DTI: Motorcycle Drivers Can Secure ICC/PS Helmet Stickers

Good news! The Department of Trade and Industry announces that motorcycle drivers who owned an old or previously purchased motorcycle protective helmet can secure the required ICC or PS stickers to avoid apprehension starting August 1, 2012.

Bad news! For now, motorcycle owners/drivers have to wait for the announcement from DTI when the stickers shall be available for distribution, says DTI Regional Director Asteria Caberte during the DyAB Traffic Summit early today.

The stickers are available at P1.25 only but the motorcycle drivers have to pay the processing fee of P100 upon securing the sticker at the DTI. Caberte warned motorists of the scam selling fake ICC and PS stickers as their agency is filing charges against an individual who was caught selling it.

The ICC (Import Compliance Certificate) sticker is issued to all imported helmet while the PS (Product Standard) sticker is issued to all locally-manufactured helmet.

Most of the available motorcycle protective helmet in the market is imported. Though, according to Director Caberte there are already local manufacturers that passed the standard requirements.

The DTI has listed 49 brands of approved motorcycle helmet. The most popular brand is “Index“. Here’s the partial list of the brands of helmet issued with the ICC  mark:

  1. 2               14. GPX                           27. MRC                        39. STUDSS
  2. AGV        15. H                                 28. NEXX                      40. SUN
  3. AINON   16. HF                              29. NOLAN                   41. TANKED
  4. AM           17. HJC                           30.PENGUIN                42. TRANSCYLCE
  5. ARAI       18. HNJ                           31. POSH                        43. VCAN
  6. AVEX      19. HONGYING BIO   32. POWERCYCLE       44. VOLTZ
  7. AXA         20. HPH                          33. SA-070                    45.  WEILING
  8. BEN-2      21. INDEX                      34. SHOEI                       46. XPOT
  9. BIO            22. KH                             35. SOL                            46. YAMAHA
  10. CABERG   23. KOR                          36. SPACE CROWN     47. YEMA
  11. CARTING 24. LEV3                       37. SPYDER                   48. ZEBRA
  12. EXSOL       25. LEV3                        38. ST                               49. ZEUS
  13. GDR            26.LS2

UPDATE!!!! This list has just been updated by the DTI as of June 30, 2012. Check it here.

Here’s a clip of Dir. Asteria Caberte during the Traffic Summit:

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173 thoughts on “DTI: Motorcycle Drivers Can Secure ICC/PS Helmet Stickers

  1. ATTENTION: Motorcycle owners/drivers

    The DTI shall process and issue the ICC stickers for your motorcycle helmets during the Halad sa Kapamilya this Saturday, June 30 at the Cebu Normal University.

    Bring your helmet for inspection and the processing fee (P100) plus sticker fee (P1.25).


  2. Hi Sir,
    My helmet is one of the approved brand “GDR”.
    What if the ICC sticker won’t be available till August, huhulihin ba nila ako come Aug 1? Thanks!


    • Only the DTI can tell whether or not your helmet shall pass the PS and ICC standards. Just bring your helmet to the DTI when you secure the sticker.



  3. We sell helmets and have already attended the Product Standards Update form DTI. The problem is, what are we gonna do with the existing products/helmets that we have which does not have this sticker? Also, Most of our suppliers do not have that, except for Index helemets. It’s such a pain in the ass.


  4. We sell helmets and have already attended the Product Standards Update form DTI. The problem is, what are we gonna do with the existing products/helmets that we have which does not have this serersticker? Asticker


  5. kanang issue sa helmet na imported…parihas ra na sa katung na basahan nako sa usa ka blog about foreigners living here in cebu…na dili kuno e recognize sa LTO ang iyang “Australian” prof. drivers license na mo drive man siya ug truck dito…Na ngano kuno pa take-kun siya ug exam sa LTO para ma prof. driver siya ngari sa Pilipinas….


  6. balak ko bumili ng 2nd hand na helmet na branded. pwede po ba yun? meron namang mga icc stickers and brandnew pa yung mga helmets nga lang 2nd hand na.


      • Are you sure Sparx does not pass helmet standards? Google mo kaya. Porke binebenta sa pier hindi ibig sabihin non hindi siya naka pass ng standards tulad ng DOT, SNELL, etc.


        • Maraming pasado sa standard but it has no ICC stickers since it did not pass importation requirement. Unless, the smuggled helmet has the same brand of any of those listed by DTI. Thus, you can just buy the sticker from the DTI.


          • So we can buy just the sticker from DTI? What I’m afraid of is if we ask for them to check if our items passed standards and if they find an item which did not pass standards, they might penalize us.


          • sir ang helmet ko whiez bakit wala sa mga list ninyo. do you mean ang helmet ko is smuggled hindi pasado sa ICC, na binili ko sa SM, so meaning also ang SM nagtitinda ng smuggled items?


            • Please counter-check if your helmet had really no ICC sticker or PS sticker when you buy it from SM. The presumption if there’s no ICC sticker is it did not pass through proper importation procedures. Thanks.


  7. Unsaon d.i na sya pag process sir?
    murag mahal rman kaayo ang processing fee?
    are they gonna give us the breakdown of the processing fee?


    • No idea if the fee has other details to make a breakdown. I think it is simply processing fee for securing the ICC sticker. Don’t forget to bring your motorcycle helmet for inspection upon application of the sticker. Subscribe to this blog (by clicking the “follow” button below) to be informed of the DTI announcement on the availability of the sticker.


  8. Hi Sir. Did DTI already released how can we get the stickers? Will they require the receipt? I bought a GDR modular helmet at Blade last 2009. The receipt already faded, and I have already thrown it away as I deem it useless. Will I still be able to get an ICC sticker for that?


    • The stickers for Central Visayas are not available yet as of this time. DTI will announce once it is available. You only have to bring your helmet for their inspection, if it qualifies the standard according to the brand and its current state (not broken or has some cracks).


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