra, Pioneer, 2A, and SunStar. The DTI has forewarned the public these brands “may have a fake sticker on it”.

The DTI has proceeded in sealing the motorcycle helmets that have no ICC stickers and those that are with fake stickers on it at the warehouse of UNITOP General Merchandise in Malabon City.

Of the eight brands of helmet listed above that are distributed by Double E Trading, only two–BEN 2 and KH are listed in the latest DTI-Certified Motorcycle Helmets. Check the image below. For inquiries, you may call DTI @ 751-3330; 0917-834-3330.