Cebuano Idioms

My compilation of the most common Cebuano idiomatic expressions:


Hubaga ni Inday – (slang) a sexy woman

Kabayoon og Nawong – it has the same meaning with what Vice-Ganda is kept on saying on television– an elongated face

Guwapa kon magtalikod – means not beautiful; especially used to describe a woman who is too pretty to look at from behind

Kandingon - refers to person who doesn’t like taking a bath; coined after a goat (kanding)

Ang gaba dili magsaba! - curse, karma comes anytime

Ang kalimot way gahom – everyone may forget

Babayeng’ mugbo’g lupad – refers to prostituted women

Bisan ang ulan may paglurang - everything has an end.

Kapugngan pa ang BAHA, dili ang BIGA!!! - unstoppable.

Kusog pas’ kilat -  referring to a person who is quick to act on something
Ex. Dalia ra nakahuman og kaon ni Juan. Kusog pa man sa kilat.

Laa og baba - referring to a person who is perceived as having the tendency of saying
things that will actually happen after a short while.
Ex. Kalaa sab nimo og baba. Imo man natag-anan.

Mura’g uhong nga nanubo – sprouting like mushrooms

Naa pa sa itlog sa papa - yet to be conceived. “Itlog” is referring to the egg of the male
Ex. Kadugay na ato nahitabo. Naa pa man ko sa itlog sa akong papa ato.

Ngitngit pa sa alkitran – too black; not clear
Ex. Ngitngit pas alkitran nga mahitabo na.

Panahon pa ni Mampor – referring to the time of the ancestors
Ex. Karaan na man na. Panahon pa na ni Mampor.

Paspas pa sa manatad – to run fast especially to escape arrest from authorities.
Ex. Paspas pa sa manatad nga nanibat ang mga sugarol atol sa ronda sa tigbakayan.

Pila’y pa’ad sa pungkol – everyone has his luck

Unaha una og silhig ang imong tugkaran, una ka manlimpyo sa uban! - get rid first of the bad things around you before telling others to clean their mess also.

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